SkyEye: Soldiers Of Light-2021.

SkyEye:Heavy Metal from Slovenia.


Run for Your LifeEP2017 
Digital GodFull-length2018 
Soldiers of LightFull-length2021
1.The Arrival02:02  instrumental
2.King of the Skies03:49  Show lyrics
3.Soldiers of Light03:45  Show lyrics
4.Constellation05:10  Show lyrics
5.Brothers Under the Same Sun09:50  Show lyrics
6.In Saecula Saeculorum01:15  instrumental
7.Son of God06:09  Show lyrics
8.Detonate04:53  Show lyrics
9.Eternal Starlight05:26  Show lyrics
10.Chernobyl14:28  Show lyrics

One thought on “SkyEye: Soldiers Of Light-2021.

  1. Skyeye
    Soldiers Of Light
    by Will Travers at 04 July 2021, 6:10 PM

    SKYEYE, a five piece band from Ljubljana, Slovenia who burst into the sport light following the rampant successes of their debut album “Digital God” and their performance at last summer’s European Metal Festival Alliance. They have returned with the release of their newest album “Soldiers Of Light” and just let me say this, I have been so excited for this album and I have been impatiently waiting it’s release and so, without further ado, lets get stuck in. The album artwork is a spectacle; there is quite a lot going on but it is so detailed that it really is a piece of art its self and would be a fantastic addition to any library.

    Opening is “The Arrival”, an ambient piece that builds the tension and atmosphere to boiling point before “King Of Skies” comes sprinting into the speakers. Breathless energy in the form of a running bass line accompanied by dual harmonies of the guitars. Jan’s powerful vocals really tying the whole track together, but the real deal for this track is the small intricacies, listen to the little guitar licks just sitting in the back tracking to really accentuate the vocals. Or even the way that guitarists Grega and Mare just bounce of each other in syncronicity. The titular “Soldiers Of Light” bursts to life with heavy riffs and a rhythmical undertone that implores its listener to get up and move. If there is something that has already become evident this early in the record is how SKYEYE can flit between these heavy and intense sections to more light segments that just wash over the listener as wave after wave of impeccable Heavy Metal is delivered.

    “Constellation” is the pre released single from the album, having been released circa October 2020. It’s a testament to SKYEYE’s variety in their music. The heavy and forboding atmosphere of the verses when compared to the passionate and abofuckinglutely delightful chorus that just cries out to be screamed by throngs of fans really shows a versatility across all members of the band. But “Constellation” offers so much more, again the dual harmonies, the solos and Jan’s trademark powerful vocal presence just builds into the final chorus that sent shivers through my whole body. “Detonate” is another track I would like to focus on, and it does exactly as it says on the tin. You could actually almost envisage a device counting down and the hectic, panicked response as those who are there to defuse it try to stop it. But it is once again a deliverance of intense Heavy Metal that leaves me just wanting more and more.

    But what a better way to assess an album, than on the strength of it’s closing track? I’ve made it known that I am a fan of a solid outro, something to make me remember the album, to keep it from fading into obscurity. How did SKYEYE hold up in my estimations? Well, their final track “Chernobyl” is a 15 minute piece that seems to be somewhat of a concept track, telling the story of a disaster. And it contains everything that I wanted and more. It flows seamlessly between sections, turning on the intensity when it’s required, and stripping it back to show a more vulnerable and naked side of the music and really this track just goes on to add many more strings to the bow of SKYEYE.

    Overall, this is another fantastic release from the Slovenian powerhouse. “Soldiers Of Light” simply produces track after track of outstanding Heavy Metal that shows the undeniable prowess of the young group who are well on their way to building a case for domination of Europe and I implore any reader to get out there now and check out SKYEYE.


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