Bonehunter: Dark Blood Reincarnation System-2021.

Bonehunter:Thrash Black Punk Metal from Finland.


Black SamuraiDemo2011 
Sonic Diarrhea HolocaustDemo2011 
Sonic Diarrhea Holocaust over OsakaDemo2012 
Turn Up the EvilEP2012
DeviliveLive album2013 
Various TracksCompilation2013 
Barbatos BrutalitiesEP2013 
Sabbatical BoneslaughtSplit2013 
Poisoned to the BoneSplit2013 
Sex & NecromancyEP2014 
Devil Must Be Driven Out with GISMSplit2014 
Evil Triumphs AgainFull-length2015
Violates Edinburrrgghellion Asslut Live !!Live album2015 
DevilsweatliveLive album2016 
Rabid Sonic FireCompilation2017 
Sexual Panic Human MachineFull-length2017
Children of the AtomFull-length2018
Devil Metal ForceEP2020
Dark Blood Reincarnation SystemFull-length2021
S. S. Penetrator
Drums (2011-present)
Guitars (2011-2013), Vocals (2011-present), Bass (2013-present)
See also: Alucard, ex-Necrotoxin
Witch Rider
Bass (2012-2013), Guitars (2013-present)

Past Members:

TerroristBass, Vocals (2011-2012)
1.World of Darkness01:04 
2.Black Magic M1604:49  Show lyrics
3.Parasite Eve04:00  Show lyrics
4.Altered Beast03:26  Show lyrics
5.Devil Power Soldier03:56  Show lyrics
6.Chromium Death Mechanoid04:07  Show lyrics
7.Gashadokuro05:46  Show lyrics
8.Virgin Devil Princess04:31  Show lyrics
9.Nightmare Angel 209903:57  Show lyrics
10.Dark Blood Reincarnation System05:27  Show lyrics

One thought on “Bonehunter: Dark Blood Reincarnation System-2021.

  1. Ortegrind, September 4th, 2021
    How long has been since you come across an album that can be thoroughly enjoyed, without skipping a song? How long has your thirst of satanic blackened death heavy metal punk gone unquenched?

    Ten eargasmic tracks are enough for the bestial sexual machine Bonehunter to unearth the morbid passion of everything that is corrupted, deviant and evil, no matter how dormant by the new apocalyptic reality it has been. This new offering is a continuation of their magnificent previous work, which encompasses a precise mix of musical violence sprinkled with genius guitar epicness, which in this album is turned to 11.

    The collection of shiver-inducing riffs and mouth-watering solos in “Dark Blood Reincarnation System” is staggering; ever since I found this album I cannot stop playing it out of the dopamine hits I receive from its carefully constructed assault on the senses.
    As is usual from the Finnish trio, the album opens with an intriguing intro, leading to a violent barrage of hate filled, thrash-punk black heavy metalness that will not subdue until its inevitable demise.

    I must admit that I’ve always been inclined to the fastest, ugliest, sickest metal one can find, so I might be biased towards faster tracks over slow ones. However, Bonehunter does a magnificent work on their slowest track in this album “Gashadokuro” flowing like a sentient stream of molten steel, consuming everything in its path with malicious intent, moving towards an unsuspected victim: your ears. What comes after this prowling attack, this promise of devastation?

    “Virgin Devil Princess” is one of the best extreme metal songs I’ve heard in the past decade, it serves as a showcase of everything Bonehunter is: excessively brutal drums pounding mercilessly like meat tenderizers on the corpse of a conquered race of sub-human ghouls, angry screams from a reality where thermonuclear Armageddon is a common occurrence, a bass so deep and ugly it could be called the musical manifestation of the fabled Goblin King, shivering guitar riffs so catchy and larger-than-death that induce instant melancholy for a song you are still listening to and a guitar solo with the grand proportions of a promised land filled with all the pleasure a hiking black-death metal punk could dream of.

    Does the album close with a slow note or a gentle fade away? Fuck no. Its belligerent bombardment continues until the final title track, which closes this recent effort with the same energy of their predecessors, promising more wretched things to come.

    There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no point on fighting and no sense on resisting this absolute truth: Bonehunter is the grotesque king of the black-death-heavy-porno-punk thrash metal. May their reign last 666 years!


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