Weapon UK: Ghosts Of War-2019.

Weapon UK is an English new wave of British heavy metal and rock band from London , which was founded around 1978 under the name Fast Relief , renamed itself Weapon in 1980 and dissolved in 1982. In 1983 the company was re-established for a short time. The group had to change their name to Weapon UK a few years after the second reunion in 2012, as the name has since been claimed by a Canadian band of the same name .

After the Irish [1] singer Danny Hynes had placed an advertisement in Melody Maker for a suitable band, Jeff Summers became aware of him, who was a singer for his band Fast Relief, which had been active since around 1978 [2] , sought. [3] (Other sources say that Hynes had responded to a Melody Maker ad from Fast Relief [4] ) The singer Brian Keeting had previously left the band, other members were guitarist Kevin Ingles, bassist Pete Armitage and the drummer Lindsay Broadbridge. [5] The band played a song called Fast Relief in their early dayswhich was later renamed Set the Stage Alight . [2] After several weeks in the studio and a few appearances, to Summers and Hynes decided realign the rhythm section. [3] By Hynes Barry “Baz” Downes joined as the new bassist while Summers the Scots brought Bruce Bisland. Bisland had previously played with Jeff’s brother Steve Summers in the band Lipservice. [1] then the band consisted in 1979 of Bisland, Downes, and Hynes Summers. [2] After a trial was decided in March 1980 renamed Weapon. [3] The name goes back to Hynes, who referred to situations as “Weapon” when they were particularly positive or when something fundamentally good happened. [2] (Other sources say that the term was originally used by Iron Maiden’s Robert “Angelo” Sawyer, but Hynes also used it [4] ) The members had already been active in various groups in the 1970s. [1] The band had already completed a gig under the name Weapon before the rhythm section had been replaced. [4]

The band rose to prominence through a number of club appearances in London. [1] Because they have a very good relationship with Virgin Records had since Hynes’ girlfriend at the time was working there, and the label was looking for a band in the style of weapon, it reached a publishing agreement (no real record deal) with this after the label live had convinced of the group. [4] After only a handful of appearances the band came in contact with Eddie Clarke of Motörhead . [6] Contact had been re-established through Hynes’ friend and her friend and colleague, the band and Clarke during a performance by another group at The Venue in Londonhad introduced each other. [4] Clarke then proposed the group to participate in the upcoming UK Motorhead tour. During another appearance at The Music Machine in Camden , the management and the other Motörhead members were able to convince themselves of Weapons suitability. The 32-part tour began on October 22, 1980 at the Ipswich Gaunt and ended in November with performances over four nights at the Hammersmith Odeon . [3] These four appearances, the group published on 13 November [4] , the single It’s a Mad Mad World with the B-side Set the Stage Alightin a 1000-piece edition on their own label, [7] Virgin Records only acted as a publisher. [1] The B-side was a revised version of the old Fast Relief song. [5] In Virgins Beautiful Studios , the songs were The Town House , The Manor , Liar , Take That Away Bottle , One Night Stand , Midnight Satisfaction , Olivia and Remote Control has been mastered to their publication but it did not come. [2] The recordings this had in Virgins Manor Studios[4] in Oxfordshire [4] and Townhouse Studios . [5] taken place had the three sessions in 1980, about a month after Downes and Bisland had come to occupy, in the hope of the release of an album. [4] Specifically, the band planned to name this set the Stage Alight , but the songs did not appear until years later on the compilation of the same name. [3]About a year after signing the contract, the label boss Laurie Dunn, who had signed the band, left the company to start his own company. The band now had the problem that other labels couldn’t sign them without having to buy the band out. Ultimately, the band bought themselves out of their contract. The band had previously been given the prospect of a tour with their label colleague Gillan , but this did not take place. The band had also been offered a tour with Samson by agent John Giddings , for which the members had quit their jobs. When she was in Wolverhampton on the first day of the tourOnce she arrived, she found she was just one of four other bands that had been considered for the tour. Weapon was ultimately unable to snatch the place. [4] After the tour, the group hoped in vain for an offer for a record deal. [1] The following 18 months after the Motörhead tour, the band persistently continued to hold constant appearances. [3] In the second half of 1981, Robert “Angelo” Sawyer were added as a new drummer as second guitarist and John Philips. [1] After samples in a studio in the Lotts Road we went on tour. Problems arose during the tour which culminated at the Granary in Bristol .[6] In addition, replacing John Philips by Ron “Rebel” Matthews (a founding member of Iron Maiden). [5] Before the end of the year, the band broke up. [1] Summers and Bisland took part in the founding of Wildfire a little later. [7]

In 1983 Hynes tried to revive the band with guitarist Malcolm “Mal” McNulty, bassist Billy Kulke and guitarist Ian Simmons. The Wildfire member Bisland first stepped in as a temporary hit producer, [8] until Ron “Rebel” Matthews was available again. After about six appearances, the band broke up again. [4] Previously, the band had recorded a few demos that had been funded by Andy Scott . [5]

Because the band can be heard on Lars Ulrich’s sampler New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited in 1990 , the group remained well known over the following years. In 2003, Set the Stage Alight was released , a compilation of old recordings and demos that were remastered. [9]

In summer 2005 the members got together again for the 25th anniversary of the band. [3] After appearances on July 1 in The Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow and on 6 July in London’s The John Bull , the band was on 8 July at the Headbangers Open Air to be seen. In these appearances, the cast consisted of Hynes, Summers, Downes and Bisland. [5] After the group broke up again, and the members were dedicated to other musical projects. Only Downes could no longer play music live due to illness.

