The Day Of The Beast: Indisputably Carnivorous-2021.

The Day Of The Beast:Black Thrash Metal from United States.


The Day of the BeastDemo2008 
The Day of the BeastFull-length2008
Unknown KadathDemo2009 
Demo #3Demo2010 
Relentless Demonic IntrusionFull-length2012 
Diabolic Separation from HopeDemo2014 
The Ultimate Cremation PyreFull-length2017 
Enter the Witch HouseEP2020 
Indisputably CarnivorousFull-length2021
Justin Shaw
See also: ex-Arsis (live)
Jeremy Bradley
See also: Skyless, ex-Zero Trigger
Steve Redmond
See also: CyaeghaForetoken
Steve Harris
See also: ExfiltraitorGrotto of LourdesPestuary, ex-Throne of Carrion, ex-Whorebath
Bobby Phippins
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Skyless

Past Members:

Aaron JackaDrums
See also: Pestuary
Eric BarlowGuitars (?-2014)
KC RaiderGuitars
Mike “Gooch” GardnerVocals (backing), Guitars
See also: ex-Watching the Coroner
Zach GarvinGuitars (2014)
See also: ex-KnightHawk, ex-Plague the Suffering, ex-Throne of Carrion
2.Disturbing Roars at Twilight04:09 
3.Indisputably Carnivorous05:25 
4.Enter the Witch House04:21  Show lyrics
5.Annihilation Prayer (Shallow By Thy Graves)04:10 
6.Venomous Procession03:08 
7.On Top Many Layers of Horror04:35 
8.Black Forms Materialize04:58 
9.Judas in Hell be Proud04:44 
10.On Wyverns Wings to Oblivion05:57 

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