Harm: Demonic Alliance-2011.

Harm:Thrash Metal from Norway.


Demonic AllianceFull-length2011
October FireFull-length2016
Kevin Kvåle
See also: Gaahls WyrdHorizon AblazeSvartelderFrom the Vastland (live)
Nicolay Johnsen
Guitars (lead)
See also: Trail of TearsZerozonic
Steffan Schulze
Vocals, Bass (1997-present)
See also: ex-Inherit, ex-Antares Predator, ex-Scariot

Past Members:

Øivind VåganeDrums (?-2011)
See also: Pyrrhic, ex-Guardians of Time, ex-Rules of Engagement
Frank ØrlandGuitars
See also: ex-Haunted Hollow, ex-Scariot
Lars Andreas VåganeGuitars (lead) (?-2011)
See also: ex-Guardians of Time
Lloyd OsestadDrums (1997-?)
Tor Erik AndersenGuitars, Vocals (1997-?)
See also: Detrimentum, ex-Inherit, Angeli Mortem, ex-Opus Forgotten
Tov AanonsenDrums (2003-2006)
See also: Dimenzion: Psychosphere
Ronnie EriksenGuitars (2003-?)
See also: Deafmazjiin
1.The Line in Between03:31 
3.Eradication of the Individual03:28 
5.Demonic Alliance03:28 
6.New Brutal Vitality04:29 
7.Random Numbers04:15 
8.Bleeding Rust03:22 
9.Fuck the Fame04:01 

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