Aephanemer: Prokopton-2019.

Aephanemer:Symphonic Melodic Death Metal from France.


Know ThyselfEP2014
Memento MoriFull-length2016
Path of the WolfSingle2017 
A Dream of WildernessFull-length2021
Martin Hamiche
All instruments (2013-2015), Guitars (lead) (2015-present)
See also: ex-Univertigo
Mickaël Bonnevialle
Drums (2015-present)
See also: Simeria
Marion Bascoul
Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (2015-present)
Lucie Woaye Hune
Bass (2017-present)

Past Members:

Anthony DelmasBass (2015-2017)
See also: Univertigo
1.Prokopton05:14  Show lyrics
2.The Sovereign05:17  Show lyrics
3.Dissonance Within06:13  Show lyrics
4.Snowblind04:25  Show lyrics
5.At Eternity’s Gate02:56  instrumental
6.Back Again05:50  Show lyrics
7.Bloodline05:29  Show lyrics
8.If I Should Die09:08  Show lyrics

One thought on “Aephanemer: Prokopton-2019.

  1. andreipianoman, February 20th, 2020
    This is a pretty new melodic death metal band that was first recommended to me as being similar to Insomnium. That being a very bold statement, I was naturally intrigued to check them out and although I still fail to find them too similar to the Finnish titans of melo-death, the comparison does probably make sense. However, I find Aephanemer to have created a sound that is very much their own and also one that brings something new to the genre. With their second release titled “Prokopton”, the young upstarts bring a fresh and invigorating energy into the classic melodic death recipe building a pretty uplifting atmosphere and a very striking soundscape!

    In just a couple of minutes any melo-death fan should be hooked. Everything that the genre stands for is elegantly brought to the forefront, and the first thing that catches you off guard is the overall sound of the album, which feels very mature, beautifully balancing the different elements that come together in a very cohesive manner. The guitars are surprisingly clean and the drums have a lot of clarity and punch but the production still allows a pretty organic and lively feel to come through, thus bringing all layers on the spotlight when necessary and immersing you in a very full and rich soundscape. A cleverly embedded use of orchestration and synths also pushes the sound to a higher level, allowing the band to fully bring their intentions to life.

    The songwriting is pretty straightforward without turning shy of noodling a bit with short orchestral intros to some of the songs forging a powerful combination of atmosphere and energy. With conventional song structures but a pretty innovative sound, they are really close to placing themselves in that middle ground that would attract both the classic melo-death enthusiasts and those in search of something new. Powerful riffs and double pedaling drums push forward that head-banging energy that we all so dearly crave while the singable, catchy melodies incorporate the emotional side. The vocals are also skillfully executed, with a pretty raspy and aggressive tone that will certainly tickle your senses and get that energy streaming! And it’s a good thing to notice because once you read the lyrics, the motivational intention becomes clear. This is meant to be empowering music that would drive you to rid yourself of the meaningless or negative influences in your life and follow what is truly important with a clear mind and honest intentions. They threw in some pretty juicy wisdom and with the risk of getting a bit cheesy here and there, the lyrics they put together not only get the message across but also sound very good and connect well with the music. It feels like truly honest music and despite a few rough edges it came through as a very enjoyable record with a unique sound. It just got a bit too repetitive as all the songs follow this same DNA and one can’t help but wonder if they couldn’t have diversified things a little bit. However they did sneak in a few treats, the ones that I was most grateful for being the use of blast beats a couple of times and the seriously unexpected clean singing in “Snowblind”. They also have a few excellent guitar solos that favor melody and expression over technicality or shredding.

    Overall, “Prokopton” is an album made for the senses and the pleasure of listening. I think it has the potential to strike not only fans of death metal but also draw in ears from multiple other genres. You can feel the passion that drove its creation, putting all the band members’ skills to good use. In the end they succeeded at making an album worthy of your time and one that will have you returning more than once.

    Originally written for The Metal Observer


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