Killing: Face The Madnes-2021.

Killing:Thrash Metal from Denmark.


Toxic AsylumEP2018
Raise Your AngerSingle2019 
Kill EveryoneSingle2021 
Face the MadnessFull-length2021
Jesper Skousen
Drums (2013-present)
See also: End My SorrowIldstormHell Inc.
Guitars (2013-present)
See also: End My Sorrow
Rasmus Holm Sørensen
Guitars (2013-present)
See also: ex-End My Sorrow
Rasmus Soelberg
Vocals, Bass (2013-present)
1. Kill Everyone02:04 
2.Before Violence Strikes03:24 
3.Don’t GetMad, Get Evil04:51 
4.See You in Hell04:47 
5.Legion of Hate03:35 
6.Straight Out of Kattegat05:23 
7.One Last Victim04:53 
9.Killed in Action06:54 

One thought on “Killing: Face The Madnes-2021.

  1. Felix 1666, August 13th, 2021
    I once read a book. Shocking news, isn’t it? It was about Denmark, among other things about the Danish food. The author was moaning that there is nothing as boring as the eating habits of the Danes. In the morning: bread. At lunch: bread. For dinner: bread. Well, I don’t think he was right. But even if this would be the case, who cares? Focus on the thrash exports of this country and you will find many positive aspects. Not only Artillery, but also formations like Battery and Killing who have some asses up their sleeve, too. Given this fact, just ignore the idiotic artwork of “Face the Madness” and adolescent song titles like “Kill Everyone”. Instead, concentrate on the music.

    Killing are immune against modern influences. Their kind of riffs celebrates the old school of the role models. The guitars deliver a feast of sawing, slicing and chopping. It’s not only the beginning of “See You in Hell” which catapults the audience 35 years back in time, but it is one of the most impressive sections of the album. The song with the almost classic pun “Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil” also boasts with raw riffing and a pleasant degree of intensity. Names like Dark Angel and Vio-lence come to my mind- Schmier-like high-pitches vocals appear sporadically. But Killing are clever enough to refer more than just one once pioneering unit. They definitely do not appear as copycats. Instead, their approach is intact. Therefore the band delivers fresh songs (with some pretty cool solos) that just like to be performed in a tried and tested style. Nothing wrong with this, I guess. And the closer “Killed in Action” surprises with a mid-harsh approach and a high quantum of individuality, even though some of its parts send greetings to Italy’s Necrodeath.

    Neither the clear, aggressive and straight-in-your-face production nor the songs disappoint me. You get want you want to get when it comes to a thrash album. Each and every song reaches a good level, some of them even a great one. I am sure you will not think of pressing the skip button during the 40 minutes of this work, because Killing just do not deliver any reason to do so. It feels that they play thrash by conviction and this is something I really like.

    Finally, the dudes of Killing seem to proud of their origin. “Straight out of Kattegat” gives the album a patriotic flavour, because the Kattegat is a maritime area between the Danish Jutland and the Swedish west coast. It has a very good configuration, because it grows constantly and intensely, it possesses a quite memorable chorus and scores with an atmospheric beginning and end. Of course, thrash is a more urban style than its blackened cousin from Norway. Consequently, it does not need a lot of atmosphere. However, sometimes it’s a nice addition. And the same can be said about the entire debut. It’s an album that adds value to your collection. It will never conquer the throne of “Reign in Blood”, “Hell Awaits” or “Bonded by Blood”, but it makes much more fun than eating only bread the whole day long.


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