Hibria: Silent Revenge-2013.

HIBRIA is a Brazilian power metal/speed metal band, known for their technicality and speed. The band cites influences from traditional metal bands, such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priestthrash bands, such as Metallica and Megadeth and progressive bands, such as Dream Theater.

HIBRIA toured across Europe in 1999, in the “Against The Faceless” demo tour, playing 29 concerts through Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.[1] The band was on the roster to perform at ProgPower USA XVI in September 2015, which would have been their first time performing in the United States. Unfortunately the band was not allowed into the country, and they did not get to perform at ProgPower USA. On December 8, 2017, it was announced that Iuri Sanson, Eduardo Baldo, Renato Osorio, and Ivan Beck would be leaving the band. One more release titled Moving Ground, featuring this line up, was released on February 14, 2018, in Japan.


Metal HeartDemo1997 
Against the FacelessDemo1999 
Steel Lord on WheelsSingle2001
Defying the RulesFull-length2004
The Skull CollectorsFull-length2008
Blind RideFull-length2011
Split Single for East JapanSplit2011 
Blinded by Tokyo – Live in JapanLive album2012 
Blinded by Tokyo – Live in JapanVideo2012 
Silent RevengeFull-length2013
Defying the Rules: 10th AnniversaryFull-length2014 
Moving GroundFull-length2018
Fearless WillSingle2019
Abel Camargo
Guitars (1996-present)
Victor Emeka
Vocals (2018-present)
See also: Soulspell (live)
Otávio Quiroga
Drums (2019-present)
Bruno Godinho
Guitars (2019-present)
Thiago Baumgarten
Bass (2021-present)
See also: Shemariah

Past Members:

Marco PanichiBass (1996-2010)
Sávio SordiDrums (1996-2005)
See also: ex-Fighterlord
Diego KasperGuitars (1996-2012)
Iuri SansonVocals (1996-2017)
See also: Eternity’s End
Eduardo BaldoDrums (2005-2017)
See also: Fighterlord, Moonlight (Bra)
Benhur LimaBass (2010-2016)
See also: AnaxesDarkest SeedExit 11Keep Them BlindYnis Vitrin, ex-Cristian Rigon
Renato OsórioGuitars (2012-2017)
See also: FighterlordKeep Them BlindMagician, ex-Scelerata
Ivan BeckBass (2016-2017)
Martin EstevezDrums (2018)
See also: ex-Asper
Guga MunhozGuitars (2018)
Alexandre PantaBass (2019-2021)
1.Silent Revenge04:49  Show lyrics
2.Lonely Fight04:41  Show lyrics
3.Deadly Vengeance05:04  Show lyrics
4.Walking to Death03:50  Show lyrics
5.Silence Will Make You Suffer05:40  Show lyrics
6.Shall I Keep on Burning?04:34  Show lyrics
7.The Place That You Belong04:23  Show lyrics
8.The Scream of an Angel04:07  Show lyrics
9.The Way It Is08:39  Show lyrics
10.Bleeding on My Regrets 04:17  Show lyrics

One thought on “Hibria: Silent Revenge-2013.

  1. metalandnba, August 29th, 2015

    After an album blending its former power metal roots with a newfound heaviness in Blind Ride (2011), Hibria came back in 2013 with the completion of a new and even heavier approach to their style in Silent Revenge. If Blind Ride already had mid-tempo and groovier stuff such as “Blinded by Faith,” this new album brought more and more slower songs with fatter guitar tones and lower vocals (with still high pitches) by Iuri Sanson. The album starts with the strong and traditional heavy metal title song, with a very good guest appearance by André Meyer, (singer from another Brazilian band, Distraught), with guttural vocals on the chorus. The album also has the arrival of new guitar player Renato Osório, a great and technical musician, who, along the two new guys from the previous album, drummer Eduardo Baldo and bass player Benhur Lima, completes the most accomplished Hibria line-up to date, taking into account technical prowess and overall experience.

    The lyrical concept for the album was taken from the Argentine movie “El Secreto de Sus Ojos” (2009), or in English, “The Secret of Your Eyes.” The main plot tells about an ongoing investigation of a rape turned into a murder, with an unbelievable ending. The track “Silence will make you Suffer” is the most prominent song talking about the theme, with nice riffs and solos, very good vocal diversity, all in a mid-tempo metal song, very well executed. “The Scream of an Angel” reminisces more of the band from the first two records, reaching a power metal melodic peak with an introduction that reminds some of the best Deep Purple songs. One of the highlights of the record is the best Hibria ballad to date, “Shall I Keep on Burning,” with a stunning performance by Sanson and some really well placed, melodic solos to boot. Really a moment to behold. To close the record, they recalled a bands tradition with an epic song. Defying the Rules ends with the amazing “Stare at Yourself,” the Skull Collectors has the underrated and my personal epic favorite from the band, “Wings of Wax” and the Silent Revenge album contains the technical “The Way it Is,” which shows all the versatility of the new line-up, including great backing vocals by the bass player.

    Overall, Silent Revenge shows Hibria taking the foot off the gas pedal a little bit regarding the speed and high tones, but the band also gain with more groove and experimentation, as the album resembles more of a traditional heavy metal style with bits and pieces of Pantera, rather than the visceral power metal from past recordings. Still, it is a very enjoyable album that works, and that’s the most important thing.


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