Drama Noir: Morna/Possenspiel-2021.

Drama Noir: Atmospheric Black Death Metal from Greece.


The Forgotten WarriorSingle2018 
Princess AiramFull-length2018
A Necromancy LoreFull-length2020 
Morna / PossenspielSplit2021
Bass (2017-2019), Guitars (lead, rhythm) (2017-present), Keyboards (2017-present)
See also: Gungnir (live), ex-Disharmony
Drums (2018-present), Vocals (2020-present)
See also: AfterbloodFlamesGungnirSiriusMarauder (live), Dismal Chant, ex-Christfuck, ex-Eternity, ex-Mortuus Sum, Repentless – Slayer tribute band, The 4 Sandmen – Metallica tribute band, ex-Abvulabashy, ex-Acherontas, ex-Deviser, ex-Dizziness, ex-Hate Manifesto, ex-Lykaionas, ex-Memorain, ex-Obduktion, ex-Social Scream, ex-Speedrush, ex-Vomit Church, ex-W.E.B., ex-Όχεντρα, ex-Caelestia (live), ex-Chaosbaphomet (live), ex-Drauggard (live), ex-Empire of the Moon (live), ex-Horus Legion (live), ex-Lloth (live), ex-Mors in Tabula (live), ex-Nethescerial (live), ex-Paladine (live), ex-Power Crue (live), ex-Synteleia (live), ex-Warhammer (live), ex-Nadiwrath, ex-Odin’s Court, ex-Dark Deceiver (live), ex-C.L.G., ex-Grinding Tank, ex-Illusions of Dignity, ex-Ostracized, ex-Άγγελοι Της Νύχτας (Angels of the Night)
Bass (2019-present)
See also: ex-Endopia, ex-Order of the Black Jacket

Past Members:

NycteliosVocals (2019-2020)
See also: Synteleia
Georgia TsetsoniVocals (soprano) (2019)
See also: Caelestia
1.Drama Noir – Invaders from the North05:29 
2.Drama Noir – Sacrifice of Blood05:13 
3.Drama Noir – Morna04:43 
4.Morgenröthe – Possenspiel06:11 
5.Morgenröthe – Der Revenant04:07 
6.Morgenröthe – La Reine du Soleil Moribond10:34 

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