Entera: The War Goes On-2012.

Entera:Melodic Thrash Metal from Germany.


Betrayal Against TimeFull-length2000 
Believe, Fight or DieFull-length2003 
Daily TerrorEP2008 
The War Goes OnFull-length2012 
The Pit Is OursEP2015 
Hate FactoryFull-length2020
Carsten Lutter
Vocals (lead), Bass (1990-present)
See also: Andabata
Iker Mayordomo
Guitars (lead) (2015-present)
See also: ex-Zingira
Julius Lauer
Drums (2017-present)

Past Members:

Luigi CapodiciGuitars
See also: ex-Overfiend, ex-Harridan, ex-Edge of Brutality
Ilan Deck (R.I.P. 2019)Guitars
Bernd SchönbornGuitars, Drums (1994-?)
Thorsten LangDrums (1990-1991)
Alex DejonGuitars (1990-1993)
Olaf WilkenDrums (1991-1994)
Jürgen Peters (R.I.P. 1994)Guitars (1993-1994)
Oliver MüllerGuitars (1994-1997)
Erik MayerDrums (1996-1998, 2001-2003)
See also: ex-Andabata
Sascha GiroGuitars (1997-1998)
Holger Grzeschik (R.I.P. 2007)Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1999-2003)
Ronny StengerDrums, Vocals (backing) (2000-2001)
Michael MissyGuitars (2001-2003)
Ralph NeuendorfGuitars (2003)
Aleksander GardockiDrums, Vocals (backing) (2004-2005)
Mario SauchellaGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2004-2006)
Jonas HackDrums, Vocals (backing) (2005-2009)
See also: Winterstorm
Daniel StempelGuitars (2006-2009)
See also: ex-Saint Astray
Jürgen ObernolteGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2009-2013)
Martin KainbacherDrums, Vocals (backing) (2010-2012)
See also: ex-Ardent Spirits
Iain FinlayDrums (2012-2013)
See also: ex-Axon-IV, ex-Demon Pact, ex-Justice, ex-Running Wild, ex-Noise Boys, ex-Opera, ex-Richard Head, ex-Touch
Marc LatendinDrums, Vocals (backing) (2013-2014)
See also: ex-Andabata
Nino HelfrichGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2013-2014)
See also: Inner AxisIron AngelNeoperaNino Helfrich
DomDrums (2014-?)
Alex MeixnerGuitars (2014-2015)
1.The Better Past03:03 
2.Each Day04:00 
3.Human of Glas04:48 
4.Hate Factory03:20 
5.He Has Not All Pickets in His Fence02:59 
6.Mobile Pit03:51 
7.Like Flies Orbiting Shit03:17 
8.Wannabe Stars02:58 
9.Sanguis Pro Sangue04:21 
10.Bellum Stativum03:29 
11.Old and Useless03:10 
12.Death Will Visit You Too04:36 

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