Warfare: The Songbook Of Filth-2021.

Warfare:Speed Metal from England.


This Machine KillsSingle1984 
Noise, Filth and Fury E.P.EP1984 
Two TribesEP1984
Pure FilthFull-length1984
Metal AnarchyFull-length1985
Total DeathEP1985 
Metal CitySplit video1985
Mayhem, Fuckin’ MayhemFull-length1986
Addicted to LoveSingle1987 
A Concept of Hatred – Anthems from the AltarVideo1988 
A Conflict of HatredFull-length1988
Hammer HorrorFull-length1990 
A Crescendo of ReflectionsFull-length1991 
Hammer HorrorFull-length1991
DeathchargeLive album1991 
Radio Hell: The Friday Rock Show SessionsSplit1992 
A Decade of DecibelsCompilation1993 
Metal Anarchy: The Best of WarfareCompilation2002
The New Age of Total WarfareCompilation2010 
Pure Filth from the Vaults of Rabid MetalFull-length2015 
Evo/Algy / Damned unto DeathEP2015 
Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos)Compilation2015 
Metal Anarchy the Original Metal – Punk SessionFull-length2015 
Evo / WarfareFull-length2017 
The Songbook of FilthCompilation2021 
Paul Evo
Drums, Vocals (1982-1993, 2017-present)
See also: ex-Warhead, ex-The Blood, ex-Angelic Upstarts, ex-Evo/Algy, ex-Major Accident

Past Members:

FalkenBass (1982-1985)
GunnerGuitars (1982-1990)
ZlaughterBass (1986-1993)
LazerKeyboards (1990)
Algy WardGuitars (1991)
See also: Tank, ex-Atom God, ex-WarheadTank, ex-Necropolis, ex-Conspiracy, ex-Evo/Algy, ex-Network, ex-The Damned, ex-The Nicky Moore Band, ex-The Saints
J.J. BedsoreGuitars (lead) (1991)
(R.I.P. 2004) See also: ex-The Blood
Fred PurserKeyboards (1991-1993)
See also: ex-Holosade, ex-Lies of Smiles, ex-Tygers of Pan Tang, ex-Penetration
MantasGuitars (1992-1993)
See also: M-pire of EvilVenom Inc.Mantas, ex-Venom, ex-Last One Dying (live), ex-Dryll, ex-Scooter (live)
Christopher Robert LabronKeyboards (1993)
Disc 1
2.Let the Show Go On 
3.Burn Down the Kings Road 
4.Cemetery Dirt 
5.Metal Anarchy (Metal City Movie version) 
6.Death by a Thousand Cuts 
7.Murder on Melrose 
9.Addicted to Drugs 
10.Sick Boy 
11.Death Charge 
12.Solitaire Dementia 
Disc 2
1.New Age of Total Warfare (live) 
2.Rabid Metal (live) 
3.Metal Anarchy (live) 
4.Burning Up 
5.Ebony Dreams 
6.Atomic Slut 
7.Hungry Dogs (live) 
9.This Machine Kills 
10.Baron Frankenstein 
11.A Velvet Rhapsody 
13.Fight to Win (live) 
14.Degenerate (rehearsal) 
15.2 Million Voices (live) 
Disc 3
1.Misanthropy (Sonic Attack mix) 
2.Noise, Filth and Fury 
3.Burnt Out 
4.Military Shadow

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