Abadden: Sentenced To Death-2010.

Abadden:Thrash Metal from United Kingdom.


My MiseryEP2007 
Atomic DevastationSingle2008 
Sentenced to DeathFull-length2010
James Bell
See also: Must Kill
Billy Robinson
Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Dan Pool
Vocals, Guitars
See also: Must Kill, ex-Xelas
Daryl Cooper
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2013-present)
See also: Must Kill

Past Members:

John BluntBass
Don PearsonDrums
Patrick O’ConnorGuitars, Vocals
1.Sentenced to Death05:04  Show lyrics
2.My Misery03:57  Show lyrics
3.Violent Assault06:16  Show lyrics
4.Atomic Devastation05:21  Show lyrics
5.The Hand That Feeds06:06  Show lyrics
6.Resurrection05:45  Show lyrics
7.Into the Dark06:06  Show lyrics
8.The Day of Reckoning05:28  Show lyrics

One thought on “Abadden: Sentenced To Death-2010.

  1. ponyovdoom, June 29th, 2011.
    Abadden is a four-piece band from Dunstable, England who have been around since 2007, they released this brilliant debut “Sentenced to Death” in 2010. There have been a lot of so called “retro” thrash metal band rising the past years, some better than others, but this one is surely great! This band sure has a future!

    I was not really sure what to expect when I started listening to this album, would it be just another boring album or really awesome? (The cd cover gave me some doubts also) Well. I found out. And the result: Fucking awesome. I’ve caught myself playing air drums and air guitar to this hell of an album, consisting of sharp riffs everywhere and great long guitar solos! And the drumming fits it all nicely, there is a great variety in it.

    The vocals here are pretty different compared to other thrash releases, Dan Pool’s vocals really sound like Ihsahn (Ihsahn’s solo albums that is) but I would not really consider this any black-thrash release. On the other hand, Ihsahn’s solo career is not considered black metal either? I think the vocals fit nicely in here, maybe you have to get used to them at first if you have an issue with rather harsh vocals in thrash. I don’t think it should change anything, because instrument-wise you are going to miss A LOT. On the other hand, I guess it’s also a plus to still have your neck!

    This debut is fucking awesome really. Go get it, you will not regret it. I wish the best in the future for this band!


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