The Breathing Process: Labyrinthian-2021.

The Breathing Process:Blackened Symphonic Death Metal from United States.


Dialog Analysis for the HeartlessEP2003 
Demo 2005Demo2005 
I Am LegionDemo2006 
In Waking: DivinityFull-length2007
Odyssey (Un)DeadFull-length2010
Jordan Milner
Guitars, Vocals (backing), Bass (2003-present)
See also: Deadform
Sara Loerlein
Guitars, Vocals (clean) (2009-present)
See also: Deadform
Bryan Bever
Drums (2017-present)
See also: Cryptic Abuse, ex-Warfather, The Corinthian
Alexander Bryce
Bass, Piano, Guitars, Vocals (2018-present)
Dan Patton
Bass (2020-present)
Chris Rabideau
Vocals (2020-present)

Past Members:

Brian VarneyBass
See also: ex-Rose Funeral
Nick BurnsBass
Andrew BaxterDrums
See also: ex-12 Gauge Massacre, ex-Fit for an Autopsy
Chris SansoneDrums
See also: ex-Creation, ex-The Way of All Flesh
Phil SoltisDrums
See also: ex-The Way of All Flesh
Josh MyersDrums
See also: ex-The Hica Legacy, ex-On Paths of Torment (live)
Dan JonesDrums
Patrick AllersGuitars
Patrick LynchGuitars
Nick RobinsonGuitars
Ted StepanikGuitars
See also: ex-Shallow Water Grave
Dan RennaGuitars
Madison RoseberryGuitars, Keyboards
See also: ex-Vallon, Kosatka, ex-Apostasy, ex-Within the Ruins
Kimberley AndersonKeyboards
Ian van OpijnenGuitars (2003-?, 2017-2019)
John LaFreniereVocals (2003-2011)
Johnny VainaBass (2006-2007)
Alan CassidyDrums (2008-2009)
See also: SlugdgeThe Black Dahlia Murder, ex-Unbodied, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Cryptic Abuse, ex-Dead Ashore
Alana PotocnikKeyboards (2008-2009)
See also: Alaena, The Story of Five White Antlers, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Winds of Plague
Julian ParkerBass (2009-2010)
John Paul AndradeDrums (2009-2012)
See also: Kallias, ex-Death by Names, ex-Grimus, ex-Skies Devoured, ex-At Rest, ex-The Ciem Show, ex-Windfaerer
Jared SloanKeyboards (2009-?)
See also: ex-Nethereal, ex-Gothic Knights
James AnthonyVocals (2011-2013)
See also: Motograter, ex-Deadform
Chris LewallenDrums (2012-?)
See also: ex-Blood Loss, Deadform
Cody HarmonVocals (2013-2018)
See also: I Killed Everyone, Revenant
Jake StaleyBass (2018-2019)
Mark BellofattoKeyboards (2018-2019)
See also: Lyra
2.Shadow Self04:21  Show lyrics
3.Wilt04:19  Show lyrics
4.A Savage Plea05:09 
6.I Sleep, I Wake07:05  Show lyrics
7.Heir to None04:55 
8.Shroud05:01  Show lyrics
10.We, the Drowned06:54 

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