Assassin: The Upcoming Terror-80’s-1987.

Assassin is a German thrash metal band from Düsseldorf , which was founded in 1982 under the name Satanica , dissolved in 1989 and reunited in 2002.

The band was in 1982 [1] established under the name Satanica and consisted of the singer Robert Gonnella, the guitarist Dinko Vekić and Michael Hoffmann, the drummer [2] Jason Kubke and bassist [2] established Mark “Lull” Ludwig. [3] Hoffmann had to do his military service a short time later ; he was replaced by Mettmann. [1] Since April 1985 [4] the band is known under the name Assassin. The group now consisted of the singer Robert Gonnella, the guitarists Dinko Vekić and Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz, the bassist Markus “Lulle” Ludwig and the drummer Danger, who would later be renamed Psycho. [5]In May 1985 the band recorded their first demo with Holy Terror . About 500 [6] pieces of the demo settled in the following 11 to 12 months . [7] The following year, teamed up with The Saga of Nemesis to which group this consisted of the singer Robert Gonnella, the guitarist Dinko Vekić and Jürgen Scholz, bassist Markus Ludwig and drummer Danger (later he called himself in Psycho to) . The demo was produced by former Warlock guitarist Rudy Graf. About 600 to 700 copies of the demo settled. [8th]

In the summer of 1986 played members of Assassin also with Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud by the Norwegian band Mayhem under the name of Checker Patrol a demo recording one in the song Metalion in the Park had Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen , who together had traveled to Germany with the Mayhem members as a background singer. [9] By The Saga of Nemesis , the band has a contract with Steamhammer Records gain. In early 1987, the debut album The Upcoming Terror joined on this label [10]on. Various concerts followed the release, with the band also playing together with Crimson Glory and Celtic Frost in Düsseldorf. She also opened for Kreator and Warlock. [5] Shortly after the release of the album guitarist Jürgen Scholz left the band. [11] According to the volume, there is a false statement in the literature that [12] Scholli has committed himself to the Bundeswehr for 10 years . [13] Scholz was replaced by Michael Hoffmann (ex- sadist ), who was returning to the band . In addition, a new drummer was added with Frank Nellen.

In 1988 the second album Interstellar Experience followed. [14] The sound carrier was under the direction of Harris Johns added. [3] The album was the band next Gonnella and Vekić by guitarist Michael Hoffmann, bassist Markus Ludwig and drummer Frank Nellen. The publication followed appearances in Germany together with Testament and Death Angel . Assassin also played in Düsseldorf together with Running Wild and Sabbat . [15] In addition, the band went on a European tour with Death Angel andRumble Militia and also played in Dortmund . [16] During the work on a third album, the guitarist Vekić left the band. Only a third demo was recorded in February and March 1989, after which Olaf could be heard as the second guitarist. [17] Since there was no permanent second guitarist and the band’s rehearsal room was broken into and the band was in poor financial shape, the band was about to end in April 1989 [18] .

After the dissolution, Hoffmann joined Sodom and later moved to Brazil . Gonnella first moved to Japan , then to China . Scholz first joined the band Susperia before playing in Secret Discovery.

Over the years, the band tried several reunions, but only succeeded in 2002. In addition to Gonnella, Scholz and Vekić, the new line-up consisted of bassist Joachim Hopf and drummer Atomic Steif ( Holy Moses , Ex- Living Death ). In 2003 the band played at the Wacken Open Air . In 2005, the next album The Club was released , whereupon Vekić by Michael Hoffmann, who returned to the band, had been replaced. In 2006 the band played on the Keep It True . [20]In 2009 the bassist Joachim Kremer and the drummer Björn Sondermann joined the band before the group performed in China and Japan. In the same year the band also appeared in Hagen together with Destruction , Darth and Adligate. [21] The album of Harris Johns produced Breaking the Silence was released in February 2011 via SPV. [3] That same year, the first two albums were titled Chronicles of Resistance as a compilation reissued with unreleased bonus tracks, including a cover version of the piece Low Intensity Warfare Japanese thrash metal band Casbah, which was recorded with the participation of both bands. [22] 2012 [23] the DVD Chaos and Live Shots was released , showing the band at a live performance in March 2010 in Osaka . [24]

Holy Terror ’85Demo1985 
The Saga of NemesisDemo1986 
Live ’87Demo1987 
The Upcoming TerrorFull-length1987
Interstellar ExperienceFull-length1988
Demo ’89Demo1989
The ClubFull-length2005
Breaking the SilenceDemo2008 
Press kit demo 2009Boxed set2009 
Breaking the SilenceFull-length2011
Chronicles of ResistanceCompilation2011 
Chaos and Live ShotsVideo2012 
Combat CathedralFull-length2016
Bestia ImmundisFull-length2020
Holy Terror / The Saga of NemesisCompilation2021 
Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz
Guitars (1985-1987, 2002-present)
See also: Neon Dream, ex-Secret Discovery, ex-Satanica
Joachim Kremer
Bass (2009-present)
See also: Nervochaos (live), ex-Skinny Bold
Björn “Burn” Sondermann
Drums (2009-present)
See also: Wicked Kemao, ex-Chimaera
Ingo Bajonczak
Vocals (2014-present)
See also: BondedSupersoma, ex-Lord of Giant, ex-New Damage
Frank Blackfire
Guitars (2016-present)
See also: Frank BlackfireSodom, ex-Mystic, ex-Kreator, ex-Wortmord, ex-Widia

