Machine Head: Burn My Eyes-1994.

Machine Head is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce. The band’s aggressive musicianship made it one of the pioneering bands in the new wave of American heavy metal. Machine Head’s current lineup comprises Flynn, bassist Jared MacEachern, guitarist Wacław Kiełtyka and drummer Matt Alston. Duce, guitarists Logan MaderAhrue Luster and Phil Demmel, and drummers Tony CostanzaChris Kontos and Dave McClain are former members of the band; Mader and Kontos toured with the band in 2019 and 2020 as part of the 25th anniversary tour for its first album, Burn My Eyes (1994).

Machine Head’s first four albums earned the band a growing fan base in Europe, however the band would not have success in their native United States until later releases. The band drew controversy with its fourth album, Supercharger (2001), released three weeks after the September 11 attacks, which resulted in the album’s only single, “Crashing Around You“, and its music video (which featured burning buildings) being pulled from all media outlets. The band nearly disbanded in 2002 after negotiating off its label Roadrunner Records as a result of the controversy, however the band would eventually re-sign with the label.

Having experimented with elements of groove metal and nu metal in its early releases, Machine Head changed to a more traditional thrash metal sound and longer songs with its sixth album, The Blackening (2007), which drew critical acclaim and was chosen as Album of the Decade by Metal Hammer in 2010; the album’s first single, “Aesthetics of Hate“, also earned the band a Grammy Award nomination. The band achieved similar success with its following two albums, Unto the Locust (2011) and Bloodstone & Diamonds (2014), before returning to its nu metal roots with the release of its ninth album, Catharsis (2018).

Machine Head has released nine studio albums, two live albums, one video album, 13 singles and 15 music videos. Four of the band’s studio albums have been certified silver in the United Kingdom, and the band’s highest peak on the Billboard 200 came with Bloodstone & Diamonds at number 21. As of 2013, the band has sold over three million records worldwide.[1]


1993 DemoDemo1993 
Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon KnightSplit1994 
The Tour ’95Split1994 
Burn My EyesFull-length1994
Roadrunner Rules Ozzfest!Split1997 
The More Things Change…Full-length1997
Take My ScarsEP1997
Frontline Volume 1: The SinglesSplit1999 
The Burning RedFull-length1999
From This DaySingle1999 
Hole in the SkySingle2000 
Silver (Take My Hand)Single2000 
Year of the Dragon TourSplit2000 
Year of the DragonEP2000
Year of the Dragon: Tour Diary JapanCompilation2000 
Crashing Around YouSingle2001 
HellaliveLive album2003
Through the Ashes of EmpiresFull-length2003
Road Rage Tour 2004 – Metal Radio EPSplit2004 
Days Turn Blue to GraySingle2004 
Now I Lay Thee DownSingle2007 
The Blackening & BeyondEP2007 
Forged In SteelSplit2007 
The Black CrusadeSplit2007 
The BlackeningFull-length2007
Golden Gods 2007Split2007 
Beautiful MourningSingle2009 
The Black Procession Tour 2010Split2010 
The Black ProcessionEP2011
Unto the LocustFull-length2011
This Is the EndSingle2011 
Darkness WithinSingle2012 
B-Sides & RaritiesEP2012 
Machine F**king Head LiveLive album2012
Killers & KingsSingle2014 
Now We DieSingle2014 
Bloodstone & DiamondsFull-length2014
Is There Anybody Out There?Single2016
Catharsis: The DemosDemo2018 
Burn My Eyes (Live in the Studio 2019)Live album2019 
Die Young (Acoustic)Single2019 
None but My Own (Live in the Studio 2019)Single2019 
Live at Dynamo Open Air 1997Live album2019 
Do or DieSingle2019
Circle the DrainSingle2020 
Civil UnrestSingle2020 
My Hands Are EmptySingle2020
Arrows in Words from the SkyEP2021
Robb Flynn
Vocals, Guitars (1991-present)
See also: ex-Vio-lence, ex-Exodus (live), ex-Sexoturica, ex-Forbidden Evil, ex-Quarteto de Pinga, ex-Roadrunner United
Jared MacEachern
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2013-present)
See also: ex-Serenity Dies, ex-Sanctity
Matt Alston
Drums, Percussion (2019-present)
See also: Eastern FrontSanctorum, ex-Guardians of Andromeda, ex-Devilment
Guitars (lead) (2019-present)
See also: DecapitatedLux Occulta, ex-Sceptic, ex-Vader (live)

Past Members:

