Thy Row: Unchained-2021.

Author: Carl Fisher.

Thy Row was founded in 2017, making their first entry on the Finnish scene with their 2019 independently released self-titled EP. Ready to follow up the success of that EP, Thy Row‘s first full-length offers up a fresh mix of the finest heavy metal with modern hard rock. Ten tracks plus a bonus cover of X Japan’s “Blue Blood” for its Japanese release, Unchained will be released on September 24th, 2021 via Rockshots Records.

This is the perfect head-banger album. One that energetically combines metal heaviness and hard rocking groove. The kind of album that can get just about everyone up and moving and it kicks of in style with Road Goes On. The riffs are frantic, the vocals are inspiring and the drums really add a ton of meat to the bones. Watch out for a frenetic guitar solo that adds the cherry on top of this kickass opener.

The Round (featuring Teemu Mäntysaari of Wintersun and Smackbound) has a touch more melody but keeps the energy up. The vocals are so strong here but again, the guitar solo is what takes it up that extra notch. Following that, the title track and Horizons keep things nice and groovy before the duo of Ben Varon (Oceanhoarse, ex-Amoral) and Ilja Jalkanen (Raskasta Joulua, Kiuas) help turn Hidebound into one of the most spirited tracks on the album. An out and out head-banger in the best way possible.

Ben Varon returns for the powerful hard rock ballad Down on My Knees but before that we get the peppy and chorus driven Just Fine. Following that Thy Row showcase some serious depth to their sound with the three parts of The Downfall.

The first is Killing All Reason and sees the band get heavy but without compromising their core catchiness. Beyond Reason comes next and sees Thy Row deliver scathing riffs and a more feral tempo before Fragments of Memory wraps up the album with chunky groove, sinister touches and powerful melodies.

Although if you pick up the Japanese edition you will get hold of their cool cover of X Japan’s Blue Blood too. A cover that is both respectful and different enough to be interesting.

Mikael Salo – Vocals
Jussi Laulainen – Guitar
Ville Vase – Guitar
Juho Jokimies – Bass
Teemu “Snake” Laitinen – Drums
1. Road Goes On
2. The Round (ft. Teemu Mäntysaari)
3. Unchained
4. Horizons
5. Hidebound (ft. Ben Varon & Ilja Jalkanen)
6. Just Fine
7. Down On My Knees (ft. Ben Varon)
8. The Downfall, Part 1: Killing All Inside
9. The Downfall, Part 2: Beyond Reason
10. The Downfall, Part 3: Fragments Of Memory
11. Blue Blood (X Japan Cover) (Japanese Release – Bonus Track)

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