Eternal Storm: Come The Tide-2019.


ETERNAL STORM is a Melodic Extreme Metal band that was created in Madrid in 2009, by Kheryon (bass & vocals) and guitarists Jaime Torres and Daniel Maganto. The band spent some time working with different drummers until Luis “Lucho” Rodríguez joined the band in 2011 and some months later recorded what would become their debut EP ‘FROM THE ASHES’, which was released in Spring 2013 and was critically acclaimed internationally, even being chosen as “MOST PROMISING NEW ACT OF 2013” by the respected webzine TheDrinkTim.

In the following months ETERNAL STORM supported well-known bands like THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, LEPROUS, LOCK UP, BLINDEAD or NAMI, as well as performed at SWR Barroselas Metalfest (one of the most important extreme metal festivals in the south of Europe) together with GORGUTS, MISERY INDEX and NEGURA BUNGET.

The band recorded one track (‘THE GREAT WINGS OF SILENCE’) for for the 5th installment of a very special project called ‘ELEMENTAL NIGHTMARES’: a series of seven 4-way splits released on 10″ vinyls in which they appeared with the bands KAOS VORTEX (Germany), WILL OF THE ANCIENTS (Canada) and STORTREGN (Switzerland) which would see the light of day in November 2014. The track was mixed and mastered by the acclaimed Finnish engineer SAMU OITTINEN (INSOMNIUM, KORPIKLAANI, ROTTEN SOUND, ORANSSI PAZUZU) and showed an improved production and more mature sound, slightly shifting away from the Gothenburg scene towards a more atmospheric and epic approach.

In support of this new release, ETERNAL STORM continued to increase their live activity, playing all over the Peninsula and sharing the stage with respected bands like MOONSPELL and SEPTICFLESH (on a sold out gig in their home city), DE PROFUNDIS, STORMLORD or NIGHTRAGE across some of the finest venues of their city.

In late 2015 MATEO NOVATI became the band’s new drummer and the quartet finished the last details of their upcoming debut full-length, which would be recorded and mixed at SADMAN STUDIO by CARLOS SANTOS (WORMED, TOUNDRA, ADRIFT, JARDÍN DE LA CROIX) and mastered in Örebro, Sweden by TONY LINDGREN at FASCINATION STREET STUDIOS (ENSLAVED, LEPROUS, KREATOR) in early 2017.

A few months later, right before the mixing process started, the band was invited to join Finnish Winter metal warriors WOLFHEART (Spinefarm Records) on a successful minitour across Spain and Portugal, and immediately after, the band shared the stage with the legendary US Atmospheric black metal collective ASH BORER and the Norwegian death metal juggernauts BLOOD RED THRONE. The band is currently working hard on the release of their debut album and booking shows and festivals for 2018.


From the AshesEP2013
Elemental Nightmares – VSplit2014 
Come the TideFull-length2019
Daniel Maganto
Guitars (2009-present), Bass (2019-present)
See also: Liquid GraveyardSacthu, ex-Under Vultures, ex-Mourning Sun (live), ex-The YTriple Corporation (live), ex-Outer Heaven, ex-Teething
Jaime Torres
Guitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Sister Jude
Mateo Novati
Drums (2015-present)
See also: Heid, ex-Thirteen Bled Promises, ex-Liquid Graveyard (live), ex-Perpetual Night (live), ex-Krashttan
Danny R. Flys
Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2019-present)
See also: ex-Deceitful End, ex-Coldflesh, ex-Buko (live), ex-Heid (live), ex-Projection

Past Members:

Carlos GumuzioDrums (2009)
See also: The Descent
TephrosDrums (2009)
See also: ex-Beneath Your Fears
Ramón MejíasDrums (2009-2011)
See also: ex-Outer Heaven
KheryonVocals, Bass (2009-2019)
See also: ex-The Clockwork
Luis “Lucho” RodríguezDrums (2011-2015)
See also: ex-Distance, ex-Divina Tragedia, ex-Totëmwolf, Hedør, ex-Coffeinne, ex-Outreach, ex-Westfallenpark (live), ex-Against the Waves, ex-No One Cares, ex-Nowan, ex-Sister Jude
1.Through the Wall of Light Pt.I (The Strand)06:49  Show lyrics
2.Through the Wall of Light Pt.II (Immersion)07:16  Show lyrics
3.Detachment06:34  Show lyrics
4.The Mountain07:16  Show lyrics
5.Of Winter and Treason10:36  Show lyrics
7.The Scarlet Lake07:55  Show lyrics
8.Embracing Waves11:18  Show lyrics

One thought on “Eternal Storm: Come The Tide-2019.

  1. Edmund Sackbauer, November 26th, 2019
    Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Transcending Obscurity Records (Digipak)
    Transcending Obscurity is a label mainly known for traditional death metal stuff with a few excursions into more blackish territory. Having quite a few of their releases in my collection with all of them having great quality I took notice when the label announced a release of a melodic death metal combo. The fact that we are talking about the debut full length by quite a youngish band from Spain made the whole affair even more interesting and after having listened to the music I can see why an established label took a look outside their box and gave these pals a contract.

    Eternal Storm play a brand of melodic death metal that is first and foremost based on crunchy and hard hitting riffs. A lot of bands acting within this niche of music tend to concentrate more on the melodic and dramatic elements but these Spanish metal warriors have put a lot of emphasis on the (death) metal factor. The chords are straight forward and while most of them have been done in a similar way a lot of times before they are presented with so much enthusiasm and energy that it does not matter at all.

    The riffs are hitting hard and furiously and while it might be open for discussion if the world needs another album in this particular style the quality is out of question. The main chords have been forged with so much precision that I could not help but think some of the bigger names should take notice and learn a lesson or two from this young and talented band. The lead guitar harmonies are permanently pitched against the driving main riffs lending the whole music an ultimately uplifting character. A subtle black metal undertone helps highlighting the epic nature of the whole affair giving the music an additional edge. There are a few surprises and by shifting around some of the traditional main patterns Eternal Storm make sure to implement quite a bit of their own DNA.

    The rhythm section works like a well-oiled unit building a solid backbone to the melodic elements and the driving main riffs. Most of the tracks stay in the mid-tempo area but there are also a lot of faster parts of course. There are a few laid-back and groovy sections with a slightly ambient feel to them. Those parts underline how important it was for the band to create a nice and often hypnotic mood over the distance of the whole record.

    With a clean yet powerful production there are no worries that any of the details have been buried in the mix. Any metal fan looking for an album full of great harmonies and atmospheric moments should look no further and order this one. You won’t regret it.


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