Legion: Lethal Liberty-80’s-1989.

Legion:Thrash Metal from Spain.


Lethal LibertyDemo1988 
Lethal LibertyFull-length1989 
Por la caraEP1990
Mind TrainingFull-length1990 
Labyrinth of ProblemsFull-length1992
Bag Full of MeatSingle1992 
Jonathan Dolcet
Bass, Vocals (lead) (1987-1994)
Quimi Montañés
Guitars (1987-1994)
See also: Deldrac, ex-Rigor Mortis, ex-Totem
Joan Ross Loza
Drums (1991-1994)
See also: ex-Acció Directa, ex-Space Junx
Marc Pagés
Guitars (1991-1994)
See also: ex-100 Slain

Past Members:

Pep SeguraDrums (1987-1991)
(R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-Totem
Kisko MartínezGuitars (1988-1991)
Side A
1.Lethal Liberty06:44  Show lyrics
2.Rhythm Rider05:52  Show lyrics
3.Possessed03:53  Show lyrics
4.Mili K.K.04:06  Show lyrics
Side B
5.Young Soldier04:30  Show lyrics
6.Dark Force04:40  Show lyrics
7.If You Cross the Line04:23  Show lyrics
8.Live for Today02:56  Show lyrics
9.Acid Wrath04:23  Show lyrics

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