North Of South: The Tides In Our Veins-2021.

North of South is a metal music project by the Spanish multi-instrumentalist Chechu Nos. Officially founded in 2017, its activity is focused on the publication of studio albums, without, so far, having carried out live performances. [ 1 ]

The fusion and mixing of styles is one of the main hallmarks of North of South, a project in which references to Hispanic and Latin music, as well as the Spanish language, are also very present.

Stylistically, North of South practices a miscellaneous and heterogeneous Progressive Metal in which influences from other genres are combined, such as Melodic Jazz, Pop, melodic Death Metal, Latin Music and Flamenco.

Despite its individual character, another of the distinctive elements of this musical project is the frequent appearance of guest artists and collaborators in its different record works. They include Kobi Farhi ( Orphaned Land ), Anna Murphy ( Cellar Darling , ex Eluveitie ), Zuberoa Aznárez ( Diabulus in Musica ) and Tom S. Englund ( Evergrey ). [ 2 ]

Following the release of their debut album, “New Latitudes” (2018, Rockshots Records), and a subsequent eight-song EP, “The Dogma and The Outsider” (2019, Wormholedeath), North of South released their new single, “Soul Cartography”, May 21, 2021. This song features the collaboration, in clean voices, of the Swedish singer Tom S. Englund , leader and founding member of the band Evergrey . It also announced the upcoming release of their second album, “The Tides In Our Veins”, which is scheduled for June 25, 2021. [ 3 ]

On June 11, 2021 North of South released a new single entitled “Just Fourteen Seconds” in which Chechu Nos shares vocal duties with Greek singer Sakis Tolis , founding member of the pioneering European Black Metal band Rotting Christ . The song, in which elements of Black and Death Metal are combined with a passage inspired by Flamenco , also features the participation of cantaor Javier Caminero. [ 4 ]


Álbumes de estudio

  • New Latitudes” (2018)
  • “The Tides In Our Veins” (2021)


  • The Dogma and The Outsider” (2019)


  • The Human Equation” (2018)
  • Nobody Knows” (2018)
  • Ember Remains” (con Kobi Farhi) (2019)
  • We Refused To Hear Them (It’s Our Song)” (con Anna Murphy) (2019)
  • Soul Cartography” (con Tom S. Englund) (2021)
  • “Just Fourteen Seconds” (con Sakis Tolis y Javier Caminero) (2021)

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