Lost Horizon: Awakening The World-2001.

Lost Horizon:Power Metal from Sweden.

Cosmic AntagonistBass (1999-present)
See also: ex-Luciferion, ex-Highlander
Preternatural TransmogrifierDrums (1999-present)
See also: ex-Highlander
Transcendental ProtagonistGuitars (1999-2003, 2004-present), Keyboards (1999-2001)
See also: ex-Einhorn, ex-Luciferion, ex-Jaggernaut, ex-Against the Plagues, ex-Blast 2000, ex-Highlander
Perspicacious ProtectorKeyboards (2001-present)
See also: The Gunner’s Dream, ex-Jay Nemor (live)

Past Members:

Ethereal MagnanimusVocals (1999-2004)
See also: DimhavHarmonyWarrior Path, ex-Heed, ex-Destiny, ex-Crystal Eyes (live), ex-Conviction, ex-Lavett
Equilibrian EpicuriusGuitars (2001-2004)
See also: ex-Heed, ex-Destiny (live)


Awakening the WorldFull-length2001
A Flame to the Ground BeneathFull-length2003
1.The Quickening01:06  Show lyrics
2.Heart of Storm06:16  Show lyrics
3.Sworn in the Metal Wind05:44  Show lyrics
4.The Song of Air00:59  instrumental
5.World Through My Fateless Eyes05:09  Show lyrics
6.Perfect Warrior03:56  Show lyrics
7.Denial of Fate03:39  Show lyrics
8.Welcome Back05:41  Show lyrics
9.The Kingdom of My Will09:15  Show lyrics
10.The Redintegration01:42  instrumental

One thought on “Lost Horizon: Awakening The World-2001.

  1. lostinbeauty, April 5th, 2020

    At the beginning of the 21st century, power metal was already a well-established and widespread genre. Indeed, after the debut of the Hammerfall, it had regained its lost popularity. The result was the birth of an incalculable number of bands, some pleasant but not particularly memorable, others definitely good, others well above average.

    Lost Horizon are part of the latter category, although they have only written two albums and are less famous than they deserve.

    The main reason for their excellence is the ability to further enhance power metal (especially from a vocal point of view) without being monotonous or ridiculous. And although, in fact, they have written a few songs, these are all of the highest quality. Therefore, Awakening the world is a little gem.

    As is common in many power metal albums, there are short atmospheric intro and outro. However, the songs are really classic. Daniel Heiman is an exceptional, versatile singer able to get to impossible notes for almost anyone, and on the other hand his voice is the primary reason for the fame achieved by the band over time. The almost constant carpets of keyboards below the guitar melodies does not diminish the power of never too soft, also underlined by the powerful choruses. The musical variety offered by the guitar also shows a remarkable technical ability. As usual, most songs are fast, tight and embellished by a series of incredible vocalizations. Some, as Sworn in the metal wind, are harder than others, but all of them, regardless of this, are effective. In some instances they may even recall Manowar, especially for enthralling rides, but they are much more melodic. Particularly successful also the solos for their speed. The song of air, interestingly, is a short instrumental interlude entirely made with keyboards, with a sweet and melancholic atmosphere. But on the other hand, almost every other song is raging. The fierce rhythm of the drums is particularly appreciable. Although the speed is basically equal almost everywhere, there is no feeling of monotony. The slower songs, Perfect warrior and The kingdom of my will, are majestic and epic from the start. As it is common in power metal, the whole record is catchy, thanks to the rhythm and above all to the refrains, and the expressive performances. In short, it is exactly the way it should be: powerful, exciting and energetic. Almost absolutely perfect.

    Awakening the world isn’t on the same level as its successor (which is a true masterpiece of the genre), but it’s worth listening to. The composition is solid, the skills of the musicians more than evident and the general atmosphere as fresh and vital as it should be. And records like this deserve a lot more visibility.

    Best tracks: The kingdom of my will, Sworn in the metal wind, World through my fateless eyes


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