vikram: BEHIND THE MASK I-2019.

Vikråm: Proggressive Power Metal from Brazil.


Behind the Mask IFull-length2019
G. Morazza
Marcus Dotta
See also: Addicted to PainLeather (live), ex-Warrel Dane, ex-Hatematter, ex-Tiago Della Vega (live), ex-Thram
Tiago Della Vega
See also: Tiago Della Vega, ex-Burning in Hell, ex-After Dark, ex-Fermatha
Tiago Zunino
Guilherme de Siervi
See also: Omega BlastSkyrion, ex-Syren
1.Taar01:03  instrumental
2.The Mortal Dance of Kali05:58  Show lyrics
3.Réquiem for Salem05:59  Show lyrics
4.Burn in Hell05:09  Show lyrics
5.Andaluzia04:13  Show lyrics
6.Hassan Tower06:34  Show lyrics
7.Forsaken Death05:48  Show lyrics
8.Eyes of Rá05:19  Show lyrics
9.Gypsy Tragedy04:59  Show lyrics
10.The Red Masquerade06:06  Show lyrics
11.The Burden04:22  Show lyrics
12.Shokran04:37  Show lyrics
13.Prelude of the End04:45  Show lyrics
14.Behind the Mask I04:31  Show lyrics
15.Behind the Mask I (Japanese version) 04:30 

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