Devastruction: Space Force One-2019.

Devastruction: Thrash Metal from Germany.


Alien Thrash Force AttackEP2017 
Space Force OneFull-length2019
Dirk Destruction
Bass, Vocals (2016-present)
See also: ex-Incivism
Alex Armageddon
Drums (2016-present)
See also: Demonpalm, ex-Red Everest
Alex Anders
Guitars (2016-present)
Daniel Devastation
Guitars, Vocals (2016-present)
See also: Futurephobia, ex-Incivism
1.Civilised03:26  Show lyrics
2.Men in Black04:23  Show lyrics
3.Black Power04:16  Show lyrics
4.Church of Fear04:59  Show lyrics
5.Titan Rain04:09  Show lyrics
6.Space Force One03:47  Show lyrics
7.Abducted03:46  Show lyrics
8.Tarantula’s Den05:29  Show lyrics

One thought on “Devastruction: Space Force One-2019.

  1. Devastruction – Space Force One
    Edmund Sackbauer, October 15th, 2019
    Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Independent (Limited edition)
    NRW/Germany seems to be a highly fertile ground for metal bands so it should not have come as a surprise finding out about another young and talented bunch of musicians trying to spread their infectious style of traditional thrash metal over the borders of their home area. After their first EP in 2017 it has been time to unleash their debut full length called “Space Force One” and it is safe to say that each fan of the genre is going to have a helluva lot of fun with this record.

    While there is not much new or innovative to be found on “Space Force One” the guitar playing cleverly combines chords from the glory 80s/90s and a more modern variation of this particular style. This works great as the band’s sound should please each fan of the classics but also has a certain freshness that other bands who are only trying to copy the hold heroes don’t offer. Some of the trademark themes are used more than once with some slight adoptions like going up or down a keynote. Beside reminding of big names like Exodus, Testament or some European greats a lot of the riffs also have a slightly classic NWOBHM feel lending the music a very uplifting character. The main chords will sound familiar to any fan of traditional metal but they are played with such passion and energy that missing innovation should not be a problem for potential listeners.

    The crunchy heaviness of the rhythm guitar is pitched against the fantastic harmonies of the lead guitar lending the whole affair a very uplifting atmosphere. The guys have a great feeling for hooky riffs and catchy refrains making each song as much fun to listen to as the one before. The songwriting is straight and on point without coming across as being too simple or boring. There are some really cool soloing sections but those parts are never overdone and they have been perfectly embedded into the flow of the respective songs. The same can be said about the drumming which serves as backbone to the music without being too chaotic or hectic at any point in time.

    The speed and the intensity are kept very high over the whole playing time with only a few passages where the tempo is slowed down and the listener gets a chance to breathe. However, the melodic themes and the fantastic hooks make the record a very enjoyable affair. The song structures are stringent and while technical perfection plays an important role in certain sections the album has a great flow and it is pretty easy to get into the music.

    The snarling and barking vocals perfectly fit the instrumentation. The slightly hysterical lead vocals are accompanied by some well-placed gang shouts helping to ramp up the intensity of the whole affair. The production is powerful and has enough grit and dirt to satisfy any fan of classic stuff. The guitars sound crunchy and thick without being mixed too much into the forefront and the drums have a natural yet powerful feel. Rounded off by an old school cover artwork this record comes with the highest recommendation for fans and collectors.


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