Existance: Breaking The Rock-2016.

Existance:Heavy Metal from France.


Steel AliveFull-length2014 
Breaking the RockFull-length2016 
Wolf AttackFull-length2021 
Julian Izard
Vocals, Guitars (2008-present)
Antoine Poiret
Guitars (2012-present)
Julien Robilliard
Bass (2016-present)
See also: ex-Kozoria
Géry Carbonnelle
Drums (2017-present)
See also: ex-No Fatality

Past Members:

Thomas DrouinBass (2008-2015)
Julien MarchantDrums (2008-2010)
Fred LabasqueGuitars (2008-2011)
Laurent LouvrierDrums (2010-2011)
See also: ex-Malefice
Stéphane MoulinDrums (2011-2012)
See also: Rozz (live)
Alex RevillonDrums (2012-2015)
Ilan RilsBass (2015)
Nicolas MartineauDrums (2016-?)
Out 29 October 2021.
1.Heavy Metal Fury04:57  Show lyrics
2.Honest03:54  Show lyrics
3.We Are Restless05:25 
4.All Is on Fire04:19 
5.Deserve Your Love04:02 
6.Sinner of Love04:57 
7.Marilyn (Icon of Desire)04:44 
8.In the Name of Revenge03:27 
9.Pain in Paradise04:30 
10.Breaking the Rock05:03  Show lyrics

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