Ice Nine Kills: The Silver Scream-2018.

Ice Nine Kills
Spence Charnas – vocals, throaty vocals, voiceovers, guitar, and piano (track 6)
Justin “JD” DeBlieck – guiatrras, guttural voice, orchestration, keyboards, programming, piano, engineering, mixing
Justin Morrow – bass
Connor Sullivan – drums (not credited)
Drew Fulk – production, mixing, mastering
Jeff Dunne – engineering, mixing, mastering
Mike Cortada – album art
Spencer Charnas – music and lyrics
Justin DeBlieck – music
Steve Sopchak – song lyrics
Drew Fulk – música y letras adicionales (“The American Nightmare”, “Stabbing in the Dark”, “Savages”, “The Jig Is Up”)
Josh Strock – música adicional (“The American Nightmare”, “Savages”)
Jeremy Schwartz – música y letras adicionales (“Rocking the Boat”, “The World in My Hands”)
Will Salazar – additional music and lyrics (“IT Is the End”)
Randy Strohmeyer – música adicional (“The Jig Is Up”)
Joseph Occhiuti – additional arrangements for piano (“Thank God It’s Friday”)

The Silver Scream is the fifth studio album by American metalcore band Ice Nine Kills . [ 4 ] It was released on October 5, 2018. Like their previous album, all songs were inspired by different novels, all tracks are inspired by horror movies. Some examples of source material are: A Nightmare on Elm Street) (“The American Nightmare”), Friday the 13th (“Thank God It Friday”), and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (“Savages”). The album features guest appearances by former band lead singer and lead singer Jeremy Schwartz, Tony Lovato of Mest , actress Chelsea Talmadge, Randy Strohmeyer ofFinch , Buddy Schaub and “JR” Wasilewski from Less Than Jake , Will Salazar from Fenix ​​* TX and Stanley Kubrick’s grandson Sam Kubrick from British band Shields. The album marked its highest positions in the United States, debuting at number 27 on the Billboard 200 and at number two on the Hard Rock album chart. It is the last album with bassist Justin Morrow who left the band in 2019 to join Motionless in White .

Four music videos have been released in which lead singer Spencer Charnas visits a psychologist after experiencing dreams based on the songs (“The American Nightmare”, “Thank God It’s Friday”, “A Grave Mistake”, “Stabbing in the Dark “). A fifth video was also released, although this one takes place on Christmas 1993, when Charnas was a child and celebrated Christmas Day with his parents (“Merry Ax-mas”). The video for “IT Is the End” will be released in 2019.

«The American Nightmare»A Nightmare on Elm Street4:10
2.«Thank God It’s Friday»Friday the 13th4:23
3.«Stabbing in the Dark»Halloween4:36
Four.«Savages»The Texas Chain Saw Massacre2:57
5.«The Jig Is Up» (con Randy Strohmeyer de Finch)Saw3:57
6.«A Grave Mistake»The Crow3:04
7.«Rocking the Boat» (con Jeremy Schwartz)Shark4:06
8.«Enjoy Your Slay» (con Sam Kubrick)The glow4:16
9.«Freak Flag»The Devil’s Rejects3:18
10.«The World in My Hands» (con Tony Lovato de Mest)Edward Scissorhands3:50
eleven.“Merry Ax-Mas”Silent Night, Deadly Night3:18
12.«Love Bites» (con Chelsea Talmadge)An American Werewolf in London3:00
13.«IT Is the End» (con Peter “JR” Wasilewski y Buddy Schaub de Less Than Jake y Will Salazar de Fenix*TX)It4:48

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