Bloody Hammers: The Summoning-2019.

Bloody Hammers:Doom Metal from United States.


Bloody HammersFull-length2012
Spiritual RelicsFull-length2013
The Town That Dreaded SundownSingle2014 
Under Satan’s SunFull-length2014
The Reaper ComesSingle2016 
Bloodletting On the KissSingle2016 
Lovely Sort of DeathFull-length2016 
The Horrific Case of Bloody HammersEP2017 
The SummoningFull-length2019
Songs of Unspeakable TerrorFull-length2021
Twilight ZoneSingle2021 
Organ, Piano, Keyboards (2012-present)
Anders Manga
Vocals, Bass (2012-present), Guitars (2015-present)
See also: Anders Manga

Past Members:

Bill FischerGuitars
See also: Mega Colossus
CurseDrums (2012-2013)
Doza MendozaDrums (2013-?)
See also: Mega Colossus, Lightning Born
1.Let Sleeping Corpses Lie05:16  Show lyrics
2.Now the Screaming Starts04:03  Show lyrics
3.The Summoning04:21  Show lyrics
4.Fire in the Dark04:14  Show lyrics
5.The Beast Is Coming Out04:00  Show lyrics
6.Welcome to Darkness04:42  Show lyrics
7.Tales That Witness Madness04:37  Show lyrics
8.Condemned, The Prisoner04:08  Show lyrics
9.From Beyond the Grave04:16  Show lyrics
10.Unbreakable04:07  Show lyrics

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