Whiplash: Power And Pain-80’s-1986.

Whiplash is an American thrash metal band formed in 1984 in Passaic, New Jersey. The band has been centered around guitarist and vocalist Tony Portaro, who is the only constant member of the lineup. Despite never achieving major success, Whiplash has been recognized as one of the first East Coast thrash metal bands in the 1980s,[1] and they are also notable for featuring drummer Tony Scaglione, who had been in and out of Whiplash since its inception and was a temporary fill-in for Dave Lombardo in Slayer on the latter’s Reign in Blood tour.[2]

The original lineup of Tony Portaro, Tony Scaglione and Tony Bono recorded their debut album Power and Pain for Roadrunner Records in 1986. Joe Cangelosi replaced Tony Scaglione that same year when the latter left for a seven-week tour with Slayer. Joe Cangelosi recorded Ticket to Mayhem in 1987 with the two Tonys. In 1989, Glenn Hansen joined the band as the new singer for the album titled Insult to Injury. The band split up due to business reasons, but reunited in 1995 after Portaro and Scaglione joined forces in a revamped lineup of Billy Milano’s M.O.D. for a European tour. Whiplash released two further albums, Cult of One and Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey before the three Tonys recorded a final album together in 1998, Thrashback.

Bassist Tony Bono died in 2002 after suffering a heart attack, at the age of 38.

In 2009, founding member Tony Portaro and Joe Cangelosi reformed the band, adding bassist Rich Day, and recorded Unborn Again, released in September 2009. Whiplash played many festivals in Europe that year including Wacken Open Air in Germany,[3] Jalometalli festival in Finland and shows in Italy, Norway, Mexico and Colombia.

In 2010, the band took a limited break due to personal legal reasons. In early December 2010, Tony Portaro announced the return of their original drummer, Tony Scaglione, to the band.[4] They recruited New York bassist David DeLong, a Pennsylvania-Dutch native, with music influences from the 1980s New York metal/hardcore/punk scene.[5] However, after two weeks, Tony Scaglione announced personal scheduling issues became his priority. With the help of Ben Ward of Orange Goblin and Nathan Perrier of Alabaster Suns, Labrat and Capricorns, Dan “Loord” Foord (SikTh) entered into the band.[6]

Whiplash launched their Power and Pain 2011 tour with dates in Greece and Italy in April 2011.[7] Following performances at Hellfest (France) and Portaro’s hometown of Clifton, New Jersey, Whiplash headlined at the San Francisco festival Slaughter by the Water 2. After returning from California, they began writing new material, and held another New Jersey performance before finishing their tour with three shows in Chile. In January 2012, Whiplash headlined thrash metal shows in Philadelphia and New Jersey before embarking on the heavy metal cruise 70000 Tons of Metal aboard the Royal Caribbean ship Majesty of the Seas. In March and April, Whiplash performed at shows in the Netherlands, and at the Keep It True festival in Germany and the SWR Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal. The band also headlined at the Convivencia Rock festival in Pereira, Colombia in July 2012.[8]

On October 10, 2015, Whiplash announced they were reuniting with original drummer Tony Scaglione.[9] However, this reunion did not last for long, and the band replaced him with Tom Tierney,[10] who was later replaced by former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki.[11]

In July 2018, Whiplash signed with Metal Blade Records and is currently working on a new album.[11] The band has also been working on a new EP, titled Old School American Way.[9]


Fire AwayDemo1984 
Looking Death in the FaceDemo1985
Power and PainFull-length1986
Ticket to MayhemFull-length1987
Insult to InjuryFull-length1989
Whiplash ’95Demo1995 
Cult of OneFull-length1996
Sit Stand Kneel PreyFull-length1997
Power and Pain + Ticket to MayhemCompilation1998
Messages in BloodCompilation1999
Unborn AgainFull-length2009
Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet SwordSingle2013 
Revolution Starts HereSplit2016 
The Roadrunner YearsCompilation2020 
Tony Portaro
Guitars (1984-1990, 1995-1999, 2007-present), Vocals (1984-1988, 1998-1999, 2007-present)
See also: ex-Jackhammer, ex-Caligula, ex-M.O.D. (live), ex-Toxin
Dank DeLong
Bass (2011-present)
See also: DANK, hUShh, Leeway NYC, The Von Ghouls
Ron Lipnicki
Drums (2018-present)
See also: Cassius KingDan LorenzoMinistry of HateVerniVessel of Light, Grime Factor, Southern Shift, ex-Hades, ex-Overkill, ex-HavocHate

Past Members:

