Holosade: Hell House-80’s-1988.

Holosade:Thrash Metal from United Kingdom.


Demo IDemo1985 
Demo IIDemo1986 
Demo IIIDemo1986 
Demo 1987Demo1987 
Hell HouseFull-length1988
Blue Strike DemosDemo1988 
Demo 1989Demo1989 
Live at the Marquee MayLive album1990 
A Circle of Silent ScreamsDemo1994
Huw Holding
See also: Cardinal SynneTygers of Pan Tang, ex-Avenger, ex-Blitzkrieg, ex-Nord, ex-Order of the Black Sun
Adam Ironside
See also: Armortura
Paul Trotter
Guitars (, 1989-1993)
See also: Armortura
Philip de Sade
Vocals (1985-1990, 1994, 2011-present)
See also: Armortura, ex-Tokyo Rose, ex-Dark Heart

Past Members:

Steve WrightBass
Adam SayersDrums (?-2020)
See also: Armortura
Gary HoleGuitars (?-1994, 2011-?)
Fred PurserKeyboards
See also: ex-Lies of Smiles, ex-Tygers of Pan Tang, ex-Warfare, ex-Penetration
Kevin HoleBass (1985-1986)
Mike PearsonDrums (1985-1987)
(R.I.P. 2008) See also: ex-Thin Lizzy, ex-Little Angels, ex-The Cult, ex-Page & Plant (live)
Colin BellBass (1986-1987)
See also: ex-Charger, ex-Tokyo Rose, ex-Dark Heart, ex-Mai Rouge
Jack HammerGuitars (1986-1989, 1994, 2011-?)
See also: Rift, ex-Sabbat, ex-Phantom
MacBass (1987-1989, 2011-?)
See also: Exxploder, Panther, Phantom, ex-Acid Reign
Damian LeeDrums (1988-?)
Chris BentlyBass (1989-1994)
See also: ex-Maximus Thraxx
Andy BarkerDrums (1989-1994)
See also: ex-Dominion, ex-Intense
Warren RichardsonVocals (1990-1991)
Side A
1.Look into the Mirror04:25  Show lyrics
2.Welcome to the Hell House03:52  Show lyrics
3.Love It to Death03:00  Show lyrics
4.Madame Guillotine05:05  Show lyrics
Side B
5.Psycho05:52  Show lyrics
6.Bittersweet03:18  Show lyrics
7.Eternal Life04:21  Show lyrics
8.Nightmare Reality05:21  Show lyrics

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