Past Members:

Markus “Lulle” LudwigBass (1985-1989)
See also: ex-Checker Patrol, ex-Sadist, ex-Satanica
Psycho DangerDrums (1985-1987)
Dinko VekićGuitars (1985-1989, 2002-2005)
See also: ex-Sadist, ex-Satanica
Robert GonnellaVocals (1985-1989, 2002-2014)
See also: Raging Rob, ex-Checker Patrol, ex-Raging Mob, ex-Sadist
Frank NellenDrums (1987-1989, 2004-2009)
See also: Raging Rob, ex-Twilight Zone
Michael “Micha” HoffmannGuitars (1987-1988, 2005-?)
See also: ex-Checker Patrol, ex-Sadist, ex-Sodom, ex-Satanica
Olaf RuckertGuitars (1989)
Joachim HopfBass (2002-2005)
See also: Dave Groewer Rebirth, ex-Tusk
Atomic SteifDrums (2002-2004)
See also: ex-Sacred Chao, ex-Stahlträger, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Sodom, ex-Violent Force, ex-Living Death
Ufo WalterBass (2005-2007)
Michael HamblochBass (2008-2009)
See also: ex-Hühnerfriedhof, ex-Riot Act (Deu)
Side A
1.Forbidden Reality05:32  Show lyrics
2.Nemesis03:51  Show lyrics
3.Fight (to Stop the Tyranny)02:29  Show lyrics
4.The Last Man06:55  Show lyrics
Side B
5.Assassin05:56  Show lyrics
6.Holy Terror04:57  Show lyrics
7.Bullets04:13  Show lyrics
8.Speed of Light02:52  instrumental

One thought on “Assassin: The Upcoming Terror-80’s-1987.

  1. CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 11th, 2009

    You maybe cannot imagine how much I turned happy when I found this album on cassette in a second hand shop. Assassin is a great band and this first album, The Upcoming Terror is definitely a cult in the thrash scene of the 80s. They might not be well-known as other bands are but surely their music worth more than a simple mention. The years in which this debut was put out were the years in which the thrash metal was reaching the top in inspiration and songwriting. The fury of the first wave was becoming also a bit more technical and mature if we want, without losing the original impact and pureness.

    In this album, the thrash metal and the classic speed metal clash together to create the first assault, “Forbidden Reality”. The introduction is dark and made of strange noises and explosions before the first, mid-paced riffs enter. The apocalyptic touch never fades away as we go on in intensity. The production is simple and direct, conserving the pureness for this great genre. The drums are inevitably 80s style so with a loud volume and hammering sounds, especially for the bass drums. The lead lines do a great work before the sudden up tempo restart. The guitars are now on fast palm muting riffs and shredded solo. The drums are always on speed but we can also remark a good way to switch of tempo.

    The vocals are the classical German thrash ones with that angry and raspy tonality. They are a sort of way between the ones by Mille and Schmier. The tremolo riffs are for the less impulsive parts, introducing the gloomy, heavy mid-paced sections. “Nemesis” has a truly schizophrenic and almost death/thrash beginning with few stops. The solos are intense as the music is, with lots of uncompromised shreds and fast notes. Fuck, the violence is something unbelievable here and the structures are also able to be catchy! I mean, the riffs have the facility to be always remembered even if the songs are so brutal. The speed metal elements can be found in bigger quantities in the following “Fight” and the classic Teutonic touch is always present. The galloping riffs on the mid-paced sections sound so damned heavy but the restarts are even blowing. “The Last Man” features a bass intro and the mid-paced progression follows darker paths with lots of dynamic restarts with terrific drums rolls to mosh the impossible. The frantic power of this band seems to know no limits and they like to massacre our ears.

    Changing the cassette side doesn’t bring variations and that’s better for my tastes. “Assassin”, however, is somehow more reflexive. The band now displays all its power and goodness on the arpeggios to create a melodic introduction. Soon the electric guitars enter as the melodic touch remains unvaried. This time the mid-paced progression is preferred but the refrain is more recognizable. “Holy Terror” returns to impulsive paces, taking the inspiration from the few, final restarts of the track before. The guitars are unstoppable…hooks, tremolos, palm muting and a long solo section by the end…unbelievable. This is straightforward brutality as the vocals set on truly nasty and schizophrenic tonalities to complete the entire scenario. “Bullets” features a long drums intro to follow on high speed up tempo. The brutality is again on tremendous levels as the refrain cannot come out from my mind. The mid-paced section contains the dark and apocalyptic solos.

    The final “Speed of Light” says everything by its title. The tremolo riffing is just viciously dark but with the palm muting they add more violence. The up tempo seems neverending. The dynamism and the completeness of these songs is something truly enviable. They always manages to put few more melodic inserts for the solos but the rest is incredibly vicious and compact and so it is for the 99,5% of this unmatchable album. Believe me, if you truly love thrash you cannot miss this one. This is intensity, this is attitude and this is pure THRASH.


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