Loch Vostok: Opus Ferox-The Great Escape-2021.

Loch Vostok is a progressive metal band from Uppsala, Sweden. Named after a subterranean lake in Antarctica, it rose out of the collapse of progressive metal band Mayadome in 2001.

Loch Vostok was formed in 2001 by drummer Teddy Möller out of the ashes of his previous progressive metal band Mayadome. Bringing with him keyboardist Sebastian Okupski and bassplayer Erik Grandin along with new recruits guitarist Niklas Kupper and drummer Alvaro Svanerö, Möller switched role from drums to singer and guitarist for the new band. However Grandin was to relocate to the United States and was replaced by Tomas “Tym” Jonsson which Möller had played with previously in Mellow Poetry.

With the line-up complete Loch Vostok set out to record a self-financed album with producer Daniel Bergstrand in 2002. The result was Dark Logic. An album which the lyrics were entirely based upon infamous serial killers such as Henry Lee LucasAndrei Chikatilo and Ed Gein. The Russian distributor CD-maximum were the first to pick up the album and shortly after Magnetism records released it officially worldwide in August 2004.

After the album’s release keyboardist Sebastian Okupski decided to leave Loch Vostok to focus on other projects. The vacancy was filled by Andreas Lindahl of Platitude but due to the distance between Uppsala and Gothenburg he decided to leave the band after the recordings of the new album Destruction Time Again!.

In December 2005 keyboardist/composer Fredrik Klingwall of FlagellationAnima Morte, etc. joined Loch Vostok.[1] And with Destruction Time Again! out on their new label, Escapi Music, they hit the road supporting King Diamond in the Scandinavian leg of his European 2006 tour.[2] With the album being quite well received Loch Vostok set out to do more gigs to support the album following the King Diamond tour in 2006 and 2007 with among others PyramazeGrave and Rotting Christ,[3] as well as playing the 5-year anniversary of Headway Festival (A festival which they had also played in 2003) in Amsterdam.

In 2007 they also began the recordings of the follow-up to 2006 years Destruction Time Again! in Teddy’s own Blueflame Studio, an album that came to be Reveal No Secrets, which then was released in the summer of 2009. After this release, the band entered a kind of hibernation era, with Möller being very busy with his other band, F.K.Ü.. Current drummer Svanerö decided to leave, and was replaced by Lawrence Dinamarca. In 2011, the band signed a three-album deal with Vicisolum Productions[4] and released critically acclaimed Dystopium, which was then shortly followed by a tour with Therion and LeprousTomas “Tym” Jonsson decided to leave the band before the tour, due to complications with a herniated spine, and was replaced on bass by Jimmy Mattsson of Planet Rain.


Promo 2002Demo2002 
Dark LogicFull-length2003 
Destruction Time Again!Full-length2006 
Reveal No SecretsFull-length2009
V: The Doctrine DecodedFull-length2012
From These WatersFull-length2015
When the Wolves Have Eaten EverythingSingle2020 
Opus Ferox – The Great EscapeFull-length2021 
Niklas Kupper
Guitars (2000-2010, 2011-present), Vocals (additional) (2000-present)
See also: ex-Searing I
Teddy Möller
Guitars (2000-present), Vocals (lead) (2000-2019), Vocals (harsh) (2019-present)
See also: One Hour HellThe HiddenWuthering Heights, ex-Flagellation, ex-Mayadome, ex-Vivaldis Disciples, ex-Mellow Poetry, ex-Tradore, Anima Morte, Satans Kadaver, ex-F.K.Ü., ex-Hexed, ex-Detained (live), ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live), ex-Tormention (live)
Lawrence Dinamarca
Drums (2010-present)
See also: AvundCarnal ForgeEternal AutumnFuel for NightmaresManticoraSickOmania, ex-Astral Carneval, ex-Bleeding Utopia, ex-Nightrage, ex-Hexed (live)
Patrik Janson
Bass (2018-present)
See also: SeptekhThe Murder of My Sweet, ex-Platitude, ex-Burning Libra
Jonas Radehorn
Vocals (lead) (2019-present)
See also: The Citadel

Past Members:

Eric GrandinBass (2000-2002)
See also: ex-Mayadome, ex-Mellow Poetry, ex-Wuthering Heights
Alvaro SvaneröDrums, Vocals (2000-2009)
See also: DeathswarmImperial DomainSandalinasSarcasmThird Storm, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons, ex-Azotic Reign
Sebastian OkupskiKeyboards (2000-2004)
See also: ex-Mayadome
Tomas “Tym” JonssonBass, Vocals (2002-2011)
See also: ex-Detained
Andreas LindahlKeyboards (2004-2005)
See also: Arms of WarWuthering Heights, ex-Zool, ex-Audiovision, ex-Iron Mask, ex-The Murder of My Sweet, ex-Manticora (live), ex-Platitude
Fredrik KlingwallKeyboards (2005-2015, 2016-2019)
See also: ex-Flagellation, ex-Machinery, Anima Morte, Fredrik Klingwall, Rising Shadows, ex-In Grey
Jimmy MattssonBass (2010-2018)
See also: Apocalypse OrchestraIsolePlanet Rain, ex-AutumnMoon, ex-The Storyteller, ex-Blazon Stone (live), ex-Ereb Altor (live)
Manuel “Mano” LewysGuitars (2010-2011)
See also: QFT, ex-Dynazty (live), ex-Machinery
Mattias HagbergKeyboards (2015-2016)

– The Swedish avantgarde/melo-death veterans are presenting the album title, cover artwork, release date and the entire tracklist of their upcoming eighth album – an album anticipated by a wide variety of fans, amongst others, due to the fact that the band changed their lead singer from the last album to this one.

Always a controversial and daring endeavour, Loch Vostok, however, have managed to secure a smooth and controlled transition from old lead singer (and guitarist) Teddy Möller to the new kid in town, Jonas Radehorn.

And with that transition comes the album “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape”, the band’s 8th album, which is set for release on June 25th through ViciSolum Records.

The album is a manifest of the band’s amazing musical skills but also a tour de force in setting the record straight, when it comes to writing great songs that stick to the mind. With the incredible vocal range of Jonas Radehorn, Loch Vostok have fine-tuned their assets and created their most impressive album so far!

Teddy Möller – guitarist and godfather of the band explains:
“This is our best album” is what every band says every time they release a new album. So, let me just say that the paths we separately walked were predestined to lead to Opus Ferox. Accessible and avantgarde. Aggressive and melodic. A new level. The Great Escape!

The tracklist of “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape” is as follows:

The Freedom Paradox
Enter The Resistance
The Glorious Clusterfuck
When The Wolves Have Eaten Everything
Generation Fail
Seize The Night
The Great Escape
Save You
Black Neon Manifesto (CD only)

The Artwork for the album is a futuristic, gloomy doomsday scenario, created by bassist Patrik Janson – an obvious multi-talent, with both musical and visual finesse. It displays and summarizes to perfection what Loch Vostok tries to convey to the masses.

“Opus Ferox – The Great Escape” will be released on all digital platforms and in 2 different limited vinyl editions. Furthermore, the album will be available on CD, which contains a bonus track that will only be available on that particular medium.

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