Dave JengoUnknown
See also: ex-Death Pact, ex-Parasyte, ex-Revenant
Rob HardingBass (1984)
See also: ex-Jackhammer
Pat BurnsBass (1984)
See also: ex-Zero Hour, ex-Deathrash, ex-Sybil
Tony ScaglioneDrums (1984-1986, 1995-1996, 1998-1999, 2010-2011, 2015-2016)
See also: ex-Ambush, ex-Jackhammer, ex-Zero Hour, ex-Deathrash, ex-Ludichrist, ex-M.O.D. (live), ex-Slayer (live), ex-Cerebral Hemorrhage, ex-7 Licks, ex-Cause For Alarm, ex-Eightfold, ex-Mantra, ex-North Side Kings, ex-Raging Slab, ex-Sheer Terror (live)
Mike OroszVocals (1984)
Tony BonoBass (1985-1990, 1998-1999)
(R.I.P. 2002) See also: ex-Cerebral Hemorrhage, ex-Metal Disciples, ex-Into Another
Joe CangelosiDrums (1987-1990, 2007-2010)
See also: Death CorpsUncivil War, ex-Cerebral Hemorrhage, Brooklyn Militia, ex-Kreator, ex-Massacre, ex-Eliminate, ex-Moondog, ex-The Burn Victims
Glenn HansenVocals (1988-1990)
See also: Brooklyn Militia, ex-Moondog
Stewart StevensBass (1995)
James PreziosaBass (1995-1997)
See also: ex-Dropbox, ex-Mantra (USA)
Warren ConditiGuitars (1995-1996), Vocals (1996-1998)
See also: ex-Skull Session, ex-Apathy, ex-Polaris
Rob GonzoVocals (1995-1996)
See also: ex-Smoke, ex-Burn, ex-Sykohed
Bob CandellaDrums (1996-1997)
Rich DayBass (2007-2011)
See also: Death CorpsUncivil War, Brooklyn Militia, ex-Primal Scream NYC, ex-Moondog, ex-The Burn Victims
Dan FoordDrums (2011-2014)
See also: Krokodil, SikTh, ex-Meta-Stasis, ex-The HAARP Machine, ex-Labrat (live)
Charlie ZelenyDrums (2014-2015)
See also: ex-Behold the Arctopus, ex-Blotted Science, ex-Mythodea, ex-Castrofate (live), ex-Jordan Rudess (live)
Tom TierneyDrums (2016-?)
See also: Our Dying World, Solaria, ex-Ashes of Amber
Side A
1.Stage Dive03:09  Show lyrics
2.Red Bomb05:18  Show lyrics
3.Last Man Alive03:31  Show lyrics
4.Message in Blood04:04  Show lyrics
Side B
5.War Monger03:18  Show lyrics
6.Power Thrashing Death04:13  Show lyrics
7.Stirring the Cauldron04:18  Show lyrics
8.Spit on Your Grave02:49  Show lyrics
9.Nailed to the Cross04:05  Show lyrics

One thought on “Whiplash: Power And Pain-80’s-1986.

  1. razorfistforce, June 9th, 2014
    Written based on this version: 1986, 12″ vinyl, Roadrunner Records

    It doesn’t matter what style of music you’re talking about, nothing beats a good tune. Over the years I’ve heard some strangely disparaging remarks about Whiplash. For example, some have said they were “generic” while others said they simply weren’t fast enough. Now certainly by 1985 the year “Power And Pain” was released, Whiplash were nowhere near the fastest band on the planet. However, they were pretty damn fast and would certainly be considered extreme for the time. As for the comment that Whiplash was “generic”, I’ll simply never understand and often have discovered that those who felt that way had never really listened to Whiplash…

    Whiplash hailed from New Jersey, and like fellow NJ residents Blessed Death, played a style of traditional thrash/speed metal very much their own. Operating as a trio (with all three band members bearing the first name Tony), Whiplash possessed one of the thickest sounds in early-mid 80’s thrash. And when it came to songwriting these guys were simply incredible. Stylistically, Whiplash has similarities to bands like Exciter, early Anthrax, Hallow’s Eve, a bit of Nasty Savage, etc. They played a style of thrash with little, if any, Slayer influence but with a direct connection to Judas Priest and metal’s roots. Cross this traditional sound with the speed of hardcore punk and you come close to Whiplash. In reality though, they truly had a sound all their own. Much of this has to do with their tremendously well-written and catchy songwriting. These guys knew how to use catchy choruses and hooks to their benefit without ever sounding remotely poppy.

    Vocalist and guitarist Tony Portaro has one of the most badass vocal deliveries of all time and one which was very unique for 1985. Very punked out and delivered with tons of attitude, his raspy, spitfire style growl is timeless and inimitable. Lyrically, Whiplash were way above average as well and one can tell that they put much effort into their lyrics (just check out “Red Bomb”, “Last Man Alive”, or the simple yet supremely wicked “Message In Blood”). To this day their tune “Power Thrashing Mad” is my all-time fave “metal as a drug” tune and “Spit On Your Grave” is one of those tunes that I’ve played for people and they give you that “this is f’ing rad” look and ask you to make them a copy of the album. The musicianship on “Power And Pain” is also superb. Bolstered by a red hot production in an era when sadly many thrash LPs sounded like crap, Portaro’s intense speed-picking, awesome leads, and heavy duty riffage, bassist Tony Bono’s steady, yet killer and dynamic rhythm attack, and drummer Tony Scaglione’s wicked and tight performance all add up to make “Power And Pain” one of the most powerful and fun thrash LPs of all-time and an album which still sounds very fresh to this day.

    “Power And Pain” is mostly composed of tunes which had appeared on Whiplash’s ’85 “Looking Death In The Face” demo (albeit different versions of course), so by the time Whiplash recorded “Power And Pain” they were simply as tight as it gets and locked in. Now from a historical perspective “Power And Pain” was not the most cutting-edge for 1985, nor did it intend to be. Whiplash never tried to fool anyone or hide their early thrash roots. Yet, for ’85 this LP is easily intense enough to get almost any thrasher’s blood flowing! In many ways I consider “Power And Pain” the culmination of the early thrash metal sound. It’s just such a well thought-out LP and each song is highly memorable to the point where the tunes will get stuck in your head. I couldn’t imagine anyone who is a thrash fanatic not having “Power And Pain” (as well as Whiplash’s demo tapes) in their collection. Simply put: it’s timeless.


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