Kiuas: The Spirit Of Ukko-2005.

Kiuas are a Finnish heavy metal band from Espoo, Finland. Their music includes influences from power metalfolk metal and different styles of extreme metal. Influences from progressive metal can also be heard in some songs.

Before the formation of Kiuas, three musicians (Markku Näreneva, Teemu Tuominen and Ilja Jalkanen) played in a band known as Iconofear, which plays a genre of music known as dark heavy metal. Iconofear had formed after the break-up of a blackened death metal band known as Agonia. They released a single EP before those three musicians left the band to concentrate on Kiuas. Kiuas was formed in 2000 when the four original members (Mikko Salovaara, Markku Näreneva, Teemu Tuominen and Atte Tanskanen) found a lead singer, Ilja Jalkanen.

In 2002, funded only by themselves, they released their first demo known as The Discipline of Steel, that featured four songs, and was rooted deep in the mysticism and importance of steel, and its effect on Finnish culture.

In 2003, they successfully released Born Under the Northern Lights, and soon had many offers for record deals. With fans on their side, and a deal from Rage of Achilles, they signed the contract.

In 2004, Kiuas’s first label-aided release was completed. Winter in June (MCD EP) was released in Finland and was well received in the metal and hard rock community. Their ability to combine extreme subgenres of metal with hard rock and classical guitar have led them to become a recognizable force.

Later that year, Rage of Achilles reported that they were going out of business due to the fact they could not support themselves due to belonging to so many record deals in such short amount of time. For this reason, Kiuas, and their co-workers, and associated acts; Amoral, Elenium, Omnium GatherumManitou were cast out without a label, and some without any official release. A few months later, an offer came from the major-label Spinefarm Records.

In 2005, they completed and released their first album, The Spirit of Ukko, which was based on the Pagan gods, primarily Ukko, hence the name. In May, 2006 their second album Reformation was released. It is generally more structured and technical, while keeping the signature sound of Kiuas.

Their third studio album, The New Dark Age, was released on March 12, 2008 in Finland with other dates to be announced.[1] This album was a slight departure from their previous, as it adopted a much heavier, more serious sound. Their new single, “Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward”, was released on February 20, 2008.[2]

Kiuas also supported Children of Bodom in their show at London’s Astoria alongside another Finnish folk metal act, Moonsorrow.[3] Kiuas also performed with Serenity Dies and Nothnegal on 5 September 2008 at Alimas Carnival, Malé, Maldives. The show was called “Revolution begins”. Vocalist Ilja Jalkanen stated in an interview that guitarist and primary songwriter Mikko Salovaara wrote material for a follow up to 2008’s The New Dark Age in Summer 2009. The album was released March 31, 2010 and is titled “Lustdriven.”

On October 27, Kiuas announced the departure of singer Ilja Jalkanen. In Ilja’s own words: “My heart is not in heavy metal anymore, and a great band like Kiuas deserves a singer completely dedicated to the music.”

On January 16, 2011, at Nosturi, Helsinki, stand-in vocalist Asim Searah was officially inaugurated as the new frontman of Kiuas.

On September 11, 2012, Kiuas announced that they had fired their new vocalist, Asim Searah.[4]

On August 29, 2013, Kiuas officially announced they were disbanding after a final show in Helsinki on October 18 of the same year.[5]


On February 24, 2021, Kiuas announced that it has been reformed and are planning on releasing new music and playing gigs during 2021. The reformed lineup consists of the original members of the band: Tuominen, Näreneva, Salovaara, Tanskanen and Jalkanen.[6]


The Discipline of SteelDemo2002 
Born Under the Northern LightsDemo2003
Winter in JuneEP2004
The Spirit of UkkoFull-length2005
Race with the FalconsSingle2006 
Of Sacrifice, Loss and RewardSingle2008 
The New Dark AgeFull-length2008
Kiuas War AnthemsEP2008 
Sailing ShipsEP2009 
Greatest HitsCompilation2011 
Teemu Tuominen
Bass (2000-2013, 2021-present)
See also: ex-Iconofear
Markku Näreneva
Drums (2000-2011, 2021-present)
See also: ex-Iconofear
Mikko Salovaara
Guitars, Vocals (2000-2013, 2021-present)
See also: DaimonicLeverageMetal de Facto, ex-Kalmah (live), ex-Raskasta Joulua (live), ex-Shining (live)
Atte Tanskanen
Keyboards (2000-2011, 2021-present)
Ilja Jalkanen
Vocals (2000-2010, 2021-present)
See also: ex-Raskasta Joulua, ex-Iconofear

