Guilty As Charged: Leap Of Faith-2014.

Guilty As Charged:Heavy Power Thrash Metal from Belgium.


Boxed InEP2009 
Leap of FaithFull-length2014
Matthew Vandenberghe
Drums (2007-present)
Dempsey Derous
Guitars (2007-present)
Jan De Vuyssere
Guitars, Vocals (2007-present)
Jasper De Clercq
Bass (2017-present)

Past Members:

Hannes De CaluweBass (2007-2017)
Thomas VerleyeGuitars (lead) (2008-2009)
See also: ex-Invictrius, Throne of Thorns, ex-Reject the Sickness (live), ex-Embraced by Death (live)
1.Leap of Faith03:49 
2.I’ll Never02:14 
3.Last Chance04:46 
4.Lone Wolf04:06 
5.Elysium02:51  instrumental
6.Lack of Control05:08 
7.Preach to the Masses04:07 

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