Nocturnal: Serpent Death-2021.

Nocturnal:Black Thrash Metal from Germany.


Rites of the Black MassDemo2000
Promo TapeDemo2001 
Slaughter CommandSingle2001 
Thrash with the DevilEP2003
The Burning of RanstadtLive album2004 
Outbreak of EvilSplit2004 
Fire of RevengeSingle2004
Thrashbeast from HellSplit2004 
Temples of SinEP2005 
Temples of SinVideo2005 
Thrashing RageSplit2005 
Havoc TalesCompilation2005 
Arrival of the CarnivoreFull-length2005
Creation of the Possessed / Highway SurvivorSplit2007 
Raging RehearsalEP2007 
In the Sign of Sodom – Sodomaniac TributeSplit2008 
Thrashraid over BitterfieldEP2008 
Rise of the Undead / Unholy Ancient WarSplit2008 
Violent RevengeFull-length2009
Possessed CreationsCompilation2010 
Undead and DangerousEP2011 
Storming EvilFull-length2014
Unholy Thrash Metal / Eternal ProscriptionSplit2020
Serpent DeathFull-length2021 
Guitars (2000-present)
See also: Angel of DamnationBlack Priest of SatanExorcismFront BeastHekateMoonPhantomSacrifixionShrineSzarlemTerrorazorThe FogWitches SabbathNuctemeron (live), ex-Bestial Desecration, ex-Necroslaughter, Skalar, Varghkoghargasmal, ex-Stormhunter, ex-H418ov21.C, ex-Poltergeist
Vocals (lead) (2016-present)
See also: TerrorazorWitchburner, ex-Compulsive Slaughter, ex-Unscared
Bass (2018-present)
See also: Wound, ex-Obscure Infinity, ex-Warcrown
John Berry
Drums (2018-present)
See also: Burial GroundSacrilegious RiteSlaughter Messiah, ex-Gae Bolga, ex-Goat Torment (live)

Past Members:

See also: Terrorsaw, ex-Bleeding Fist, ex-Into Darkness, ex-Vexed, ex-Hellstorm
Metallic MayhemVocals
See also: ex-Stone Cold, ex-Witchburner
See also: Old
Skull CrusherVocals, Bass
See also: Sucking Void, ex-Debauchery, ex-Fleshcrawl, ex-Stallion, ex-Aliengates, ex-Secret Dimension, ex-Infernal Rising
HellbastardDrums (2000-2010, 2012-2013)
See also: ex-Stone Cold, ex-Angel of Damnation, ex-Blackevil, ex-Heretic
VomitorBass (2002-2017)
See also: OldPossessionNocturnal Witch (live), Cruel Force
TyrannizerVocals (2008-2015)
See also: ex-Necrosadistic Goat Torture
Teutonic SlaughterGuitars (2010-2013)
See also: Witches SabbathWitching Hour (live), Cruel Force, ex-Godless Crusade (live)
SkullsplitterDrums (2013-2016)
See also: Angel of DamnationCross VaultHalphasTerrorazor, ex-Zerstörer
1.Black Ritual Tower08:01  Show lyrics
2.…from Terminal Death03:40  Show lyrics
3.Beneath a Steel Sky02:17  Show lyrics
4.Faceless Mercenaries04:34  Show lyrics
5.Bleeding Heaven04:24  Show lyrics
6.Damnator’s Hand05:29  Show lyrics
7.Circle of Thirteen06:25  Show lyrics
8.Void Dweller03:03  Show lyrics
9.Suppressive Fire06:09  Show lyrics
10.The Iron Throne03:16  Show lyrics

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