Believer: Transhuman-2011.

Believer:Proggressive Thrash Metal from United States.


The ReturnDemo1987 
Extraction from MortalityFull-length1989
Sanity ObscureFull-length1990
Stop the MadnessSingle1991 
The Ultimate Collectors Video:Home VideoVideo1991 
Breaking Barriers Vol. 4Split1991 
The Breed BeyondSplit1993 
The Chosen: LiveLive album2007 
1 of 5Single2017 
2 of 5Single2017 
3 of 5Single2017 
Joey Daub
Drums (1986-1994, 2005-present)
See also: ex-Fountain of Tears
Kurt Bachman
Vocals, Guitars (1986-1994, 2005-present), Bass (2010-present)
Kevin Leaman
Guitars (2005-present)
Jeff King
Keyboards, Programming (2005-present)
See also: ex-Fountain of Tears, ex-Sardonyx

Past Members:

Howe KraftBass (1986-1989)
Dave BaddorfGuitars (1986-1992)
Wyatt RobertsonBass (1989-1992)
Jim WintersBass, Guitars (1992-1994)
See also: Starkweather, ex-Conviction, ex-The Promise, ex-Transmission, ex-Turmoil, ex-Vigil, ex-Earth Crisis (live)
Scot LairdViolin (1993-?)
Elton NestlerBass, Programming (2005-2010)
1.Lie Awake05:03  Show lyrics
2.G.U.T.03:39  Show lyrics
3.Multiverse04:44  Show lyrics
4.End of Infinity04:12  Show lyrics
5.Transfection03:55  Show lyrics
6.Clean Room04:50  Show lyrics
7.Currents02:50  instrumental
8.Traveler04:23  Show lyrics
9.Ego Machine04:29  Show lyrics
10.Being No One04:47  Show lyrics
11.Entanglement04:15  Show lyrics
12.Mindsteps06:52  Show lyrics

One thought on “Believer: Transhuman-2011.

  1. kmorg, July 11th, 2011

    Luckily the Believer reunion was not just a 1 album fluke. So here they go again, with their 5th studio album, entitled ‘Transhuman’. The line-up remains the same, save for bassist/programmer Elton Nestler who left the band in early 2011.

    A more accurate name for ‘Transhuman’ could have been ‘Transformation’. You could hear hints of it on ‘Gabriel’, but here the changes are total. Save for the intricate songwriting, the technical playing and to an extent Kurt’s voice, it’s a very different Believer we hear on ‘Transhuman’. They are certainly no longer a thrash metal band, but reside much more in modern metal territory. I personally think they sound like a mixture of newer In Flames and the latter albums from Extol, if you remove those bands extreme metal leanings. The industrial leanings on ‘Gabriel’ are still here, but the loops and samples are used more intact with the songs, and not so much as a backdrop or soundscape behind and/or over the music. The songs are atmospheric and without apparent hooks. Only repeated listening lets you crawl under the albums web-like skin. There is no knowing what comes next on this album.

    Another change with Believer are the lyrics. They are currently not what anyone would call a Christian band, and the lyrics on ‘Transhuman’ deals more with philosophy, science and universal existential questions.

    ‘Transhuman’ will come as a shock to many devoted fan of this band. It has little in common with the Believer of old, yet to me it represents a somewhat natural step forth from ‘Gabriel’. I mentioned In Flames and Extol earlier in this write-up, both bands who have received tons of flack for changing the sound they initially became famous for. Yet I have always stuck by, and defended, both bands in all of their shapes and musical forms. I will do the same for Believer and ‘Transhuman’. And I’ll do it because the album is good! Sure, it is different, but as long as they keep it as solid and interesting as they have done with this album, them I am onboard for the ride. Music should have you coming back for more, and ‘Transhuman’ would not eave my player when it was first put in it.

    Killer tracks: Lie Awake, G.U.T., Clean Room, Traveler, Entanglement


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