Past Members:

Asim SearahVocals, Guitars (2010-2012)
See also: Damnation PlanWintersun (live), ex-Selfblind, True Cult Club, ex-Cantilena, ex-The Nibiruan, ex-Killer Kachina
Rainer TuomikantoDrums (2011-2013)
See also: AjattaraCausemosDecomposterGrave with a ViewIgigiWolandKalmisto (live), ex-Clockwork Spirit, ex-Amarantine, ex-Inthral, Grave Pleasures, ex-Dead Shape Figure, ex-Shining, ex-The Undivine, ex-Abhorrence (live), ex-Before the Dawn (live), ex-Evince, ex-Spirit Disease (live), ex-RUST
Jari PailamoKeyboards (2011-2013)
See also: Daimonic, ex-Twilight Guardians, King Company, Ponies to Kill
1.The Spirit of Ukko05:52  Show lyrics
2.On Winds of Death We Ride04:21  Show lyrics
3.No More Sleep for Me04:05  Show lyrics
4.Warrior Soul05:49  Show lyrics
5.Until We Reach the Shore04:27  Show lyrics
6.Across the Snows05:59  Show lyrics
7.Thorns of a Black Rose04:48  Show lyrics
8.And the North Star Cried06:58  Show lyrics

One thought on “Kiuas: The Spirit Of Ukko-2005.

  1. Element_man, May 11th, 2006

    Kiuas play a very oringal, unique style of metal that mixes everything from folk to black metal, and epic, symphonic metal with bombastic , crushing power metal. Let me tell you guys: This is quite possibly the best metal album of 2005, and perhaps the best metal debut of all time. From the moment you shove the CD into your playing device and hear the fast, crunchy riffs of the explosive title, “Spirit of Ukko” track all the way until you reach the the dark, ponderous yet epic “And the Northe Star Cried”, any fan of heavy metal will be totally hooked by guitarist Mikko Salovaara’s techincal soloing and quirky riffs, singer Ilja Jalkanen’s energetic and aggressive vocal attacks, not to mention the stunning drumming, and totally awsome, yet non-cheesy keyboarding, not to mention the solid basslines. I’ve decided to briefly run through each song.

    1: “The Spirit of Ukko” The album immediately launches you into the title track of the album, which consists of a minute and thirty seconds of fast and heavy riffs backed by symphonic keyboard elements. If you’re not pumped after 30 seconds, then keep listening, it’ll happen soon. The energy of the song only increases once the vocalist enters the scene, and his powerful singing totally fits the music. An amazing, though rather short guitar solo follows, which leads into a serene moment in the song, which is destroyed by heavy riffing, and a sweet guitar lick/mini-solo. Oh, fun fact: for those who don’t know, ‘Ukko’ was the top Finnish god back in the day.

    2: “On Winds of Death we Ride” This is a cool song that is slower, but still starts with a pounding riff that escalated into a lightning-fast riff with the help of the vocalist, who shows off his talent by singing with a a harsher voice tone, and actually layering death metal vocals underneath his noral singing. There are plenty of heavy, death, black, and folk metal moments in this song, and it’s a amazing blend.

    3: “No More Sleep for me” This is a mid-paced song that begins with a snare drum intro, then a very cool headbanging riff. The verse is a change from the first two songs, in that the guitars are left out until later. This song isn’t fast, but the band’s enthusiasm never dwindles at any point in the song.