A few years later, Hynes and Summers discussed reviving the band permanently. Since Bisland was unable to attend due to his engagement with The Sweet and Downes had retired, the drummer Ian Sweeting and the bassist Gavin Cooper came as new members to the cast. This was followed by an appearance at The Peel in London and the band was offered participation in the Hard Rock Hell Festival . In January 2011, the band went to Scream Studios in Croydon with a different line-up to record a single there. A promotional video was filmed on the roof of The Harlequin Theater in Redhill before the songReady 4 U appeared digitally on June 6th. As a result, the group was able to participate in the Aero Rock Starz Festival in Bulgaria on July 9th. Since Gavin Cooper was unable to attend, Jeff’s brother Gary Summers stepped in for him after a rehearsal and a warm-up performance. Since Cooper was still unable to participate in the band action, Hynes suggested a friend named PJ Philips. Then the band was in Italy at the Diversemente Festival , in Belgium at the Negasonic Festival and in Great Britain at the Denim & Leather Festival and the British Steel Festivalto see. After that, the group went back to Scream Studios to work on a new album. One day Downes and Bisland joined in to re-record the song Killer Instinct . The songs were then mixed, but the album release was delayed by about a year due to a legal dispute over the band name. As a result of the dispute, the group lost its management and the interest of the record companies. As a result of the lost legal battle, the group changed its name to Weapon UK in 2012 [10] .

The album was then released in April 2014 under the name Rising from the Ashes . For the release, the band performed at The Purple Turtle in London. After further appearances in Great Britain, they separated from the drummer Sweeting, who was replaced by the Australian Darren Lee after a two-month search . Further UK concerts followed in 2015, and after performing at the Matarock Festival in Barcelona , the band played live in the Netherlands , Germany and Belgium. Then the bass player turned his back on Philips Weapon UK. On February 21, 2016 the group was at the Brofestto see. Since the search for a new bass player was still unsuccessful, the band’s good friend Kevin “Skids” “Big Kev” Riddles took over this position. In 2017 he was replaced by Tony Forsythe, who made his debut on January 26th at The Bomber Bar in Motala during a series of concerts in Sweden . After further appearances in Great Britain in March, the band went back to Scream Studios to re-record the 1980 song Set the Stage Alight , and a cover version of the Thin Lizzy song The Rocker was also recorded. After that the band was in Norway for concert purposesOn the way. The two newly recorded songs were released digitally on October 28th. A series of UK appearances ended with an appearance on October 1st at the Grimm Up North Fest in Bury . On October 23, a record deal was signed with Pure Steel Records . [3]

Darren Lee
See also: Midnight Messiah
Jeff Summers
Guitars (1980-1982, 2005, 2009-present)
See also: ex-Wildfire, ex-Flex, ex-Legs Akimbo, ex-Paddy Goes to Holyhead, ex-Snatch, ex-Statetrooper, ex-The Headbangers, ex-The Loudshirts
Danny Hynes
Vocals (1980-1982, 1984, 2005, 2009-present)
See also: Danny Hynes & Svens, ex-Hooker, ex-Paddy Goes to Holyhead, ex-Snatch
Tony Forsythe
Bass (2017-present)
See also: Rogue Male, L.A., Overdrive

Past Members:

Pete ArmitageBass (1980)
See also: ex-Flex
Barry “Baz” DownesBass (1980-1982, 2005)
(R.I.P. 2020) See also: ex-Inner City Unit, ex-Snatch, ex-The Marionettes
Bruce BislandDrums (1980-1981, 1984, 2005)
See also: ex-WildfireTank, Sweet, ex-Andy Scott’s Sweet, ex-Lipservice, ex-Praying Mantis, ex-Snatch, ex-Statetrooper, ex-The Wandering Crutchless
Lindsay BroadbridgeDrums (1980)
See also: ex-Flex
Kevin InglesGuitars (1980)
(R.I.P. 2020) See also: Black Whiskey, ex-Flex
Ron MatthewsDrums (1981-1982)
See also: ex-Iron Maiden, ex-Atomic Rooster, ex-Bernie Tormé, ex-Gibraltar, ex-Le Roc Bizarre, ex-McCoy, ex-Space Chickens
John PhilipsDrums (1981)
See also: ex-Lautrec, ex-Megaton
Bobby “Angelo” SawyerGuitars (1981)
See also: ex-Iron Maiden, ex-Gibraltar, ex-High Roller, ex-Praying Mantis
Billy KulkeBass (1984)
Malcolm McNultyGuitars (1984)
See also: ex-Hazzard, slade, ex-Andy Scott’s Sweet, ex-Sweet
Ian SimmonsGuitars (1984)
Gavin CooperBass (2009-2011)
See also: LegionBob Catley (live), ex-Battlezone, ex-Killers, ex-Lionsheart, ex-Passion, ex-Statetrooper
Ian SweetingDrums (2009-?)
See also: ex-Stone Katz, ex-The Risen
PJ PhilipsBass (2011-2016)
1.Ghosts of War05:29  Show lyrics
2.Queen of the Ride05:21  Show lyrics
3.Redman04:27  Show lyrics
4.Sea of Hope05:29  Show lyrics
5.Emerald God03:53  Show lyrics
6.Tourniquet04:41  Show lyrics
7.All I Need04:14  Show lyrics
8.Hell on Earth04:26  Show lyrics
9.’79 Revisited04:10  Show lyrics
10.G.O.W. Reprise 01:20  Show lyrics

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