Kambrium: Synthetic Era-2021.

Kambrium:Melodic Symphonic Death Metal from Germany.


From Treason to DeathDemo2008 
A Silent MoonEP2010 
Dark ReveriesFull-length2013
Shattered IllusionsSingle2016 
The Elders’ RealmFull-length2016
Dawn of the Five SunsFull-length2018 
Synthetic ERAFull-length2021 
Martin Simon
Vocals, Bass (2005-present)
See also: ex-Sariel
Jan Hein
Keyboards, Orchestrations (2006-present)
Karsten Simon
Guitars, Vocals (clean, backing) (2008-present)
Maximilian Werner
Guitars (2014-present)
See also: ex-Proxillian, ex-4Pressure
Drums (2021-present)
See also: ex-Means to Collapse

Past Members:

Marc BrunkeDrums (2005-2010)
Julian SchenkeGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2005-2014)
Nils Peter TöpferVocals (2005)
Philipp EngelVocals (2005-2006)
See also: ex-Silent Noise
Fabien ChmielDrums (2009-2021)
1.Neon Death01:35  instrumental
2.Cybernetic Overload05:19  Show lyrics
3.Shadow Construct05:40  Show lyrics
4.Creator of Dreams05:29  Show lyrics
5.Nature, Error: 40406:07  Show lyrics
6.Ghost of the Machine07:11  Show lyrics
7.To the Core03:56  instrumental
8.Holographic Satisfaction04:55  Show lyrics
9.Synthetic ERA10:48  Show lyrics
10.Nightly Beast Mode05:23  Show lyrics
11.Transcendence07:52  Show lyrics
12.After It All05:03  Show lyrics

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