Loudness: Devil Soldier-80’s-1982.

Loudness:Heavy Metal from Japan.


The Birthday Eve~誕生前夜Full-length1981
Burning LoveSingle1982 
Devil Soldier~戦慄の奇蹟Full-length1982
The Law of Devil’s Land~魔界典章Full-length1983
Live-Loud-Alive Loudness in TokyoVideo1983 
Live-Loud-Alive Loudness in TokyoLive album1983 
Crazy NightsSingle1984 
Milky WaySingle1984 
Disillusion -English Version-Full-length1984 
Crazy NightSingle1984 
Never Change Your MindSingle1985 
Thunder in the EastFull-length1985
Gotta FightEP1985 
Let It GoSingle1986 
Shadows of WarFull-length1986
Lightning StrikesFull-length1986
Risky WomanEP1986 
Live in Tokyo – Lightning StrikesVideo1986 
8186 LiveLive album1986
Never Stay Here, Never Forget You -Loudness Best Tracks-Compilation1986 
Rock ‘n Roll GypsySingle1987 
Hurricane EyesFull-length1987
So LonelySingle1987 
Hurricane Eyes (Japanese Version)Full-length1987 
Long Distance Love / Good Things GoingSingle1988 
A Lesson in LoudnessEP1989 
Dreamer & ScreamerSingle1989 
Early SinglesCompilation1989 
You Shook MeSingle1989 
Soldier of FortuneFull-length1989
Down ‘n’ DirtySingle1991 
On the ProwlFull-length1991
In the MirrorSingle1991 
Loud ‘n’ RareCompilation1991 
Slap in the FaceSingle1991 
Sleepless NightsSingle1991 
Video LoudestVideo1991 
Loudest Ballad CollectionCompilation1991 
Welcome to the Slaughter HouseVideo1992 
Black WidowSingle1992 
Black Widow -Once and for All-Video1992 
Slaughter HouseSingle1992 
Loudness BoxCompilation1992 
Once and for AllLive album1994
Electric KissesSingle1994 
Heavy Metal HippiesFull-length1994
Loud ‘n’ RawLive album1995 
Best Songs CollectionCompilation1995 
Masters of LoudnessCompilation1996 
The Very Best of LoudnessCompilation1997 
Ghetto MachineFull-length1997
EuroboundsLive album2000 
Spiritual Canoe ~輪廻転生~Full-length2001
Best of Loudness 8688 – Atlantic YearsCompilation2001 
The Soldier’s Just Came BackLive album2001 
The Soldier’s Just Came BackVideo2001 
Pandemonium ~降臨幻術~Full-length2001
Live in Tokyo – Lightning StrikesVideo2001 
Re-masterpieces – The Best of LoudnessCompilation2001 
The Very Best of Loudness – The Days of GloryCompilation2002 
Loudness Live 2002Live album2003 
Terror ~剥離~Full-length2004
Crazy SamuraiSingle2004
Live Terror 2004Video2004
Loudness Live DVD: Rock-Shocking the NationVideo2005 
Racing -English Version-Full-length2005 
The Battleship MusashiSingle2005
The Best of ReunionCompilation2005 
Loudness Live: Limited Edit at GermanyVideo2005 
Live in SeoulVideo2006 
Loudness in America 06: Live Shocks World Circuit 2006 Chapter 1Video2006 
Breaking the TabooFull-length2006
Thanks 25th Anniversary: Loudness Live at International Forum 20061125Video2007 
Loudness Complete BoxBoxed set2007 
Metal MadFull-length2008
The Legend of Loudness ~Live Complete Best~Boxed set2008 
Golden Best – Early Years CollectionCompilation2009 
The Everlasting -魂宗久遠-Full-length2009
Munetaka Higuchi Forever Our Hero – Loudness Live at Shibuya CC Hall-Video2009 
Live Loudest at the Budokan ’91Live album2009 
Classic Loudness – Live 2009Video2010 
Original Album SeriesBoxed set2010 
King of Pain~因果応保Full-length2010
The Eternal SoldiersSingle2010 
World Circuit 2010Video2011 
Eve to DawnFull-length2011
Loudness Best Tracks – Columbia YearsCompilation2012 
Loudness Best Tracks – Tokuma Japan YearsCompilation2012 
Loudness Best Tracks – Warner YearsCompilation2012 
Single CollectionCompilation2012 
Loudness 2012 Complete DVDVideo2013 
Super BestCompilation2013 
Best Music Videos 85-12Video2013 
The Sun Will Rise Again〜撃魂霊刀Full-length2014
Thunder in the East 30th AnniversaryBoxed set2015 
Samsara Flight ~輪廻飛翔~Full-length2016
Loud∞Out Fest 2016Split video2016 
Buddha Rock 1997-1999Compilation2016 
8186 Now and ThenLive album2017 
Rise to Glory -8118-Full-length2018
Live in TokyoLive album2019
Minoru Niihara
Akira Takasaki
Masayoshi Yamashita
Munetaka Higuchi (R.I.P. 2008)
Side A
1.Lonely Player04:51  Show lyrics
2.Angel Dust04:47  Show lyrics
3.After Illusion05:59  Show lyrics
4.Girl02:34  Show lyrics
Side B
5.Hard Workin’03:30  Show lyrics
6.Loving Maid04:55  Show lyrics
7.Rock the Nation03:23  Show lyrics
8.Devil Soldier07:08  Show lyrics

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