Coffeinne: Requiem-2020.

Coffeinne:Heavy Power Metal from Spain.


Circle of TimeFull-length2016
Miguel Manjón
See also: Robert Rodrigo (live)
Pako Martinez
See also: Robert Rodrigo (live)
David Villarreal
Iñaki Lazcano

Past Members:

Alberto MuñozBass
See also: ex-Amuscae, ex-Insomnia
Luis “Lucho” RodríguezDrums
See also: ex-Distance, ex-Divina Tragedia, ex-Totëmwolf, Hedør, ex-Eternal Storm, ex-Outreach, ex-Westfallenpark (live), ex-Against the Waves, ex-No One Cares, ex-Nowan, ex-Sister Jude
Sergio SalcedoGuitars
See also: Mercurio, ex-Save Us (live)
Fabian TejedaBass (2017)
See also: Zero3iete, ex-Infernoise, ex-Meltdown, ex-Dagoth
1.Frozen Seas05:07 
2.Back to the Light04:55 
3.One More Day03:53 
5.The Showdown04:34 
6.Never Again03:39 
7.Wake Up04:10 
8.Open Your Eyes04:25 
9.Crash and Burn04:26 

One thought on “Coffeinne: Requiem-2020.

  1. Michael444, May 30th, 2020
    As this is only the second album by this band, it is interesting to see that they prove their indepence from a certain genre again. Without sounding like its predecessor, this album features the typical Coffeinne trademarks such as a rough yet melodic way of singing, technically high-grade guitar solos in the style of well-known power metal bands and mainly dark lyrics.

    A major difference between the general sound of this album and the first one is the lesser power metal influence and a more progressive impact that can especially be noticed in the riffs – they sound heavier, slower and very rhythm-based, less cheerful but more serious. As mentioned above, the guitar solos still remind the listener of power metal, but on the whole, this influence has definitely become weaker.

    Like in Circle of Time, it is hard to find a single song as a highlight; not because everything sounds the same, but because the songs are sort of on the same level concerning musicianship, bias of the lyrics and overall sound. Anyway, one could divide the album into three slightly different parts, as the first five songs until “The Showdown” deliver the heaviest sound on this album, whereas the two following songs “Never Again” and “Wake Up” come with a quite clear hard rock influence. Finally, the three last songs pick up the main style of the album but seem slightly less aggressive than the beginning of the album. In my opinion a little weakness of this album is a lack of development in the particular songs. They all provide a really sophisticated stamp and arouse interest, but then remain the same. “Forevermore” is a good example for that, because the beginning really creates a lot of suspense and is marked by energetic and cool singing, but the refrain extenuates this impression. But as an advantage, the lyrics offer a new interesting approach which the first album did not have – The texts are mostly composed around the topic of death, yet with different focal points. For example, “Back to the Light” picks out fear of death and hope for a new life as central themes, whereas “Requiem” presents a salvific death figure as narrator.

    All in all, this album is an interesting second work of this young band and does not copy the first album. It has its own strengths and the only real weakness a slightly weaker songwriting. It is nevertheless a real pleasure to listen to the whole album over and over again and I have no doubts, these passionate and friendly (they answered very politely to a fan mail of mine – thank you Inaki and David!) musicians will continue their great work in the future.

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