Inepsy: Rock’N’Roll Babylon-2003.

Inepsy:Heavy Speed Metal from Canada.


C’Fini l’PartyDemo1999 
Tour DemoDemo2001 
See You in HellEP2002 
Rock ‘n’ Roll BabylonFull-length2003 
City WeaponsFull-length2005 
No Speed Limit for DestructionFull-length2007 
Madness and OverkillEP2010
Toxic Holocaust / InepsySplit2010
Unreleased Demo / Loudhouse 2000Demo2015 
The Lost TracksDemo2017
Sam Verville
Drums (1998-2011)
See also: SkullNBone
Chany Pilote
Guitars, Vocals (1998-2011)
See also: SkullNBone
J.P. Hearse
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2003-201

Past Members:

RatBass (1998-2003)
Steve BennettGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2002-2005)
Bob E.Guitars (rhythm) (2005-2009)
1.Who’s Next02:32  Show lyrics
2.Lost the Ride03:36  Show lyrics
3.R’ n’ R Babylon03:03  Show lyrics
4.The Aftermath of Progress01:54  Show lyrics
5.Street City Kids03:46  Show lyrics
6.Conspiracy WWIII02:22  Show lyrics
7.See You in Hell!04:11  Show lyrics
8.If You’ll Die I’ll Die02:06  Show lyrics
9.Born for the Road03:55  Show lyrics
10.We Are Here to Climb03:14  Show lyrics

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