Nocturnal Rites: The 8Th Sin-2007.

Nocturnal Rites:Power Metal from Sweden.


Demo 1Demo1991 
Rehearsal Tape 1992Demo1992 
Promo 1992Demo1992 
Promo 1993Demo1993 
Promo 92, Rehearsal 92, 93Demo1993 
In a Time of Blood and FireFull-length1995
Tales of Mystery and ImaginationFull-length1998
The Sacred TalismanFull-length1999
The New Found Power CampaignSplit2003 
Against the WorldSingle2004 
New World MessiahFull-length2004
Fools Never DieSingle2005 
Lost in Time: The Early Years of Nocturnal RitesCompilation2005
Nocturnal Rites / FalconerSplit2005 
Grand IllusionFull-length2005
Never AgainSingle2007 
The 8th SinFull-length2007
Before We Waste AwaySingle2017 
A Heart as Black as CoalSingle2017 
Repent My SinsSingle2017 
What’s Killing MeSingle2017 
Nils Eriksson
Bass (1990-present)
See also: Guillotine
Fredrik Mannberg
Guitars (1990-present), Vocals (1990-1993)
See also: Guillotine, ex-Ligament, ex-Persuader, ex-Bewitched (live), ex-Engraved
Owe Lingvall
Drums (1998-present)
See also: Tomorrow’s Outlook, ex-Jonny’s Bomb
Jonny Lindqvist
Vocals (2000-present)
See also: ex-Arrows, ex-Mogg, Gathering of Kings, ex-Fusion, ex-Jonny’s Bomb, ex-Ten Toes Up
Per Nilsson
Guitars (lead) (2017-present)
See also: HagenScar SymmetryZierler, ex-Adversary, ex-Legia, ex-Thrawn, Catacomb (Swe), Kaipa, ex-The Absence, ex-The Storyteller, ex-Meshuggah (live), ex-Altered Aeon, ex-World Below

Past Members:

Tommy ErikssonDrums (1990-1992)
See also: Saturnalia TempleShadowseeds, Eldhamn, Lapis Niger, The Tower, ex-Therion, ex-Ligament
Ulf AnderssonDrums (1992-1998)
See also: ex-Ancient, ex-Ancient Wisdom, ex-Naglfar
Mikael SöderströmGuitars (rhythm) (1992-1997)
Anders ZackrissonVocals (1993-2000)
See also: Planet Storm, ex-Gotham City, Shade of Grey, ex-Born Bandit, ex-Heelm, ex-High Tension
Nils NorbergGuitars (lead) (1997-2008)
Mattias BernhardssonKeyboards (1999-2003)
See also: Shade of Grey
Chris RörlandGuitars (lead) (2010-?)
See also: Sabaton, ex-TME
1.Call Out to the World03:48  Show lyrics
2.Never Again03:19  Show lyrics
3.Not the Only05:16  Show lyrics
4.Tell Me04:13  Show lyrics
5.Not like You04:25  Show lyrics
6.Leave Me Alone03:00  Show lyrics
7.Till I Come Alive03:45  Show lyrics
8.Strong Enough03:13  Show lyrics
9.Me04:13  Show lyrics
10.Pain & Pleasure03:53  Show lyrics
11.Fools Parade02:37  instrumental

One thought on “Nocturnal Rites: The 8Th Sin-2007.

  1. Agonymph, May 26th, 2007

    Reading the reviews written on the new Nocturnal Rites album, I got the impression that Nocturnal Rites had taken a completely different direction from their previous albums. A direction that wasn’t all to well received by people who actually like the band. After hearing it myself, I have to say that all these reactions are a bit exaggerated. ‘The 8th Sin’ is still a typical Nocturnal Rites album, they have just taken their experiments with drum computers and modern riffing slightly further and the overall atmosphere on the album may be just a tad more poppy than on the previous albums. I’m not complaining though, Nocturnal Rites is doing exactly what they’re good at.

    As long as the amazing Jonny Lindqvist is still fronting this band, I’m not complaining anyway. This guy’s powerful vocals are still among Metal’s very best. The sound of the band is different from many other Power Metalbands nowadays as well. The rhythm guitars are a bit heavier and a bit more modern, while the overall feel of the songs is a little more traditional than with most Power Metal bands. Nocturnal Rites is making songs rather than speed exercises.

    With that in mind, ‘The 8th Sin’ is really not that much different than any other Nocturnal Rites-album with Lindqvist at the helm. Opening track ‘Call Out To The World’ is your typical Nocturnal Rites-opener. Pounding, powerful and euphoric. Really, I’m sure that this chorus can drag me out of a deep depression and put a smile to my face again. It’s just a very good track song-wise as well. It’s constructed effectively and Nils Norberg does some great soloing, as he does on the rest of the album. ‘Call Out To The World’ gets my vote for my favorite song on the album as well. Good stuff!

    But there’s plenty more to enjoy after that! A video was made for the track ‘Never Again’ and I can understand that, since it’s a very catchy track (but once again…as is most of the album). Powerful and emotional are the keywords for most of the songs on this album and I think ‘Never Again’ is probably the most obvious example of that.

    Experimentation is best displayed in ‘Strong Enough’. The track starts out with a part with a drum computer (well…in fact I think Owe Lingvall recorded the entire album with a digital drumkit), synths and distorted vocals from Jonny Lindqvist. That part almost creates a Club-like atmosphere, but after that, the song turns all Metal, with rhythmical, Nevermore/Prog-like extremely heavy, pounding riffing and of course, the typical Nocturnal Rites sing-along chorus. One of the better songs on the album for sure! Another refreshing track is ‘Pain & Pleasure’, which incorporates the symphonic elements with which they already flirted with in ‘Deliverance’ from the last album in a much better way than before. It gives the song a dangerous atmosphere and made it really one of the most pleasant surprises on the album.

    However, there are a few unpleasant things on the album though. There are two power ballad-like songs on the album, ‘Till I Come Alive’ and ‘Not The Only’. Even though the latter has a very good intro, both songs are average at best. Very boring songs that just keep dragging along in the same dull rhythm. That the band actually is able to construct a proper ballad is shown in the track ‘Me’. I don’t think Nocturnal Rites ever did an attempt at a real ballad, but ‘Me’ is beautiful. Just a piano and Jonny’s vocals, later joined by a female singer, that create a beautiful ballad. The song reminds me of Kamelot’s ballads a bit, not only because of the atmosphere and the female singer, but also because Jonny’s vocals are kind of like Roy Khan would sing them, albeit that Lindqvist has a bigger range.

    The rest of the album is comprised of variations on the Nocturnal Rites concept. Songs like ‘Not Like You’ and ‘Tell Me’ should appeal to anyone who likes a good melody. ‘The 8th Sin’ is much more consistent than it’s predecessor ‘Grand Illusion’. A song as dramatic as ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ is missing on this album (though ‘Pain & Pleasure’ comes close) and the two “power ballads” here are worse than any track on ‘Grand Illusion’. But a fact is that ‘The 8th Sin’ is a typical Nocturnal Rites album that fans of the band or fans of Metal in general can blindly buy this album and as a result, will be left with a huge smile on their faces


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