Vulture Lord: Desecration Rite-2021.

Vulture Lord:Black Thrash Metal from Norway.


Exorcism of the Holy GhostDemo1997 
Desire for the DeadDemo1998 
Kill the Children of GodCompilation2000 
Profane PrayerFull-length2003
Blasphemous Exorcisms – The Years of NefasCompilation2014 
Exorcism of the Holy Ghost / Desire for the DeadCompilation2020 
Stillborn MessiahSingle2021 
Desecration RiteFull-length2021 
Sorath Northgrove
Vocals (1995-present)
See also: HaglUlvehyrde, ex-Beastcraft, ex-Eswiel, ex-Coffin of Lament, ex-Energumen, ex-Faun, Okkultist
Drums (2000-2015, 2020-present)
See also: BlåhøHighland GloryObscuring VeilSo Much for Nothing, ex-Philomel’s Epitaph, ex-Urgehal, ex-Crest of Darkness, ex-Den Saakaldte, ex-Endezzma, ex-Saint Deamon, ex-Shining, ex-Voluspaa, ex-Craft (live), ex-In Lingua Mortua, ex-Nàttsòl, ex-Where Angels Fall, ex-Amaroc
Guitars (2016-present)
See also: ex-Orcustus, ex-Urgehal, ex-Beastcraft (live)
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Carpathian ForestEndezzmaHaglSvarttjernSo Much for Nothing (live), ex-Koldbrann (live), ex-Krypt (live), ex-Beastcraft (live), ex-Urgehal (live)

Past Members:

EndekristDrums, Bass (2004-2016)
See also: ex-Endezzma
DiabolusBass, Guitars (1995-2016)
See also: ex-Coffin of Lament, ex-Energumen, ex-Bloodsworn, ex-Endezzma, ex-Urgehal (live), ex-Faun
Trondr NefasGuitars (1996-2012)
(R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-Dim Nagel, ex-Bloodsworn, ex-Endezzma, ex-Krypt (live), ex-Angst Skvadron, ex-Beastcraft, ex-Kvist, ex-Urgehal, ex-In Lingua Mortua, ex-Styggdom, ex-Svartekunst
Angelicus NoctumBass (2002)
See also: UlvehyrdeVoluspaa (live), ex-Unspoken Names, ex-Funeral (live)
BlackthornDrums (2015-2020)
See also: BlackhellMaledictvsThorns of HateThornspawn, ex-Gnostic
HellaBass (2018-2020)
See also: BlackhellMaledictvsThornspawn, Dark Evocation, Grimmorium, ex-Funereal Moon, ex-Vinterslav
1.Glorification of the Dethronation00:59 
2.Bloodbound Militia03:15  Show lyrics
3.Stillborn Messiah05:08  Show lyrics
4.The Vulture Lord04:48 
5.Diabolical Intervention03:54 
6.Prepare the Coffin04:03 
7.Beneficial Martyrdom04:33 
8.Burning the Kingdom of God05:24 
9.Perverting the Bible06:16 

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