Adam DuceBass, Vocals (backing) (1991-2013)
Logan MaderGuitars (1991-1998)
See also: Once Human, ex-Soulfly, ex-Blue, ex-Idol-X, ex-Logan Mader / J.S. Clayden, ex-Medication, ex-New Black, ex-Pale Demons, ex-Stereo Black
Tony CostanzaDrums (1992)
(R.I.P. 2020) See also: ex-Crowbar, ex-Papsmear, ex-Area 51, ex-Crisis, ex-Debris Inc.
Chris KontosDrums, Percussion (1992-1995)
See also: The Boneless Ones, ex-Attitude Adjustment, ex-Konkhra, ex-Testament, ex-The Alien Blakk, ex-Verbal Abuse, ex-Death Angel (live), ex-Exodus (live), ex-Hell’s Kitchen, ex-Anti-Trust, ex-Custard Pie, ex-Grinch, ex-Sangre Eterna (USA), ex-The Servants
Will CarrollDrums (1995)
See also: Death AngelHammers of MisfortuneOld GrandadScarecrow, ex-Brood, ex-MindZone, ex-Warfare D.C., ex-Warning S.F., AC/DZ (AC/DC tribute), The Past, ex-Serpent Crown, ex-Castle (live), ex-Vicious Rumors (live), ex-Ulysses Siren
Walter “Monsta” RyanDrums (1995)
See also: Attitude Adjustment, ex-Paranoia, ex-Burnt Offering, ex-D.R.I., ex-Possessed, ex-Harley’s War (live), ex-Madball, ex-Powerhouse
Dave McClainDrums, Percussion (1996-2018)
See also: Sacred Reich, ex-Catalepsy, ex-Ministers of Anger, ex-Murdercar, ex-Narita, ex-S.A. Slayer, ex-The Douche Lords, ex-Juggernaut, ex-Mark Reale Project, ex-Seance, ex-Turbin, ex-Tyrant
Ahrue LusterGuitars (1998-2002)
See also: ex-The Horde of Torment, ex-Pestilence, ex-Ill Niño, ex-Striknein, ex-Terror Universal
Phil DemmelGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2003-2018)
See also: Vio-lence, ex-Torque, BPMD, ex-Metal Allegiance (live), ex-Slayer (live), ex-Dublin Death Patrol, ex-Metal Warrior, ex-Technocracy

1.Davidian04:55  Show lyrics
2.Old04:06  Show lyrics
3.A Thousand Lies06:14  Show lyrics
4.None but My Own06:14  Show lyrics
5.The Rage to Overcome04:47  Show lyrics
6.Death Church06:33  Show lyrics
7.A Nation on Fire05:33  Show lyrics
8.Blood for Blood03:40  Show lyrics
9.I’m Your God Now05:51  Show lyrics
10.Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies02:45  Show lyrics
11.Block05:00  Show lyrics

One thought on “Machine Head: Burn My Eyes-1994.

  1. Machine Head-Burn My Eyes .
    Chratheostic17, February 27th, 2015

    Machine Head, throughout the years have been infamously regarded for their moderate tempo accompanying groovy/slammy riffs that have been criticized by many as something along the lines of watered-down thrash. well these kind of riffs were in their prime with this album. However, its not an entire groove-fest from back to front. There are multiple examples of thrash-like progressions and one or two tracks dedicated entirely to thrash such as “Blood for Blood” that are very noticeable throughout, welcoming all the cynics and fans from the 80s thrash scene with open arms.

    In my opinion, this album never really achieved the recognition it deserved although some of the 80’s thrash loyalists that were so oppressive of this style which controversially dominated the metal scenes at least for the most part in the early 90’s would show no hesitation in arguing otherwise. This is really everything you could ask for from a metal album, or at least certainly for the time period it was released in. This is for no other reason than the production of the album that was raw and unpolished with little effort put into that was key for creating such a dark, depressive atmosphere which was, dare I say somewhat reminiscent of many thrash and death metal albums made in the 80’s and 90s.

    The production had the perfect correlation with Rob Flynn’s likewise doomy, depressive vocal approach that made him so unique especially when compared to the likes of other vocalists of the early 90s period. In terms of vocal range, this was undoubtedly Rob Flynn’s weakest album. He had yet to experiment with harsher, and more melodic styled vocals that tested, and for the most part was in monotone waters. On the odd occasion that he did test himself with other techniques, they sounded forced, tired and defeated. However, that was the beauty of them. If Rob Flynn were to somehow go back in time now to the recording of this album, to replace these drained, frustrated attempt at vocals with his evolved clean, pitch perfect vocals, this album would lose its intensity and aggression. The atmosphere would have changed drastically for the worst.

    In addition to this, there are many classic Machine Head tracks from here such as the likes of “None but My Own” and “Death Church” that each possess their own unique elements of progression and darkness, yet are somehow overshadowed by later material from the band’s discography almost to the point that it would seem they’ve undeservedly been erased from existence.

    However on occasion some of the forgotten gems from this album are granted a place on the live setlist. Every band has “that album” that you immediately think of when the band’s name is mentioned. For Machine Head, its none other than their debut album. With this release, we witness Machine Head at their darkest, rawest and arguably their most progressive. On other releases, whether its been for the better or the worst, Machine Head have revised the style of this album, only to expand and evolve on it.

    Favourite tracks: Old, None but My Own, Death Church, Block


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