    4: “Warrior Soul” This is the best song on the album. Fuck, this song kicks ass. If everyone here could only listen to one song from this band, it’d be this song. It’s so cool. It begins with a huge drum intro laden with double-bass kicks, then some deep guitar notes, and low death growls. Then, a dual keyboard/guitar lick opens into the explosive verse. Jalkanen puts up his best vocal performance here, and the chorus of this song is amazing and memoriable. It’s a great sing-along chorus. “WARRIOR SOUL! BLAZES THROUGH THE LAND OF FROST AND SNOW! HIS PAGAN HEART AND FLESH BUILT TO ENDURE THE COLD!” Man, if that doesn’t get the blood flowing, nothing will.

    5: “Until we Reach the Shore” Another slower song that beings with a nice keyboard melody that is joined by a melodic guitar solo. This song is actually the weakest one on the album, though the begining is very nice, as well as the chorus. That’s pretty much all I’ve got say about this one…

    6: “Across the Snows” Okay, time for another sweet song. This begins with wind in the background, and footsteps in the snow. Some very catchy acoustic guitaring in a folk style catches the listeners interest, and the addition of a flute melody is very cool. The nice setting is shattered when Mikko’s nutjob guitar riffs start blasting at a healthy head-banging pace. Some cool hooks with crazy harmonics are thrown around by Mikko, and the outcome is a very sweet folk metal song. I’d like to take a moment to point out that this is one of the songs featured on their demos, and the demo version is much better, although the mix is poor.

    7: “Thorns of a Black Rose” SLowing it down again, this is probably the clostest thing that this album gets to a ballad. It’s several steps above “Until we Reach the Shore”, the other balladish song on the album. The chorus to the song is acoustic with some very powerfl singing, backed by some wicked licks and melodies in the guitar. Totally cool, and a very different style from the rest of the album. The chorus is soaring and epic, and the song changes in style. Very good song.

    8: “And the North Star Cried” This is pretty much that ‘epic’ of the album, clocking at 7 minutes. In this one, the band is backed by a string quartet, so the song is very epic sounding, with the strings and keyboards playing these chilling melodies with the guitars chugging away with some solid, heavy rythms. The vocalist doesn’t even enter the song until 2 minutes into it. The song features more qicked guitaring, and a sweet-ass keyboard solo. Plus, the whole symphonic element is very awsome.

    With that all said and done, I’m going to recommend this to anyone interested in music ranging from rock to heavy metal of all types. This band is so cool that I seriously doubt that many non-power metal fans will dislike this. The amazing level of variety contained in the songs is mind-blowing, and the sheer memorability (Is that even a word?) of the songs will knock you off your feet. I can’t get through a day without singing/humming/thinking the choruses to the songs “Warrior Soul”, “Spirit of Ukko”, or “Across the Snows”. The playing ability of each band member is stunning. Jalkanen belts out the vocals lines with his versatile voice (Powerful with a rough edge) and performs death metal growls occasionally. He makes up for his slightly limited vocal ranged with his obvious enthusiasm for the material. Man, Salovaara is an undiscovered guitar god. I think he’s way better than Alexi of Children of Bodom. His riffs are crunchy, fast, heavy, and laden with wierd hooks such as crazy harmonics and shit like that. His riffs rules, and I believe he’s one of the main songwriters Also, he does both the lead guitar and rhythm guitars on the album. Drummer Nareneva is great. His double-bass kicks are flawless, and he hold tons of variety behind his kit. Tanskanen is the man behind the keyboard, and he’s blood brilliant. Half the time, good power metal is ruined by mediocre/cheesy keyboarding, and while the keys are up front much of the time in the songs, it never gets bad. Synth counter-melodies, string sounds, and funky winter-sounds are flung ever which way with amazing precision. And Bassist Tuominen hold his own of the feild of glory with his solid bass-lines that admittedly follow the guitar much of the time, though he get his shots in here and there.
    Kiuas’s next album, “Reformation”, is set for May 24th, 2006. “The Spirit of Ukko” was release May 4th of last year. That’s 385 days betwen albums Holy crap! I’m pre-ordering this shit! For those that missed this album back when it came out in 2005, don’t worry. Most people missed it. Listen to it. Download it, buy it, get the samples, I don’t care how. It’ll be worth your time if you’re up for some wicked heavy metal.


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