Hallows Eve: Death And Insanity-80’s-1986.

Hallows Eve is a thrash metal band from Atlanta , USA .

Hallows Eve was founded on Halloween 1983 by Dave Stuart, Tommy Sewart, Skullator and Stacy Anderson. The band name is a term for this American holiday.

In 1984 the demo Tales of Terror was made and a little later a rehearsal recording. A sampler contribution ( Metal Merchants ) for the sampler Metal Massacre 6 followed. The Metal Blade label signed the band. In 1985 the album Tales of Terror was released . Ronny Apoldt played the drums because Tym Helton had been hit by a truck shortly before and was in the hospital. The album contains fast-paced Thrash Metal, but it also contains melodies. Production suffered from time and budget constraints. The lyrics deal with horror and science fiction-Subjects. The album is well received by the scene, followed by a tour with Slayer , Exodus and Nasty Savage .

Skullator got out before the next record Death & Insanity (1986). The band went on with just one guitar. On the album there is a technical improvement of the band, the production is also more powerful. Lyrically, this concept album is mainly about death.

In 1986 the song “Lethal Tendencies”, from the 1986 album Death & Insanity, appeared on the soundtrack for the film Rivers Edge . Actors included Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper , among others .

The next album Monument was recorded in 1988 with Rob Cayton on drums, who replaced Tym Helton. Monument contains with Sheer Heart Attack , a Queen – cover . After the album no more stable line-up could be found, the band played for some time in changing line-ups until it broke up. James Murphy played with the band for a short time before switching to Death . Tom Knight, a tour drummer, later played for TLC .

In 2003 there was a reunion with a new line-up. Bassist Tommy Stewart took over the vocals. In 2004 the band played at the Keep-It-True Festival in Lauda-Königshofen . In 2005 a new album was released with the title Evil Never Dies, initially self-distributed. The album contains many elements of Death Metal and received numerous bad reviews.

With History of Terror , a box was released in 2006 that, in addition to the first three albums including demos, also contains a live CD that includes her appearance in the legendary CBGB in 1985. A live DVD rounds off the box.

The band is still active today with original singers and bassists and plays live on various occasions.

Tommy Stewart
Bass, Vocals (backing)
Stacy Andersen
Tym Helton
Drums, Vocals (backing)
David Stuart
Guitars, Vocals (backing), Bass

Guest Musicians:

Brian SlagelVocals (backing) (track A2)
Bruce BoxallVocals (backing) (track A2)
Laura ChristianVocals (backing) (track A2)
Robin CasonVocals (backing) (track A2)
Susan BurlisonVocals (backing) (track A2)
Side A – Death
1.Death and Insanity02:21  Show lyrics
2.Goblet of Gore05:46  Show lyrics
3.Lethal Tendencies06:41  Show lyrics
4.Obituary00:37  instrumental
5.Plea of the Aged03:22  Show lyrics
6.Suicide01:19  Show lyrics
Side B – Insanity
7.D.I.E. (Death in Effect)07:02  Show lyrics
8.Attack of the Iguana02:30  instrumental
9.Nefarious05:05  Show lyrics
10.Nobody Lives Forever03:44  Show lyrics
11.Death and Insanity (reprise)01:59  Show lyrics

One thought on “Hallows Eve: Death And Insanity-80’s-1986.

  1. Felix 1666, July 11th, 2015

    The debut of Hallows Eve offered two of the best (thrash) metal tracks of all times. Of course, I am speaking of “Plunging to Megadeath” and “Hallow´s Eve (Including Routine)”. The furious opener with its raging guitars and the monumental title track pulverized all that stood in their way. The problem was that the further songs remained far behind these two jewels of US-American thrash. “Death & Insanity”, the successor of the debut, revealed a more homogeneous picture and proved the song-writing skills of the band as well as its musicianship in an impressive manner.

    In general, the title track and its reprise framed nine high quality thrashers. The complexity of “Hallow´s Eve (Including Routine)” did not reappear, but the band also did not expose itself to the reproach of primitiveness. Roughly speaking, the songs of “Death & Insanity” and those of the debut met on equal terms. Only one question remained unanswered. Why did they record these more or less superfluous instrumentals? This mystery cannot be solved. Apart from that, “Nefarious” marked the only song whose guitar work did not fully convince. Well, I do not think that this constituted a serious matter. Let us turn our attention to the highlights of the album.

    Hallows Eve dished up a varied menu of thrash with a significant portion of punk and heavy metal. For example, the punk-influenced “Suicide” was nothing else but a rush of adrenaline, swift as an arrow and equipped with restless vocals. Its storm lasted only 75 seconds. But this was enough time to integrate four verses, four choruses and a miniature solo. In simple terms, the song was fantastic. This track was contrasted by eerily creeping tunes like “D.I.E. (Death in Effect”) or “Lethal Tendencies”. These epics did not take care of the usual speed dogma of thrash metal. Hallows Eve thought it would be better to let the riffs do the talking. Due to their phenomenal power, this was the right decision. The viscous songs still spread an aura of horror. Especially the staccato of the rebelling chorus of the ironclad “D.I.E.” left its scent. By contrast, “Lethal Tendencies” distinguished itself above all by its smooth yet very heavy flow and its intensive atmosphere. These tunes as well as the remaining tracks profited from the powerful, metallic and gapless sound.

    The straight title track came as a real bombshell, but it unfortunately fell short of its potential. It clocked in at 2:21 and this was definitely too short for the ruthless riffs that it included. Worse still, its reprise was even shorter. But be that as it may, I suggest to take a close look at two further highlights. “Goblet of Gore” disgraced all those idiots who were of the opinion that thrash metal followed an one-dimensional pattern and lacked of depth. It combined straight eruptions with more playful parts and a chopping staccato sequence was also integrated. Not to mention the calamitous “we the people shall destroy” choir that suddenly emerged. The powerful vocals of Stacy Anderson crowned this song. Contrariwise, “Nobody Lives Forever” possessed a tremendous flow while demonstrating the inevitability of death. Its riffs were less offensive than those of the other tracks, but they had a subliminal strength that took the song to the highest level.

    Albeit the name of the album indicated a very dark lyrical content, the band surprised with some fairly optimistic lines. If we cannot defeat death, we are still able to spit the Grim Reaper in his face – this seemed to be the name of game. This is at least my interpretation of lines such as “Only one way to win, only one way to live / If you give in then you’re going to pay / I’ll be the conqueror, I’ll thrash till death”. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the full-length mainly confronted you with a sinister and fatalistic aura. Do not overestimate the grin of the strange guy on the front cover. I am sure that he did not listen to this ominous masterpiece of thrash metal called “Death & Insanity”. The album does not deliver any reasons to laugh. The guardian of the morgue is just proud of the rat that he has caught.


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