Famishgod: Rotting Ceremony-2021.

Famishgod:Doom Death Metal from Spain.


Devourers of LightFull-length2014 
Roots of DarknessFull-length2016 
Rotting CeremonyFull-length2021
Pako Deimler
All instruments
See also: DeimlerDimenssionItnuvethMorkulvSvipdagr, ex-Dis Gob, Alldead, Machu Lanú, The Funeral Rites, ex-Bizarre
Dave Rotten
See also: AvulsedChrist DeniedHolycidePutrevoreRotten, ex-Anaëmia, ex-Yskelgroth, Unwom, ex-Golgotha, ex-Convulssion
1.The Sun, the Death06:40 
3.Fear Your Own Shadow06:02 
4.Deep Fall06:28 
5.Rotting Paradise06:39 
6.Crystal Palace06:38 

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