Prestige: Reveal The Ravage-2021.

Prestige is a Finnish thrash metal band from Tampere that was formed in 1987, disbanded in 1992 and reunited in 2007.

The band was founded in 1987 by the brothers Ari (electric guitar) and Tero Karppinen (drums). A short time later, bassist and singer Aku Kytölä joined the line-up. Together they developed the first songs and gave the first appearances. In January 1988 guitarist Jan “Örkki” Yrlund , whom the other members already knew from school, joined the cast. Yrlund gave the band their name, which was inspired by a Yrlund porn film called Climax Prestige . With the now full line-up, the band studied songs five to six days a week. As a result, the band held more gigs in the vicinity of their city. In June 1988 the band recorded their first demo at the Emma Studio within two daysYlöjärvi on. There were five songs on the demo and it was named Gods . A total of over 1000 copies of the demo were sold. The demo increased the awareness of the band, which made it possible for them to hold concerts in other Finnish cities. The band could also be heard at the fourth Metal Massacre in Helsinki .

After another gig in Tampere, where a talent scout from Poko Rekords was also present, the band signed a contract with this label. The band went to the JJ studio in Tampere with producer TT Oksala in order to record their debut album within seven days in the fall of 1988. The album was mixed in Helsinki at Finnvox Studios . Attack Against Gnomes was released in January 1989. As a result, the band reached interviews in English , Spanish and German Metal Hammer . The album also made it into the top 20 of the Finnish charts. [1]The rest of the year the band played concerts all over Finland and performed with Nuclear Assault , among others . In September 1989 the band went back to the JJ studio with producer TT Oksala to record songs for a single. Priest was released in January 1990. In November 1989, after a trip to Sweden , the band decided to record the EP Veijo . The EP was recorded at Tonal Studio in Helsinki. The EP was released that same year and was only sold when the band performed.

In April 1990, the band began recording their second album, Selling the Salvation . The recordings took place again with TT Oksala in the JJ-Studio. The album also contained the song Help the Science , which came from the Priest recordings in September 1989. After the release followed in the summer of 1990 several appearances in Finland, as well as in Denmark with the Danish band Invocator . This was followed by a tour of Finland, on which Invocator took part in four appearances. This tour was followed by a one-week tour through Czechoslovakia . Prestige was the first foreign metal band after the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

In 1991 the band played various live performances. In April the band went to Sweden to play with the Swedish thrash metal band Fallen Angel . This was followed by appearances in Denmark together with Invocator and Maple Cross . As a result, the band held a tour of Finland together with Hyste’riah GBC . Another small tour of Finland followed in May, which included three appearances, together with Darkthrone . In June further appearances followed in Sweden together with No Remorse (later Temperance ). In July the band went to the Harasoo Studio with producer Jani Viitanen , a member of the band . The recordings were then mixed by Mika Sunquist in the MSL Studio . Parasites In Paradise was released in January 1992. In the same month further tours through Finland began, including four appearances with Fallen Angel. In the spring, more than 25 more appearances followed. The band then recorded a music video for the song Sniff . In June the group played on the Ruisrock in Turku , with Nirvana and Bryan Adamswere headlining there. It later turned out that this was the last festival appearance for the band, as the band broke up shortly afterwards. In the following years the members devoted themselves to other musical projects.

In 2007 the compilation Decades of Decay was released , which included her best songs as well as unpublished material. In January 2007, Kytölä and Yrlund went to Finnvox Studios, where the material was remastered by Minerva Pappi . [2]

Gods Are Calling You!!Demo1988 
Attack Against GnomesFull-length1989
Selling the SalvationFull-length1990
Parasites in ParadiseFull-length1992
Decades of DecayCompilation2007 
You WeepSingle2021 
Reveal the RavageFull-length2021 
Ari Karppinen
Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1987-present)
Aku Kytölä
Vocals, Bass (1987-present)
See also: Coronary
Jan “Örkki” Yrlund
Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1988-present)
See also: ImperiaSatyrian, ex-Danse Macabre, ex-Ancient Rites, ex-Angel, ex-BoobyTrap, ex-Claymore, ex-Lacrimosa, ex-Sinmasters, ex-Two Witches
Matti Johansson
Drums (2020-present)
See also: ex-Depravity, ex-Falchion, ex-Crystalic, ex-Korpiklaani, ex-Psychopathic Terror, ex-The Prophecy

Past Members:

Tero KarppinenDrums (1987-2019)
2.Burn My Eyes04:52 
3.Blessed Be04:27 
4.Pick Your Poison04:55 
6.You Weep03:54 
7.In Remains03:41 
9.Self Destruct04:25 
10.Prime Time05:59 

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