Burn Down Eden: Burn Down Eden-2021.

Burn Down Eden:Melodic Death from Germany.


Memoirs of Human ErrorEP2015 
Ruins of OblivionFull-length2016
Burn Down EdenFull-length2021
Robat Nowak
Drums (2014-present)
William Deacon-Säck
Guitars (2014-present)
Tom Noack
Guitars (2014-present)
Marco Schütze
Bass (2017-present)
Pether Hantsche
Vocals (2017-present)
See also: ex-Altvater, ex-The Last Hangmen, ex-Nordheim, ex-Kalmah (live)

Past Members:

Niklas LöfflerBass (2014-2016)
Kai ZarnischVocals (2015-2017)
See also: ex-Once We Killed
1.Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave04:16 
2.A Prepper’s Prophecy03:10 
3.Bizarre Circus03:48 
4.A Bloody Pool of Angels03:52 
5.Witch’s Scorn04:26 
6.Abducted Reality03:40 
7.Hurricane of Greed03:36 
8.Law Enforcement Ubermensch03:42 
9.The Five Horsemen03:39 
10.Encounters of the Unknown03:26 

One thought on “Burn Down Eden: Burn Down Eden-2021.

  1. Edmund Sackbauer, March 26th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Kernkraftritter Records (Digipak)
    As a fan of Burn Down Eden’s previous albums (especially their second one “Libertidical”) it was mandatory to check out their brand-new and self-titled third full length. In case you are not familiar with Burn Down Eden they are five gentlemen hailing from Germany and having been active since 2014. Their style if branded as melodic death metal, something that tends to make me skeptical. Too often modern works of this sub-genre come across a bit generic and often too modern for my personal taste. Burn Down Eden are a great example that there is still enough to squeeze out of this particular style if put into the right hands.

    The first song “Sadomasochists From Beyond The Grave” starts off with a short acoustic intro before the first riff takes center-stage and Burn Down Eden attack with fire and brimstone. Within the first minute we are back again into the whirlwind of fierce chords and haunting lead melodies, brought together by technically astound instrumental skills and captivating songwriting. The blackish influences are still present respectively have even been slightly increased, adding another layer to the furious overall sound. There are enough punishing blast-beats and howling vocals to be found here to satisfy each fan of the genre – but the album’s template has more to offer than that.

    The mix of heavy rhythm guitars and spiraling lead melodies, all underpinned by some frantic and feverish drum work make up for a fittingly monumental and monolithic slab of relentless yet captivating music, replete with an aura of immersive atmosphere which gives the tracks an epic and empowering vibe. Songs like “Witch’s Scorn” actually feel like a horrifying night of tossing and turning, with the nightmarish harmonies lending the whole music a somewhat unsettling nature. At the same time the tracks offer enough hooks to give the listeners enough moments to enjoy.

    The album’s biggest strength is the seemingly effortless combination of heaviness, interesting song structures and stunning melodies, evident nearly everywhere on the album. The two guitar players William and Tom are a perfectly synchronized duo, and also the rhythm section works as well-oiled unit. The music just comes together so well from beginning to end, which speaks volumes about the band’s compositional talent. This isn’t just a series of riffs and blasting parts tossed together into an “album,” everything is in its right place. The icing on the cake are the vocals by Pether, who has improved on his already great performance on the last album.

    Once again the production leaves nothing to be desired. Thick and crunchy guitars and a very punchy drum sound are the basis, but whoever did the mix made sure that the great lead guitar lines have not got lost in the mix. All in all I would say the this album is a continuation of “Libertidical” while showing kind of a natural progression, especially within the songwriting department. Burn Down Eden are on their way to become a real force and I am looking forward to whatever they will bring up next.


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