Seven Spires: Emerald Seas-2020.

Seven Spires is an American Symphonic Metal band, formed in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. They have released 1 EP and 2 albums, and are currently signed with the Italian-based label Frontier Records.

Seven Spires was created in 2013 by Jack Kosto and Adrienne Cowan, both graduates from Berklee. After releasing their first EP ‘The Cabaret Of Dreams’ in 2014, they recruited two other Berklee students among their ranks, Peter de Reyna and Chris Dovas, solidifying their lineup which hasn’t changed as of today.

After doing a bit of touring the following years, they launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to properly release their debut album. The operation was a success, and Solveig was unleashed to the world on August 4th 2017.


The Cabaret of DreamsEP2014 
Emerald SeasFull-length2020
The Cursed MuseSingle2021 
This God Is DeadSingle2021 
Gods of DebaucheryFull-length2021
Jack Kosto
Guitars (2013-present)
See also: Threads of Fate
Adrienne Cowan
Vocals, Keyboards (2013-present)
See also: Light & ShadeSascha Paeth’s Masters of CeremonyWinds of PlagueAvantasia (live), ex-FirstBourne, ex-Mike Kerr (live), ex-Sonic Pulse (live), ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-Riot Underground
Peter Albert de Reyna
Bass (2015-present)
See also: AversedFireWing, ex-Morbid Vitality, ex-Unflesh, ex-Rithiya Henry Khiev (live), ex-Ghost Train, ex-Merakï, ex-Zxari
Chris Dovas
Drums (2015-present)
See also: DovasFireWingOmega PointVital Remains (live), ex-FirstBourne, ex-Unflesh, ex-Aversed (live), ex-Rithiya Henry Khiev (live), ex-Sonic Pulse (live)

Conceptually imagined as the prequel to the Siren character of Solveig, Emerald Seas takes the Spires formula to another level. A sound even more diversified, featuring incredible drumming from Chris Dovas, as well as improved basslines and guitar work, although they were already impressive in the first place. You’ll hear some more bass noodling on this one, on songs such as Succumb or Every Crest, where Peter de Reyna lets it all go, while Jack Kosto lets his heart speak through guitar solos as beautiful as on Solveig. The vocals need no mention, as Adrienne Cowan keeps on solidifying her status as one of the vocalists in the Metal world as of now.

The band is going on tour all across the US with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum in March and April, and once again with Amaranthe and Battle Beast from August to September.

They’re also already working on a third album.

Adrienne Cowan

Past Members:

J.P. GoldmanBass (2013-2014)
See also: Porterfield, The Womps
Colin FrecknallDrums (2013-2014)
See also: Vivisepulture
Jimmy YuGuitars (2013-2014)
Cindy SparlinKeyboards (2013-2014)
See also: ex-Vivisepulture
Cameron TidmanBass (2014-2015)
See also: Graviton, ex-Restless Spirit
Anthony MedagliaDrums (2014-2015)
See also: GravitonAtheist (live), ex-Aversed, ex-Restless Spirit, ex-Epicenter (live)

One thought on “Seven Spires: Emerald Seas-2020.

  1. andreipianoman, February 21st, 2020

    Hailing from Boston Massachusets, Seven Spires has made itself known as one of the most promising new bands to emerge in the symphonic metal realm, that is, if one would actually dare to slap that label over their multi-faceted, theatrical genre mashup. As they have proven with the superb piece that was their debut album “Solveig” back in 2017, they aim to step outside the box and go far and beyond. The songs on that album have been with me throughout the years and proudly stood the test of time but nearly three years have passed and now we are finally gifted with the follow-up “Emerald Seas”. Since vocalist Adrienne Cowan has been involved in a multitude of different projects like Winds of Plague, Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony and the mighty Avantasia (just to name a few) it’s not surprising that there was quite the time gap between albums. She’s definitely been keeping busy in many ways but I’m glad to finally see a fresh new jewel from what I always considered to be her main musical endeavor.

    Just like “Solveig”, Emerald Seas puts together a versatile, colorful palette of musical styles ranging from the melodic and easy on the listener tunes of power and symphonic melodic metal to brief elements of black metal and I’d even dare to throw in the technical death metal tag in there. Seven Spires isn’t just one thing but a multitude of contrasting elements that come together in a unique, signature sound that smoothly balances the harsh and aggressive with the soft and melodic. The way the album is structured is also a clear evidence of professionalism and true artistry. I’ve always been a fan of albums that flow as one singular piece as opposed to those that are just a collection of songs but “Emerald Seas” does both. Every single track is a delight in its own right but when they’re pieced together, the entire album runs so naturally from one song to the next that you just get carried into it and almost lose track of everything else. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had an album grab me and keep me immersed in its atmosphere, imagery and energy to such extent.

