Brother Against Brother : Brother Against Brother-2021.

Brother Against Brother:Melodic Power Metal from Brazil.

In a similar spirit to the well-received Allen/Lande project, which featured the pairing of powerhouse vocalists Russell Allen and Jorn Lande, Frontiers is proud to present a new duets combination featuring the stunning Brazilian singers Renan Zonta (Electric Mob) and Nando Fernandes (Sinistra). As Brother Against Brother, they deliver an exciting set of melodic metal songs on their debut album together.

States Fernandes: “Singing with the incredible Renan Zonta was a great honour for me, as I believe he is one of the best vocalists in Brazil today. The difference in timbres, our interpretations, always loaded with a lot of emotion, incredible melodies, the very well harmonised choirs, make this a beautiful and striking album for Brazilian hard rock and metal. Also, representing Brazil on a record company as important as Frontiers, for me it is a source of great pride.”

Adds Zonta: “Being involved in this project and getting to sing metal is beyond amazing, plus sharing vocals with the one and only Nando Fernandes is an honour. The man is a Brazilian living legend and his kindness shows that it is not only because of the groundbreaking voice that people love him. Brother Against Brother goes beyond a heavy metal project. It’s a soulful heavy emotional part of my career that I will cherish forever.”

Conceived by Frontiers boss Serafino Perugino, Brother Against Brother is a showcase for two vocalists to reach an audience well beyond their homeland. Nando Fernandes is an established rock and metal singer in Brazil and is paired with Renan Zonta of Electric Mob, one of the hottest singers from the new wave of hard rock acts signed to Frontiers. Together, they are on fire on this magnificent melodic metal album written for them by the ubiquitous Alessandro Del Vecchio.

Although Brazil is rich in rock and metal talent, these two singers have proved themselves ready for the world stage. Fans of rich, powerful melodic metal with vocals to match should have this on their ‘must hear’ list for 2021.

Renan Zonta – vocals, backing vocals
Nando Fernandes – vocals, backing vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonas Hornqvist – guitars
Michele Sanna – drums.


Brother Against BrotherFull-length2021
Nando Fernandes
See also: Lightning Strikes, Rádio Show, Sinistra, ex-Hangar, ex-Shining Star, ex-Angra (live), ex-Cavalo Vapor, ex-Forward, ex-Mr Feeling
Renan Zonta
See also: Electric Mob, ex-Frontiers All Stars
1.Two Brothers03:58 
2.What if04:43 
3.City of Gold04:19 
4.Heaven Sent05:44 
5.Haunted Heart03:49 
6.Deadly Sins03:54 
7.In the Name of Life03:55 
8.Demons in My Head04:35 
9.Whispers in Darkness06:03 
10.Valley of the Kings04:12 
11.Lost Son03:16 

One thought on “Brother Against Brother : Brother Against Brother-2021.

  1. hells_unicorn, June 17th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Frontiers Records
    For close to 50 years the concept of dueling lead guitarists has been a staple of heavy metal in some form, with the early example provided by Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing providing the template (though the concept had likely been explored in earlier rock settings). But the idea of having two lead vocalists sharing command over a metal project is a bit newer, and much of its current popularity can be traced to an experiment put forth by Italian heavy metal and AOR label Frontiers Records, namely the Allen – Lande project pitting Symphony X front man Russell Allen’s power voice against the equally formidable stage presence of Norwegian solo artist and then Masterplan helmsman Jorn Lande. Not being one to let a winning formula go with only a single success story, said label has been busy reproducing the same idea in somewhat different ways, with the most comparable one to the original to come to light being the newly minted Brother Against Brother.

    Naturally any group of credible musicians would not want to tread the exact same path twice, and barring a fairly similar blend of AOR-infused symmetry in the melodic hooks and song structure, and a virtuoso guitarist to give the quasi-symphonic atmosphere a bit more edge, the theme by which these two vocalists wage their sonic war is far more specific in character. Drawing influence from the mystique of Middle Eastern music and Egyptian imagery in particular to paint the auditory landscape, this is an album that feels like a continuous story with the context of warring siblings for the Pharaoh’s throne, albeit with the added dimension of the combatants being as equally matched as yin and yang. Nando Fernandes, the elder of the two prime attractions, carries all of the experience and charisma that a seasoned heavy metal icon can bring, not to mention looking the part, while the gauged ears, neck tattoos and short hair of his younger foil Renan Zonta might fool one into seeing him as a nu-metal front man, though what he brings to the table is equally as extravagant and traditionally metallic as his counterpart.

    At first glance, the contents of this eponymous debut might seem a fairly typical mixture of flashy guitar and keyboard work with a generally mid-paced and standard rhythmic backdrop, but as things progress, the more intricate they become. The opening anthem “Two Brothers” checks all of the boxes of a standard AOR-infused metallic romp, almost to the point that Magnus Karlsson might have ghost-written it, ditto the loftily atmospheric yet by the numbers “Heaven Sent” and densely orchestrated and mildly folksy ballad “In The Name Of Life”. These songs, while fairly typical for a fair number of projects born out of the Frontiers brand, are infused with such a degree of vocal gravitas between Fernandes and Zonta that the simplicity of the accompanying music works to the benefit of each song. The varying degrees of emotional expression also find these two bombastic impresarios being quite eclectic in their own rite, as the heavier stomp of “Haunted Heart” is loaded to the brim with gritty attitude, while the hard rocking and uplifting “What If” includes a more nimble and flashy display of vocal prowess.

    As noted previously, this album carries a fair amount of exotic mysticism to its thematic material, and while the aforementioned songs are fun and familiar, it’s when the music takes a bit of a left turn that things truly get interesting. The Stargate-inspired cinematic turned slow and heavy march of “City Of Gold” could almost pass for a more concise and stripped down homage to Pagan’s Mind, complete with a brilliantly expressive guitar display out of Jonas Hornqvist, virtuoso and axe-man for the now sadly long gone Swedish power/progressive outfit Treasure Land. A similar, albeit more haunting display of this Near East mystique is found on “Deadly Sins” and stumbles into some subtle Indian influences with a sitar intro on “Whispers In Darkness”. Perhaps the only more auspicious thing about this album is how it ends, as the closing anthems “Valley Of The Kings” and “Lost Son” morph into full on impact-based power metal after the mold Gamma Ray and Primal Fear, with drummer Michele Sanna rivaling the likes of Dan Zimmerman and the vocals of both Fernandes and Zonta going full Ralf Scheepers mode.

    For how derivative this project may come across given the massive number of similar projects flowing out of the Frontiers Records floodgates of late, it packs so much of a punch that it’s really hard to care. The sheer energy and quality of the vocal displays put on by these two finely tuned metallic machines alone carries this thing to the finish line, let alone the grand atmospheric element brought to the table by keyboardist/bassist Alessandro Del Vecchio, who’s skill as an arranger and a producer of such noted acts as Sunstorm, Jorn and Edge Of Forever is on full display here. The only thing really left unclear once the final song reaches its conclusion is just who won the epic war for the throne, though I think the case for a stalemate between these two mighty titans is the safest bet. The potential for future offerings from this fold is at least as high as it was for Allen – Lande following its 2005 debut, so here is to hoping that no clear victor emerges in the near future.

    Originally written for Sonic Perspectives (


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