Life Artist: Lifelines-2021.

Life Artist is a Progressive Metal band from Germany. After the success of their first
Demo “Faith” (1991) and tour support for Psychotic Waltz and Gypsy Kyss they had an album release in 1992 (A Diary Of Inner

In 2012 Ingo Holzhauer and Marco Witte decided to reanimate Life Artist.

The new album “Lifelines” will be available on August 27, 2021 (CD via Ragnarök Records).


A Diary of Inner VisionsFull-length1992 
Oriental ExpressDemo1994 
Land(e)scapes Within a BuildingDemo2015 
Antisocial NetworksSingle2016 
Andreas Tegeler
See also: BleedingLevel FieldsPoverty’s No CrimeScythe Beast, ex-Pride Shall Fall, ex-Chateau
Frank Jauernick
Ingo Holzhauer
Bass (1989-present)
See also: ex-Broken Law, ex-Naasty, ex-Nasty Blutschande
Marco Witte
Vocals (1989-1991, 2014-present), Keyboards (2014-present)
See also: ex-Broken Law
Dirk Eckhard
Vocals (1991-1993, 2014-present), Bass (2014-present)
See also: ex-Rhûn

Past Members:

Roger IhmannDrums
See also: ex-Naasty, ex-Nasty Blutschande
Dirk GodauGuitars
Achim HarhoffGuitars
1.Prelude: The Architect02:13 
2.Of Lambs and Lions08:49 
4.Tightrope Walker06:56 
5.Spirit of the Sea08:44 
6.Interlude: Shadowplay02:26 
7.Sacrilege of Sisyphos06:27 
8.Labyrinths of Time and Space09:56 
9.Epilogue: Miniature No. I01:58 

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