Anthrax: Spreading The Disease-80’s-1985.

Anthrax:Thrash Metal from United States.


Soldiers of MetalSingle1983
Fistful of MetalFull-length1984
Armed and DangerousEP1985
Spreading the DiseaseFull-length1985
Metal Hammer Roadshow 1Split video1986 
I Am the LawSingle1987
I’m the ManSingle1987
I’m the ManEP1987
Among the LivingFull-length1987
Fistful of AnthraxCompilation1987
Make Me LaughSingle1988
State of EuphoriaFull-length1988
Kerrang! Flexible FiendSplit1989 
MTV Headbangers BallSplit1989 
Got the TimeSingle1990
In My WorldSingle1990
Rock Island in Association with RawSplit1990 
Persistence of TimeFull-length1990
Free B’sEP1991 
Live NoizeVideo1991 
Through Time (P.O.V.)Video1991 
Attack of the Killer B’sCompilation1991
Bring the NoiseSingle1991
Attack of the Killer B’s: VideosVideo1991 
Hy Pro GloSingle1993
Last Action Hero SamplerSplit1993 
Sound of White NoiseFull-length1993
Black LodgeSingle1993
White Noise: The VideosVideo1994 
Live – The Island YearsLive album1994
High OctaneSingle1995 
Megaforce Worldwide – Volume OneSplit1995 
Stomp 442Full-length1995
Bordello of BloodSingle1996
Born Again IdiotSingle1998 
Fistful of Metal / Armed and DangerousCompilation1998 
Volume 8 – The Threat Is RealFull-length1998
Moshers… 1986-1991Compilation1998 
Inside OutSingle1998
Ball of ConfusionSingle1999 
Return of the Killer A’s: Video CollectionVideo1999 
Return of the Killer A’sCompilation1999
Madhouse: The Very Best of AnthraxCompilation2001 
The Universal Masters CollectionCompilation2001 
The CollectionCompilation2002 
We’ve Come for You AllFull-length2003
Summer 2003EP2003 
Safe HomeSingle2003
Taking the Music BackSingle2003
Music of Mass DestructionLive album2004
The Greater of Two EvilsFull-length2004
Alive 2Live album2005
Alive 2: The DVDVideo2005
Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) The VideosVideo2005 
Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991)Compilation2005
Extended VersionsLive album2007 
Colour CollectionCompilation2007 
Caught in a Mosh: BBC Live in ConcertLive album2009 
The Big 4: Live from Sofia, BulgariaSplit video2010
Live at the SonisphereEP2010 
Fight ‘Em ’til You Can’tSingle2011
The Devil You KnowSingle2011
Worship MusicFull-length2011
Copenhell 2012Split2012 
Keep on Runnin’Single2013 
Aftershock: The Island Years 1985-1990Boxed set2013 
Chile on HellVideo2014
Stand Up and Shout for CancerSplit2014 
Evil TwinSingle2015
Road WarriorsSplit2015 
Breathing LightningSingle2016 
Sound of White Noise / Stomp 442Compilation2016 
For All KingsFull-length2016
Antisocial / In the EndSingle2016 
A Monster at the EndSingle2016 
Carry on Wayward SonSingle2017 
Kings Among ScotlandLive album2018
Kings Among ScotlandVideo2018 
Chile on HellLive album2018 
Indians / Sabbath Bloody SabbathSingle2019 
Midnight Mass (Live 1993)Live album2020 
Side A
1.A.I.R.05:44  Show lyrics
2.Lone Justice04:37  Show lyrics
3.Madhouse04:17  Show lyrics
4.S.S.C. / Stand or Fall04:09  Show lyrics
5.The Enemy05:23  Show lyrics
Side B
6.Aftershock04:29  Show lyrics
7.Armed and Dangerous05:43  Show lyrics
8.Medusa04:43  Show lyrics
9.Gung-Ho04:35  Show lyrics

One thought on “Anthrax: Spreading The Disease-80’s-1985.

  1. kluseba, February 2nd, 2015.

    “Young and free, something you’ll never be!”. The first lines of Anthrax’s sophomore output resume the band’s spirit back in the days very well. The East Coast thrash metal legend performs carefree songs full of enthusiasm without any compromises. Stylistically, the band sounds still much closer to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal than to the pitiless thrash metal between liberatingly humorous lyrics and socially critical statements on later outputs. The cool main riff of “Madhouse” could be taken from a Judas Priest record of the early eighties while the harmonious guitar play and the high pitched chorus of “S.S.C./Stand or Fall” have obvious Iron Maiden influences. New singer Joey Belladonna offers his most enthusiastic performance and isn’t afraid of high notes or fast passages. His technical struggles here and there are outpowered by his charming juvenile spirit. The tight rhythm section of bass guitar and drums harmonizes well and grooves, pushes and rushes us through nine vivid tracks. The guitar work is extraordinary as one can hear both tight heavy metal riffs and orgasmic melodic high-speed guitar solos in all tracks of this fun ride.

    Despite numerous influences from other bands, Anthrax always manages to add a surprising note to each song and keeps a high degree of original diversity without losing the carefree guiding line. Especially the opening moments of most tracks are courageous, entertaining and original. The humorous radioplay overture of the charismatic “Madhouse” reminds me of the thought provoking drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The acoustic guitar opening of “S.S.C./Stand or Fall” almost recalls traditional flamenco influences. The drum play and sound effects in the beginning of “The Enemy” make almost any metal fan play air drums and bang his head. The folk infused sounds in the beginning of “Armed and Dangerous” that are carried on by appeasing acoustic guitars and heartbreaking electric guitar solos are atmospheric and progressive but nevertheless related to classic heavy metal. This is one of the most melodic and also outthought tracks ever written by the band. On the other side, Anthrax closes the record with its fastest song ever which is the chaotic and humorous “Gung Ho” where all instruments break loose towards the intentionally random ending.

    There are only two songs I enjoy a little bit less on an otherwise incredibly strong output somewhere between classic heavy metal, American power and thrash metal and a small dose of hardcore punk. “Aftershock” has some interesting lyrics and can be seen as a hint at more politically inspired texts to come from the band but the chorus lacks energy and originality and the usually emotional guitar solos on this record are missing on this tune. “Medusa” is slightly better because of a solid heavy metal main riff and a great melodic vocal performance in the verses but the slightly psychedelic and noisy chorus is rather off-putting and plain weird as it doesn’t fit at all to the rest of the song. If these two tracks weren’t on the record, it would maybe be the best American heavy and power metal album of all times. Despite these two average tunes, this album still is a classic must have for fans of the aforementioned genres.

    There is only one thing left to talk about. I would like to know what happened to Mister Brown. The mentally disabled patient welcomes his medicine with hysterical laughter in the beginning of “Madhouse” and one can hear him again during the chaotic and liberating party that is going on during “Gung Ho”. Maybe he was able to escape from the madhouse as one can hear him again in another crowd during the performance of “Bud E Luv Bomb and Satan’s Lounge Band”, a b-side of the band’s third record. As far as I know, he was never heard of again after his appearance during this crazy concert with a couple of drunkards in a social club. What happened to Mister Brown? I hope this secret will get revealed one day and that we might hear of him again on Anthrax’s next studio record.


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