Domination Campaign: Onward To Glory-2021.

Domination Campaign:Death Metal from Australia.


Onward to GloryFull-length2021
Joe Haley
See also: CrisisActGangs of Old LadiesPsycropticRuins, ex-Disseminate, ex-Synesis Absorption, ex-The Amenta (live)
Jason Peppiatt
Vocals, Guitars, Bass
See also: Psycroptic, ex-Born Headless, ex-M.S.I., ex-Goreverk
Side A
1.Death Before Dishonour03:40 
2.Onward to Glory03:21 
3.As Daylight Breaks04:06 
4.The Sniper’s Gaze03:17 
Side B
5.A Modern Age of War03:37 
6.Against the Odds03:37 
7.Terror from Above04:12 
8.The Domination Campaign03:55 

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