Evil Masquerade: Third Act-2006.

Evil Masquerade is a Scandinavian heavy metal band formed in 2003. Their wide range of musical influences make them difficult to categorize. Evil Masquerade themselves claim to be playing ‘Devilish Rock’n’Roll’. But since that is a self-invented genre they are usually filed under heavy metal by the music industry.[1][2][3]

Evil Masquerade was founded 2003 in Copenhagen by Swedish guitarist Henrik Flyman (Lacrimosa, ex-Wuthering Heights, ex-Moahni Moahna, ex-ZooL). Together with drummer Dennis Buhl (ex-Hatesphere), bass player Kasper Gram and vocalist Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt) they set off to record the band’s debut album that was released early 2004 under the name Welcome to the Show. It almost immediately received worldwide recognition and made the charts in Japan at # 8.[4] One year later it was followed up with their second album Theatrical Madness.

A couple of line up changes took place and new singer Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Firewind, ex-Time Requiem) and bass player Thor Jeppesen entered the studio with Flyman and Buhl to record the album Third Act. This album took the band to a new level of fame when it was re-released in 2007 in the US, one year after the original release in Europe and Asia. The fourth studio album Fade To Black saw yet another change in the line-up with only Henrik Flyman and Apollo Papathanasio remaining from the previous album. New members were drummer Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet, Mind’s Eye, Tears of Anger, ZooL) and bass player Johan Niemann (TherionEvergrey, Hubi Meisel, Demonoid, Mind’s Eye).

Flyman spent 2010 composing songs for the band’s fifth album Pentagram that was released in May 2012. The recordings took place during 2011 and involved Flyman once again teaming up with the same members as on the band’s third release: Papathanasio, Buhl and Jeppesen; together with the latest addition to the line-up, the band’s first permanent keyboard player, Artur Meinild.[5]

2013 it was announced that Papathanasio was no longer in the band and that he had been replaced by Tobias Jansson from Sweden.[6][7] Tobias’ first and only recording with Evil Masquerade was their sixth studio album, The Digital Crucifix, which was released worldwide on 22 April 2014 by Dark Minstrel Music.[8] Evil Masquerade didn’t immediately introduce a new singer after parting ways with Jansson. Instead they chose to record their seventh studio album The Outcast Hall of Fame with 5 vocalists (Mats Levén, Rick Altzi, Apollo Papathanasio, Nicklas Sonne & Henrik Flyman). Included on the album is a revised version of the song Märk hur vår skugga by the Swedish poet, songwriter, composer Carl Michael Bellman (4 February 1740 – 11 February 1795). The album was released worldwide by Dark Minstrel Music on 19 May 2016. Shortly after the release Sonne was announced as the band’s live vocalist[9] and one month later he became a permanent part of the lineup.[10]


Welcome to the ShowFull-length2004
Theatrical MadnessFull-length2005 
Third ActFull-length2006 
Fade to BlackFull-length2008
Black Ravens CrySingle2012 
A SilhouetteSingle2012 
Like VoodooSingle2014 
The Digital CrucifixFull-length2014
10 Years in the DarkCompilation2014 
The Outcast Hall of FameFull-length2016
Henrik Flyman
Guitars, Vocals (2003-present)
See also: ex-Moahni Moahna, ex-Zool, Lacrimosa (live), ex-Wuthering Heights, ex-Epic Irae, ex-Give the Iron
Thor Jeppesen
Bass (2006-2007, 2011-present)
See also: ex-Sinphonia
Artur Meinild
Keyboards (2011-present)
See also: ex-Flagellation, ex-Seven Thorns, ex-Illnath
Nicklas Sonne
Vocals (2016-present)
See also: DefectoSection ATheory, Malrun, ex-Wasted

Past Members:

Kasper GramBass (2003-2005)
See also: Killing GandhiManticoraMissing Tide, Moonchild (Iron Maiden tribute), ex-Wuthering Heights, ex-Ureas
Dennis BuhlDrums (2003-2007, 2011-2016)
See also: Endarken, ex-Sinphonia, ex-The Downward Candidate, ex-HateSphere, ex-Anachorete, ex-The Kandidate, ex-Funeral Dirge
Mats OlaussonKeyboards (2003)
(R.I.P. 2015) See also: ex-Ark, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Kamelot (live), ex-Stygia, ex-Biscaya, ex-Mentzer, ex-Norden Light, ex-Camera, ex-Glory, ex-Nadir
Richard AnderssonKeyboards (2003-2006)
See also: ex-Silver Seraph, ex-Devil’s Heaven, ex-Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey, ex-Time Requiem, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Adagio, ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Moahni Moahna (live), ex-Majestic, ex-Mansson
Henrik BrockmannVocals (2003-2005)
See also: Missing Tide, Highway Jam, N’Tribe, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Sages Recital, ex-Jaded Heart
Mikkel JensenKeyboards (2005)
Apollo PapathanasioVocals (2006-2013)
See also: ArturiusSpiritual BeggarsWe Sell the Dead, Apollo, Gathering of Kings, ex-Firewind, ex-Meduza, ex-Sandalinas, ex-Gardenian, ex-Majestic, ex-Time Requiem
Johan NiemannBass (2008-2010)
See also: Beyond the KatakombDemonoidEvergreyHollingsheadSectuTears of AngerTiamat (live), ex-Hubi Meisel, ex-Mind’s Eye, ex-Afterglow, Talisman, ex-The Murder of My Sweet, ex-Therion
Daniel FloresDrums (2008-2010)
See also: Crash the SystemTears of AngerThe Murder of My SweetXsavior, ex-Hubi Meisel, ex-Mind’s Eye, ex-Zool, ex-7days, ex-The Codex, ex-Afterglow, Find Me, ex-Mindcage, ex-Secret Sphere, ex-Fatal Force
Tobias JanssonVocals (2013-?)
See also: Saffire, ex-Angel Blake, ex-The Law, Gathering of Kings, ex-Silent Scythe, ex-Treasure Land
1.The Devil’s Last Temptation01:19  instrumental
2.Third Act05:23  Show lyrics
3.Black Ravens Cry04:50  Show lyrics
4.Descended from the Grave03:57  Show lyrics
5.Far Away03:56  Show lyrics
6.The Dark Minstrel Plays04:49  Show lyrics
7.I’ll Make You Burn05:32  Show lyrics
8.Under the Surface of Water03:42  Show lyrics
9.Orchestration for More than One Horn00:35  instrumental
10.Bring On the World05:09  Show lyrics
11.The Final Goodbye05:10  Show lyrics

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