Fabulous Disaster: Off With Their Heads-2018.

Fabulous Disaster:Thrash Death Metal from Germany.


When the Silence’s So LoudDemo2010 
Chaos. Torture. Terror. Violence.Demo2014 
Death Is LoudDemo2015 
Faster than LightDemo2015 
Hang ‘Em HighFull-length2016
Off with Their HeadsFull-length2018
Lukas Terstegge
Matthias Terstegge
Jan Niederstein
Guitars, Vocals
See also: Hornado
Bass, Vocals (2014-present)
See also: ex-Hornado

Past Members:

Patrick HausmannBass, Vocals (?-2014)
1.The Dealer04:33  Show lyrics
2.Abra Cadaver04:13  Show lyrics
3.Nut Up or Shut Up03:35  Show lyrics
4.Shaved Bears03:47  Show lyrics
5.The Revenge of the Mighty Alouatta03:57  Show lyrics
6.Off with Their Heads05:13  Show lyrics
7.Against the Wall05:14  Show lyrics
8.Eye for an Eye05:06  Show lyrics
9.Family Values04:17  Show lyrics
10.Evolutionary Sins05:01  Show lyrics

One thought on “Fabulous Disaster: Off With Their Heads-2018.

  1. Edmund Sackbauer, November 23rd, 2018

    Your enjoyment of the second full length album “Off With Their Heads” by the German Thrash Metal warriors Fabulous Desaster might depend on what you are looking for. In case innovation is very important for you when looking for new music you might not become too happy. If you were searching for a fantastic slab of perfectly executed Thrash Metal that is just plain fun then you came to the right place.

    With a band name like this a potential listener being familiar with some of the genre’s classics will have a pretty concrete picture about what to expect once the play button has been hit. Face melting riffs and lightning fast drumming delivered with precision and enthusiasm is what is on offer here. The main chops do not deviate too much from what the Bay Area heroes have already presented to the Metal maniacs of the 80s and 90s. That being said Fabulous Desaster implemented a few small twists and subtle variations to the familiar staccato chords by going up or down a keynote or shortly touching a trademark riff of a song again at another occasion.

    The crunchy heaviness of the rhythm guitar is pitched against the fantastic harmonies of the lead guitar lending the whole affair a very uplifting atmosphere. The 4 guys have a great feeling for hooky riffs and catchy refrains making each song as much fun to listen to as the one before. The songwriting is straight and on point without coming across as being too simple or boring. There are some really cool soloing sections but those parts are never overdone and they have been perfectly embedded into the flow of the respective songs. The same can be said about the drumming which serves as backbone to the music without being too chaotic or hectic at any point in time.

    Singer Jan has the perfect voice for this kind of sound. Switching between an angry mid ranged tone and high screaming parts he delivers with a lot of passion and intensity. His pronunciation is actually pretty good compared to some other singers who are not native English speakers as well. The lyrics might be a bit goofy but that somehow adds to the traditional feeling of the album.

    The productions is powerful and punchy. The mix is clear and transparent without sacrificing the rawness that is needed for that kind of music. No details are buried in the mix and also the bass is fully audible.

    I have the feeling that 2018 has so far been just a bit weaker than the last 2 years when it comes to Thrash Metal releases. That being said “Off With Their Heads” is one of this year’s highlights and a fantastic example of how to take all the classic ingredients and make a thrilling record that nearly feels as fresh as “Fabulous Disaster” by Exodus nearly 30 years ago.


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