Plaguestorm: Purifying Fire-2021.

Plague Storm:Melodic Death Metal from Argentina.


Everything’s Gone WrongEP2015 
Fire WithinSingle2017 
Lost in OblivionSingle2019 
Mother of PlaguesFull-length2019 
Evolution towards the edgeSingle2021 
Purifying FireFull-length2021
Sebastián Pastor
Bass, Guitars, Drum programming (2014-present)
See also: ex-Infirmor, ex-Dies Irae
1.Evolution Towards the Edge05:23  Show lyrics
2.Back to Zero05:10  Show lyrics
3.Purifying Fire06:01  Show lyrics
4.Never Learn05:18  Show lyrics
5.You Against the World05:00  Show lyrics
6.Close to Nowhere04:45  Show lyrics
7.No Farewell06:00  Show lyrics
8.Blind and Weak05:08  Show lyrics
9.Burning Paradise09:29  Show lyrics
10.Purifying Fire (orchestral version)  

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