    The one thing no one can deny about Seven Spires after just a couple of tracks on this record is that they are simply in a higher class of musicianship. The technical performance on all instruments is downright ludicrous and the momentum that each song delivers simply takes the listener by storm. I’m always impressed when a band can pull off such flamboyant technical showmanship in a balanced and musically satisfying fashion. As far as I can tell, guitarist Jack Kosto is pretty much the Yngwie Malmsteen of the future, presenting some intense neo-classical shredding and sweeping in every solo on the album and keeping each one sounding fresh and original. Chris Dovas blends power, black and technical death metal drumming styles in a relentless barrage of high-octane, groove laden savagery that will keep you equally jaw-dropped regardless of whether it’s a catchy and melodic song (see “Every Crest”) or a symphonic death/black piece like “Drowner of Worlds” or “Fearless” and he will seamlessly fit his drumming style to the pace and mood of the song but always maintain the shock factor. A remarkable feature to notice is how for the most of the album the bass and drums go hand in hand in providing the low-end oomph and momentum that keeps the energy of the songs rolling while the guitar and keyboards/orchestrations form the more melodic part and soar above the rumble. Often there’s actually no riff on the guitar that constantly soars through epic melodies but the stripped, cleared out effect of the high melodies keeping distance from the bass and drums actually has the whole thing sounding massive and thunderous but also light and spacious. This album is definitely tighter, heavier and more intense than “Solveig” in every aspect but at the same time it seems musically more balanced.

    To put all that in one word, “Emerald Seas” has balls! But that’s not enough. It also has the heart of a poet. As insane as they may get when they put the pedal to the metal, the core of what makes Seven Spires stand out is still the vibe. While “Solveig” was very much in the neo-victorian atmosphere, this one aims for a sailor/pirate sort of aesthetic. And not only is it also a concept album but the storyline is actually a prequel to the debut, presenting a sailor on a quest to find the fountain of youth and gain immortality. I won’t get in-depth on the story but I strongly advise you check out this video if you want to learn more about it. The album really gains a whole new dimension when you know what every song represents and the way the lyrics are written as well as the emotionally draining vocal delivery of Adrienne makes it just as much of a fantasy adventure as it is a display of musical professionalism. Going from hopeful cheesy power metal anthems (“Every Quest”, “Unmapped Darkness”) to dramatic storms of symphonic black and death metal (“Drowner of Worlds”, “Fearless”) and heartfelt ballads (“Silvery Moon”, “Bury You”) this journey will truly exhaust your full emotional spectrum. What I think makes the lyrics so striking is that despite clearly describing a certain moment in the story, they are also metaphors for things anyone can relate to and it is incredibly easy for the listener to make it a personal thing and find him/herself in the song. I think Seven Spires is pretty much the dictionary definition of catharsis. If you have inner demons to fight, come and purge my friends. This is the place for you. And now let’s stop for a second to just appreciate the insane range of Adrienne Cowan, handling everything from a high childish voice (“Succumb”) to a fairly believable impersonation of Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath (“Drowner of Worlds”) and all the in-betweens coming in full glory.

    I’m reaching that point where I want to pick some favourite songs and highlights and honestly… I’m at a loss of words. Everything stands out and everything is beautifully put together and delivered. I think I’d have to go for “Silvery Moon” and “Fearless” as my favourite songs since they are basically the opposite extremes of the albums in terms of “beauty and the beast” effect. And I just have to give a shout-out to bassist Peter de Reyna on that superb Beyond Creation emulation bass solo on Fearless. That moment put the cherry on the top of all the tech-nerdy wizardry that I’m so enthusiastic about. To raise the bill on talent even higher, this album takes advantage of a superb mix and master by Sascha Paeth and Michael Rodenberg that basically pushes all that epicness to the highest possible level of clarity. If I were to point out one little complaint, it would be that in some ways it feels a bit like a “Solveig” redo with many ideas from that one being recycled here, but then again, the stories are connected so maybe that’s intended. Bombastic, tempestuous, adventurous and fearless, “Emerald Seas” is a journey that everyone should embark on, though some may not survive. And just in case you haven’t figured it out yet: Yes! I am a total fanboy! Show some love for Seven Spires! They totally earned it!

    Originally written for The Metal Observer.


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